A commercial pilot and his wife, a flight attendant, witnessed the events in the skies over Phoenix. Here is their eye witness account.

The event which is referred to as “The Phoenix Lights” comprised of a series of incidents, involving a number of different craft and orbs which took place during the evening of March 13th 1997.

At approximately 7-50p.m. a “V-shaped” formation of bright blue/yellow-white orbs were observed leaving the Las Vegas area (Nevada) and flying at speed over the border into Arizona. The object was observed to travel over the Phoenix area and then on to Tucson – via a 300 mile corridor. The “V-shaped” formation was observed by hundreds if not thousands of people – from lorry drivers to physicians and children to lawyers. A whole cross section of society witnessed the object as it made its way across the Arizona skies.  The strange craft followed a 300 miles path from Nevada to Tucson

Bill Greiner, a lorry driver, was hauling a load of cement to Glendale (Arizona) when a bright object caught his eye. Greiner pulled over for a better look when, suddenly, he was startled by a burst of activity from nearby Luke Air Force Base. He watched in amazement as two aircraft took off from the base, circled above his head and approached the object which had caught his attention. As the aircraft approached the object it shot up into space – “like a craft in Star Trek”. Greiner also remarked:” What I saw aint from around here!”

Eminent Ufologist Dr. Bruce Maccabee conducted a photo analysis of the videos taken by Dr. Lynne – at her request.

To read his findings and a response by Bill Hamilton

The formation of orbs hovered over a car full of people traveling north on 1-10 and then was observed in the Oracle area where the formation split up, going in varying directions. Some of the orbs were seen to “dock” with a very large “chevron-shaped” object which appeared later.

The “chevron-shaped” object was clearly discernable as it was witnessed in central Phoenix as it cruised silently over the heads of dumbfounded people. At this time it was estimated to be travelling at about 15m.p.h. and only 150 feet above the ground. The enormous craft was seen to hover over the edge of Sky  Harbor for 5 minutes before proceeding to Picacho Peak where it again hovered for 15 minutes or so. This craft was truly large – estimated at 900 feet on each leading edge and more than a mile in length. It is thought that, at this point, the docking procedure took place and it then followed the 1-10 before being seen over North Phoenix at 10-50p.m.

Other witnesses also described an immense triangular craft which was first seen over north Phoenix between 8-30 and 8-45p.m. This incredible craft was estimated at being as much as 2 miles wide as its wingtips fell over two parallel streets that are 1.8 miles apart. Witnesses (including the Ley family) stated that it took up to two minutes to drive under the object. The object was a discernable craft and black in colour with rectangular “panel-like” structures on the underside.

At 10-00p.m. a formation of hovering orbs was observed over the southern edge of Phoenix – these orbs were seen by thousands and some people were able to capture the event on video. It is these video recordings, made by ordinary people, that gave the sightings the name “The Phoenix Lights”. The “lights” remained visible for several minutes and were observed over Rainbow Valley in a “V” formation at approximately 2-00a.m. on March 14th.

At about 10-20 p.m. a retired pilot observed a huge circular craft as he travelled down Scottsdale Road, with his son and friend. This object was estimated to be one mile in diameter and another witness, a former pilot and retired U.S. Marshall, remarked that the craft reflected the city lights on its underside and blocked out the stars with its upper structure.

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