Remember – NASA can and does make mistakes!

Apart from losing a number of “tethered satellites”, costing at least tens of millions of dollars, NASA scientists have made incredible mistakes. For instance, when NASA mission specialists tested surveillance equipment on board the Galileo craft, (whilst in temporary Earth orbit and bound for Jupiter, by aiming its instruments towards the Earth, the results were “Earth is lifeless!”.

Dr. Jack Kasher has an impressive academic background – his career history includes work on the “Starwars Program” and in 1991 he started doing research work for NASA. His security clearance was “up to secret restricted data” – some of the papers he wrote were so secret that he needed permission to read them himself. He went on to become Head of Physics at Nebraska University. Jack Kasher has pronounced views regarding NASA and evidence of extraterrestrial life, he remarked:
“I think NASA would tend to be quiet about anything that could have an extraterrestrial interpretation – like the rest of the branches of the government there is a cover-up and they are keeping things concerning UFOs from us”.

NASA was formed in 1958 and from the start a number of it’s astronauts and test pilots testified to¬†sighting UFOs or craft of undetermined origin. Initially Joseph Walker was the first to announce a sighting – he told the National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in 1962 that he had an aerial encounter with two disc-shaped objects the previous month. He had actually filmed the encounter.
In April 1962, NASA pilot, Joseph Walker, filmed five cylindrical and disc-shaped objects from his X-15 aircraft. Another test pilot, reported an incident involving a formation of UFOs whilst flying at 314,000 feet.
NASA refused to reveal any evidence that might substantiate the pilots’ claims – photographs or films were never released.
In April 1964, two radar technicians watched UFOs following an unmanned Gemini capsule.
In 1965 the FBI received information from a confidential source that an informant at NASA was secretly divulging information on UFOs to two UFO researchers in Pittsburgh. According to FBI files:
“The source believes that the informant may be classified and had actually seen a film showing a missile separating and a UFO appearing on the screen. The informant advised prior to the flight of Gemini 4 – watch out for something interesting because the spaceship had devices aboard to detect UFOs”.
The FBI files infer that NASA was (is) withholding filmed evidence of UFOs to which the general public is being denied access and the remarks about Gemini 4 is of special interest because James McDivitt , a pilot with Gemini 4, confirmed that during the mission he did see an “unidentified object”.