This web page should be read in conjunction with “The Moon Files” and “NASA, Astronauts and UFOs” – both on this site. As with other space programs the shuttle missions have encountered and transmitted evidence of anomalous objects outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

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The STS48 Shuttle Mission

Shuttle mission STS48 transmitted an amazing event. An anomalous object is seen to apparently take evasive action as a missile leaves the Earth’s atmosphere and heads straight in its direction. There is little doubt that the object leaving the Earth is a missile but it has been suggested that the anomalous object is, in fact, an ice particle that changes direction at the same time as the missile appears to move towards it – the rapid change in direction caused by a collision with another object.

Other anomalous objects which change direction have been captured on video by other missions. This clip shows not one but two unexplained objects apparently following each other and changing direction in the same place.

The STS 75 Mission

One of the most controversial transmissions on record, the video shows a “tethered satellite” with broke away two days previously. The tether is 12 miles long and is approximately 80 miles from the shuttle during filming.
The official explanation is that the apparent UFO is in fact an ice particle or snowflake which is very close to the shuttle and the appearance of passing behind the tether is caused by the properties of the camera’s optical system.
However, the camera surely must have been focused on infinity in order to be able to film the tether – if this is the case, the camera would have been unable to capture the image of a small object such as a snowflake which was close to the lens ??


The STS80 Mission

The STS80 Mission succeeded in capturing an anomalous object on film whilst the camera was pointing towards cloud cover over the Earth’s surface. A large object apparently emerges from the cloud cover and then re-enters it. This object seems to be a “plasma” craft. See USA page for video of similar object captured on video over Miami in 1995

The camera picks up what seems to be an unusual triangular pattern of 3 lights. A rare event caused by the orientation of 3 stars perhaps? If that is the case why do the astronauts take such a lot of interest in the object (s)? It certainly looks like a large, dark triangular craft

UFO caught on film during the lift off of Space Shuttle Columbia in 1993 – Never explained.


An unidentified object caught on video during a shuttle mission.

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