She proclaimed herself “”Master Of Evil”” after not being invited to the baptism of the baby of the sovereigns of the kingdom. She cursed the infant, princess Aurora, destined to “” prick her finger on the tip of a cattail and die” before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday. Marc Davis, the host responsible for this Sleeping Beauty character (1959) opted for a more elegant look than that of the classic witch, centred around the evocation of the flames, crowned with the horns of the devil. According to Davis, Maleficent “” was conceived as a giant vampire bat inspiring a sense of threat.””

Agent Smith

It’s a program that runs through the Matrix to keep it safe and fight the humans who are hacking it. Agent Smith hates The Matrix and wants to leave it. To do this, he wants to capture Morpheus in order to gain access to Sion, an underground human city that is still escaping the yoke of machines, and destroy the last humans resistant to The Matrix, which will render his presence in the latter useless. He’s out of luck. he’s running into Neo. Haughty, seemingly cool and calm but bubbling with devastating anger as she frees herself, agent Smith is almost as strong in kung-fu wushu as Neo. But the almost makes him very angry. We love this character, thanks in large part to the great performance of Hugo Weaving.


The T-800 is a machine: stronger than a building, capable of breaking a hooligan with bare hands, shooting old ladies in sight, devastating police stations.…
This cyborg made a journey through time, landing in 1984 (a year of predilection for dystopian science fiction) with the mission to rewrite the history of the 21st century. He must eliminate a woman whose destiny is to give birth to the savior of the next millennium. He is pursued in the past by a resistance fighter of the future who proves to be the father of the baby whose T-800 wants to prevent the birth (the cinema ticket was provided with 2 aspirins…)


He first appeared in the comic Batman #1 in 1940. He is Batman’s main enemy, and one of the most popular comics antagonists. The Night Of The Founding drama that gave birth to The Joker took place in a chemical waste treatment plant called Axis Chemicals. Barely surviving a toxic bath dive, the gangster known until then as Red Hood sank into madness as he discovered his new physical appearance, and swore he would make the world as fucked up as he did.


The character of Count Dracula was born in 1896, in the epistolary novel written by the Irish writer Bram Stoker, which was inspired by the Legends running on Vladɛepeș, a valachian Voivod nicknamed “”Dracula”” and reputed to be particularly cruel (Wikipedia). as early as 1819, John Polidori published The Vampire based on an original idea by Lord Byron. John Sheridan the Fanu also published his novel Carmilla 26 years before Dracula. More than the sense of the story and Stoker’s mastery of suspense, it is the personality of his main character that founds the myth. The Count Dracula, beyond the creature of horror with supernatural powers, is above all a damned human being, an undead, and it is this complex dimension that assures its charm.