This question was accompanied by the following aerial photograph:

We also pointed out that BBC 2 Newsnight (BBC Television, U.K.) had recently stated that there had been numerous reports of “sonic booms” up and down the western coastline of the U.K. for decades and there were strong suspicions that the “booms” were caused by the testing of “Black Project” craft or weapons.

Also, there have been numerous sighting reports of triangular-shaped craft along the full length of the coastline of the west of England.

Could the triangular-shaped object seen in the photograph indicate that these “Black Project” craft were being tested at Warton?

What goes on at Warton?

Today the airfield is a major manufacturing and testing facility of BAE Systems (and its predecessor companies; British Aerospace, British Aircraft Corporation and English Electric). As such the airfield has been the testing ground for several front line aircraft including the Canberra, the Lightning, the Panavia Tornado and BAE Hawk.

BAE Warton has operated as the base for all British development aircraft (DA) and Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) and with this in mind, perhaps it is reasonable to give serious consideration to the suggestion that, in recent years, triangular-shaped craft have been tested there. It would certainly explain the “Black Triangle” in the aerial photograph.

As previously mentioned Sonic Booms have been frequently reported along the full length of the western coastline of the U.K. along with numerous reports of the sighting of triangular-shaped craft. Frequently the description of the activities and capabilities of these craft includes the ability to carry out incredible manoeuvres involving G-Forces that would be intolerable to human aircrew.

There is no doubt that the R.A.F. is now deploying “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”

(SOURCE:Flight International  DATE: 20/03/07, RAF gets offensive with UAV deployment By Craig Hoyle) for intelligence purposes and bearing this in mind at least some of the triangular-shaped objects with extraordinary capabilities which have been sighted on numerous occasions may well fit into this category.

It should be noted that some “UAVs” are, in fact, triangular in shape as is the “Dragon”, a low-cost, delta-winged, reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle designed to support regiment and brigade size commands.

Black Triangle Sightings in the North-West U.K.

Certainly there has been ample evidence over the last decade to suggest that triangular-shaped craft have actually been observed in the skies over the North West of England for some years. Ten years ago Ufologist/Researcher Tim Mathews reported:
  November 17th 16:30 GMT, a Sunday evening, five witnesses contacted LUFOS (The Lancashire UFO Society), very concerned by their visual contact with a large “Triangle”, in excess of 50 feet across. The same evening there seems to be unusual business jet activity at a nearby Aerospace site.
The most surprising incident, only came to light in the last few days,
when a young boy revealed that during the first week in November, he
and a friend had seen an object, which appeared between the clouds for
just a few seconds. They had drawn this to the attention of the
friends father, who, not seeing it dismissed it as “just a plane” Only
when pressed for further information did he describe to me a solid
black triangle, The location was the northern end of the Wirral peninsula, looking from high ground towards the River Mersey at around 1850 hrs………..

 The link with the Lancashire Aerospace factory cannot be ignored, what
does go on at the Special Projects facility, situated within the
airfield boundary? It’s certainly well protected by heavy security
measures, and, geographically the airfield is well positioned for
covert operations during the hours of darkness……..

There was also the Manchester ‘Near-miss’ incident in January 1995:

That affair was one of the few listed by the CAA as unexplained. After extensive investigation, the CAA investigation group Group concluded “…in the absence of any firm evidence which could identify or explain this object, it was not possible to assess either the cause or the risk to any of the normal criteria applicable to air-miss reports.” The crew of the 737 were praised for their courage, reporting the incident. They described the object, which came very close to their jet as”wedge shaped”. An amazing coincidence, as in profile, as seen edge on, witnesses also indicate that the ‘triangle’ has a wedge like form!


In November 1996, UFO Magazine (U.K.) reported:

The North-west of England appears to have acquired its very own UFO!
During the last six months the north-west of England has experienced a
number of Flying Triangle sightings. Speculation is rife as to what the
object may be, and would be spotters have been focussing their
attention on the area bounded by Barrow ..and Kendal to the
north…..Southport to the South.
Descriptions of the craft are usually detailed as it has a habit of
loitering, or hovering for a while, before departing at speed.

Could Black Triangles be UAVs?
Taking into account the unusual capabilities of these triangular craft as described, in many cases, by multiple eye-witnesses it is highly likely that they are unmanned. The high speed turns and climbs which are typically reported strongly suggest that they are flown remotely.

The list of Black Triangle sightings is far too long to go into any great detail here but suffice to say that whilst a decade or so ago these reports were treat with scepticism there is little doubt now that even the most ardent debunker accepts the existence of these craft. Perhaps the stock phrase used by RAF spokes persons when approached about Triangle sightings – “they are of no defence significance” is quite valid, because they are government agency operated!

In 2001, the following video was captured by a source who wishes to remain anonymous. He comments:

   The video clip is direct from the front end of an experimental prototype flying over the north lancs coast… you can clearly see that it makes a pass over Warton then banks to the right , making a very tight turn at high G.


The source is of the opinion that the video could have originated from the nose camera of a UAV and strongly suspects that, taking into account the capabilities demonstrated by the craft and the location, it could well be of the triangular-shaped variety.

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