Tens of thousands of people around the world, over 50 years, claim to have been abducted by aliens. Even if only one in ten people say it is true, it is still several thousand abductees, and this number is continuously increasing.

Most of these people are dangerous and honest people who don’t drink or take drugs. These people were severely traumatized by their abduction, and they could not have imagined their mishap because serious investigators found traces of the invasive manipulation they said they had undergone on their bodies. The stories of all these people overlap perfectly, and urologists have been able to draw up a list of common points which show that they are not hallucinations or hoaxes.

Of all the abduction testimonies collected by the investigators, some mentioned the medical manipulation about brain exploration (mind scan) using, among other things, a thin stick emitting an intense blue light often introduced by the nose, others finally describe the laying of electronic implants in various parts of the body (nose, hand, arm, knee, etc.). Some people have been subjected to two or three of these manipulations at the same time, often under difficult and painful conditions.

More detailed accounts than the others have allowed the urologists to understand that: if the extraterrestrials take male and female gametes it is to recreate in laboratory a new hybrid half-alien half-human race. If they explore and manipulate the brains of men and women, it is to understand their way of thinking better and moving, but also to show them images and concepts designed to confuse them (and with them the investigators). Electronic implants are used to manipulate these people from a distance and to find them quickly, as they are often removed several times for various reasons.

An Unusual Alien Abduction Story

The incredible events that took place on the evening of November 5, 1975, in Snowflake, Arizona, United States, must have profoundly affected the lives of Travis Walton and his six colleagues. Piled up in a van, the seven men returned to their homes after a day of hard work in the forest. All of a sudden, they see a strange and very intense light going down through the canopy of the trees. The driver of the van braked abruptly. The show petrified Walton and his colleagues. ‘Through the trees, we saw the light source within 30 meters: it was a metal disc hanging above the ground, which emitted a kind of luminous halo,’ Walton remembers.

While his friends remain, incredulous, in the truck, Walton gets off and steps towards the strange aircraft: he does not want to miss the opportunity to see this up close. But while he is practically under the disc, his courage abandons him. He takes his legs around his neck to get to the van. But it’s too late: Mike Rogers, the team leader, sees a flash of blue energy hitting Walton in the back. In a panic, Rogers immediately pressed the accelerator and fled as quickly as possible. It was a moment after he had crossed a few hundred meters that he realized that he had abandoned his friend. Rogers is turning around. He arrived in time to see the spaceship rapidly ascend into the sky and then disappear. At the scene, there was no trace of Travis Walton.

After 5 days of immense beatings by police and volunteers, Travis Walton still gives no sign of life. Police are starting to seriously suspect the six Foresters of being responsible for Walton’s disappearance and even murder. The suspicion runs short when Walton is found in a phone booth, delirious, half dead and naked as a worm. Little by little, after a very long convalescence, he remembers fragments of his adventure. Walton claims to have been taken inside a spaceship. ‘I was lying on a table. I saw above me, several strange creatures. I was in a state of hysteria, and I struggled, and I managed to push them back. But a great weakness suddenly seized me, and I collapsed. They forced me back onto the table and stuck a mask on my face. Then I passed out.