ould it have been some type of top-secret military craft being tested?
No government had requested permission to make test flights over Belgium and is there any logic in doing so over a well populated area on a very clear night. Also, the U.S. Government assured the Belgian Authorities via the U.S. Embassy that no such test had taken place.
Some of the radar tape taken from the F-16s was sent to the Centre for the Study of Electronic Warfare and was examined by the eminent Professor Emile Schweicher. In Professor Schweicher’s opinion the UFO could manoeuvre in a manner that is not possible according to our laws of mechanics and it was capable of sudden changes of velocity implying it had “infinite acceleration”, which again is not possible. In the professor’s own words: “I think extraterrestrial intelligence is very highly likely”.
Captain Wes Meelsberg, one of the F-16 pilots involved in the incident, stated:
“I can’t really tell you what it was, it was not a prototype and I don’t believe it was a meteorological phenomenon”.
A report of the events compiled by Major Lambrecht (RBAF) also stated:
“The presence of and/or tests with B2 or F-117A, remotely piloted planes and AWACs can all be excluded”.

On the same night that the triangular craft caused chaos in the skies over Belgium, hundreds of reports were made of a similar craft by residents of the U.K. These sightings were made by all sorts of people including police officers and an RAF officer who described the craft making repeated sweeps of the ground with some sort of search beam – he estimated the craft to be about the size of a Hercules transport plane. A family in Staffordshire experienced a large triangular craft making a deep humming sound, hovering over their house. It was alleged in early 2001 that the British Government had placed a “D-Notice” on the reporting of Black Triangles – see the Great Britain page on this site.

Since the sightings of Black Triangles in Belgium, the craft have not “gone away”. There have been numerous reports from all over the world. These reports usually describe a large (sometimes very large) dark/black triangle with an extremely bright light on each corner and sometimes including a central pulsating light on the underside.. They are usually quiet but on occasions a “humming sound” is audible and reports have included a beam emanating from the craft – seeming to “sweep” the ground. There is an excellent web group which encourages the reporting of and informed discussion about Black Triangles – see this site’s links page.

The following report has been added to this site with permission of the person involved – that person wishes to remain anonymous:

The one I find extremely interesting is the giant triangle discussion and can tell you about one experience I had involving a giant triangle. I want to say I’m just a normal every-day person.
This happened in or near 1967, back then I didn’t keep exact records on unusual sightings. What I saw is, to the best of my ability to remember, and I pretty much have a photographic memory, or did before I got older. <LOL>
It was summertime and we went to a drive-in movie. I wasn’t interested in the movie as it was not one I would chosen to see, it was Conquer Worm with Vincent Price. The moon was full and the sky, being one of my favorite things to
watch, I had my head out the window looking at the moon and what
stars were visible.
When I saw the ship I first saw it through the windshield coming from the north west, At first I didn’t see it moving, just a black spot in a bright moon lit sky.
So I watched and it got bigger, I waited until I was sure it was something moving and threw the speaker out the window, started the car and took off.
The drive-in was right on the highway so I got there quickly and driving slowly had my head out the window watching to see where this huge thing was going. I soon found out – it was heading almost straight down the highway and only moving about 45 miles an hour, so it was easy to watch and drive at the same time. Since it was later at night, and a small place, there was very little traffic going either direction.
I used to think we followed it about 6 miles but we were back in that area this summer and I realized it was only about two miles when I pulled off the highway and got out to watch it pass almost directly overhead.
I would venture to say it was no more than 200 feet above our heads, hard to tell at night, ya know. It was very large and made no sound at all, it had no lights.
The only reason I saw it to begin with is the moon was so bright it stood out like a sore thumb, it being so black.

As it passed over us it was just a little to our right, the left side was closer. When I got out of the car I saw the row of windows, round porthole type and there was a yellow light emitting from all the windows.
I was prompting my friend to get out and look at this thing before it was gone – while following it I had not taken a look at her. She didn’t respond to my urging at all, so I ducked down and glanced in the car door at her to see her staring straight ahead as if she heard not a word I said.
As it slowly passed – it appeared to slowed down even more – I watched figures looking down at us from the windows. I could not tell how many there were but they were moving from one window to the next so they could keep watching us as the ship moved away. They had very slender bodies but their heads were way larger and out of proportion. I suppose they would be what we know now as
The ship moved off into the distance heading North East, still no sound and it didn’t speed up. As the rear end went past I noticed there were three round areas sitting inside an indentation. I have no idea what they were for. This all happened in Colorado, between Grand Junction and Montrose.
At the time one could go a short distance out of town and there were few lights – in case your wondering how I saw this thing in the first place.
Thank you for your kind attention.

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