The Black Triangle section of The WHY? Files is dedicated to the memory of Bill Turner, founder of The Black Triangle Group, who died suddenly whilst attending an air show on 8th June, 2008.We never met Bill in person but over a ten year period we corresponded via the group and by Email.
He always proved to be a man of superior intelligence and great integrity and his advice was always worth seeking. We are proud to have known him, if only by electronic communications. We regarded him as an internet friend and, as such, a good friend.Bill will never be replaced.
Geoff Richardson and Clive Denton

It is reputed that the MAJESTIC 12 Special Operations Manual(1954)provided instructions for the recovery of extraterrestrial craft – page 20 of the manual refers to a triangular-shaped UFO.

The existence of unidentifiable triangular “aircraft” cannot be denied – whatever they are and wherever they come from – there have been too many reliable sightings of such craft and indisputable evidence has been captured on video tape. Many people are of the opinion that these mysterious craft are of top-secret U.S. military origin but the sightings of these objects may go back to the days when even the most rudimentary aircraft were only just being developed.

For instance, at Chisbury in Wiltshire (England) on 8th April 1912, Charles Tilden Smith observed two dark triangular objects cast shadows onto the clouds overhead. Although the clouds were moving rapidly the “shadows” remained stationary and the objects seemed to be very large. The sighting lasted in excess of thirty minutes and because of the angle and the changing position of the Sun it became apparent that there must have been an additional light source for the “shadows” to remain stationary.


On 29th June 1954, a Boeing Stratocruiser (the Centaurus, flying at 19,000 feet, speed 230 knots) was flying from New York en route to Newfoundland when, over the sea off the coast of Labrador, a large “metallic” object emerged from a gap in the clouds – this object was circled by six smaller objects. The pilot, Captain James Howard, sketched the larger object which seemed to change form, However, in a BBC interview he finally described it as a large triangle. The co-pilot, Lee Boyd, contacted Ground Control and told them, “We are not alone”. “We know”, was the reply from Ground Control. “What is it?” Boyd asked. “We don’t know but we have scrambled a Sabre from Goose Bay to investigate”, – was Ground Control’s response.
The UFO flew along with the Stratocruiser at a distance of about 3 miles until the Sabre jet aircraft approached – at this the smaller UFOs lined up and, one by one, merged into the larger object. When the Sabre reached the UFO, it vanished.
The whole event was witnessed by the crew and 30 passengers.

On 27th December 1980, a close encounter with a triangular UFO occurred at a U.S. Air Force base in Suffolk (U.K.). This event became one of the most researched and discussed UFO incidents in the history of UFOlogy. Taking place over two nights, it involved the sighting (and actual touching) of a triangular UFO in Rendlesham Forest – details are available on this web site – see “Rendlesham”.

On 5th February 1992, dozens of witnesses reported a gigantic triangular craft flying along the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
The UFO, showing white lights, was observed to move from the north to the south from Sunbury across Williamsport between 6-00 and 7-00p.m. , returning at 8-00p.m. and staying until 9-30p.m.
It was described as being very large – up to 600 feet across and it height from the ground varied from 50 to 500 feet. The UFO emitted a “deep rumbling” sound and eventually disappeared to the south of Williamsport.
One explanation for the events was a secret airborne re-fuelling exercise but the military denied that any aircraft were in the vicinity at the time.

On 13TH March 1997, a most spectacular UFO sighting occurred in the skies over Phoenix , Arizona. Witnessed by thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of people, a” formation of lights” was observed to fly from the Las Vegas area of Nevada and pass over Phoenix.
Eye witness accounts include a description of a triangular craft of immense proportions – this gigantic UFO was seen over Phoenix between 8-30 and 8-45 p.m. and witnesses estimated its size to be between one and a half to two miles wide. Another large triangular craft was observed over Thunderbird Road (Phoenix) at 10-45 p.m.
A family, driving along towards Phoenix from the south along interstate 10 at 80 m.p.h., reported that one of these objects remained above them for approximately two minutes.
The “Phoenix Lights” incident is to be covered in more detail on this web site soon.

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