The Roswell incident laid “dormant” for over two decades until 1978 when nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman (now an acknowledged U.F.O. investigator) had a chance meeting with a TV station manager in Louisiana who suggested that the subject was worthy of investigation. By 1986 Friedman (and William Moore) had interviewed dozens of witnesses and published six papers. The interest of the public was aroused and the Roswell Incident has been at the forefront of Ufology ever since.

Lieutenant Walter G. Haut – RAAF’s Press Officer  – still maintains that a flying disc crashed near Roswell in 1947 – in 1996 he related : “Anyone with any experience in the Air Force would be able to tell you the difference between a weather balloon and a flying disc – a balloon is a balloon is a balloon!  I doubt that it was a secret project – Colonel Blanchard would have known about any secret experiments or at least been told not to panic and WHY? would he have authorized me to announce the story to the press. It just does not add up. There was nothing I could do about the cover story – a balloon may have crashed but it certainly had nothing to do with the downed saucer. In those days you did not ask questions.

Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. [ right ]remembers his father bringing some of the debris home  – ” There were several boxes in the car but my father brought just one box into the house and emptied it on the kitchen floor. He wanted to try to make sense of it. There was a lot of metal foil – I remember my father saying that a colleague had tried to bend it with a sledgehammer without even denting it. There were some beams about 12 to 18 inches long ,made from some very lightweight material with symbols embossed along the edge. When my father came back from the base he told my mother and me not to talk about it to anyone , including friends and strangers”.


April 24th 2002 – At a MUFON meeting in Orange County , Roswell researcher Don Schmitt made the following remarks during his presentation regarding his continuing investigations into the Roswell Incident :
“The problem is ,however, that the various investigations by private researchers have been uneven in their research methods, their use of alleged documents and eyewitnesses and, as a result, their prospective scenarios and conclusions differ in many respects. It is no wonder then , that the public at large remains confused about the case. Most believe that something happened back in 1947 , but are understandably not sure just what it was.
Our mission , then, is to determine once and for all time – and within the foreseeable future, what the true facts of the so-called “Roswell Incident” really are. We are not there yet but we promise to spare no expense , to leave no stone unturned and to follow every lead until the truth is known and revealed to you.”
Don Schmitt has uncovered new facts relating to the Roswell Incident, namely:
1) About two miles or so from the debris field , two alien bodies were found as if they were blown out of the craft after an explosion. These beings looked almost like miniature humans. Eyewitness accounts show they had human-like eyes , ear shells but no hair on their bodies. They were NOT Grays.
More bodies (seemingly four) were discovered near the crashed craft – two were alive.
2) General Roger Ramey – later involved with “Project Blue Book” was heard to remark that the most likely source of the UFOs was interplanetary.
3) There are still witnesses that still won’t talk – it is hoped that one who is still living in Orange County will be prepared to make a recorded statement.
Once all of the Roswell witnesses have died (baring in mind the event happened over fifty years ago) then it can all be swept under the rug – that process has begun.
We cannot let this happen.
Edgar Mitchell – a trained scientist and U.S. astronaut maintains that the Roswell incident was and is being “covered-up” by the U.S. Government:
” Make no mistake – Roswell happened, I’ve seen secret files which show the government knew about it – but decided not to tell the public”. (statement made in 1999)

The following article was published in The Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper – 22nd Nov 2002:

Roswell Incident Had Victims, Program Says

ALBUQUERQUE – While he told the world that a weather balloon went down in Roswell, an Army general had in his hand a memo telling Pentagon brass of a UFO crash with “victims,” according to a new television documentary.
A computer analysis of that memo, held by Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey during a July 1947 press briefing, is the “smoking gun” of the Roswell Incident, researchers say in the documentary being broadcast today on the Sci-Fi Channel.
Using a digital photo scanner to enlarge and enhance words printed on the folded piece of paper Ramey held, and using another computer program to select the most likely words, researcher David Rudiak, who has a Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley, found two key phrases: “the victims of the wreck” and  “in the ‘disc’ they will ship.”
With the textual study plus University of New Mexico archaeological findings from one of three alleged UFO crash sites, science fiction seeks to close the gap with fact, producers say.
A photograph taken July 8, 1947, in Fort Worth, Texas, by James Bond Johnson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram shows Ramey clutching a communiqué to Washington, D.C., while he displays a deflated weather balloon just hours after other Army officers in Roswell had reported a UFO crash.
It was one of a series of inconsistent military reports about the incident, which has become part of American mythology.
“Unless national security is at stake, there is absolutely no reason to keep this information from the public,” said Thomas Vitale, a Sci-Fi Channel vice president. “Whatever crashed at Roswell, let us know what the truth is.”
The Air Force had responded to a 1994 call from the late U.S. Rep. Steve Schiff, R-N.M., by saying it had no information on the Roswell Incident. Schiff, an Air Force reserve judge advocate general’s officer, then took his query to the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress.
In 1997, the Air Force acknowledged the weather balloon had been a false cover story, but a new story also was called into question. In a report written by Lt. William McAndrew, the Air Force suggested reports of alien bodies in the wreckage must have originated because of a crash-test program in which mannequins were dropped from balloons. The mannequins did not come close to matching 1947 descriptions of alien bodies, and the crash-test program was not introduced until 1953, Rudiak  said.
Sci-Fi, guided by longtime Roswell UFO researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, commissioned William Doleman, an archaeologist with UNM’s Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, to excavate the alleged
initial crash contact point on the ranch where the late Mack Brazel worked as foreman.
Doleman said he knows little about the Roswell Incident but agreed to excavate the site using purely scientific methods because it is “culturally significant” and because so much of what is circulated about the Roswell crash landing is based on hearsay. What was needed, Doleman said, was physical evidence.
“So this project is a very bold step by people who claim to know what happened and where it happened,” Doleman said. “What makes it bold is they were willing to go out there and look for physical evidence.”
Details of the excavation are being kept confidential until after today’s premiere. But Doleman said he agrees “that obviously something happened in July 1947 in southeastern New Mexico.” After his work there, though, he said, “I’m still uncertain” about UFOs and alien beings.
The documentary will introduce some witnesses who have not been heard from publicly before, attesting to the existence of alien bodies in the wreckage of the “flying disc,” Carey said by phone from his home in Pennsylvania.

“This is where we loaded the bodies,” he quotes one New Mexico witness, Robert Slusher, as saying. Slusher, among those appearing in the documentary, was part of a B-29 crew that he said loaded bodies up through the plane’s bomb bay at the Roswell Army Airfield.
Three victims were supposedly recovered from the final crash site, and a team of archaeologists, coincidentally, were in the area doing research on ancient Indians at the time, Carey said. Among them was Curry Holden, an archaeologist from Texas Tech in Lubbock, whom Carey located in 1992.

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