In September 1967, Mrs. Lewis of Alamosa County, Colorado, discovered the mutilated body of her pony, Snippy, which had been drained of blood but there was no evidence of blood on the ground nearby. There were precise “surgical” incisions into the pony’s flesh and, mysteriously, Snippy’s hoof prints ended 100 yards from the location of the body. In an area of about 5,000 sq. yards around the pony’s body there were circular impressions, similar to exhaust marks. At the time of Snippy’s death there had been a number of UFO sightings in Alamosa County, accompanied by the discovery of at least 4 cows and 4 horses – all having suffered almost identical mutilations. Since the above events, many animal mutilations following a very similar pattern have occurred. The excisions from flesh are made with “surgical skill” and do not resemble the damage caused by predators. Victims’ eyes, ears, tongues, internal organs and (especially) their genital organs are removed. Also, the bodies are drained of blood and it has been observed that, on many occasions, both domestic dogs and coyotes capable of eating any form of carrion) refuse to approach the carcasses of mutilated animals.
Forestry worker Duane Martin tests Snippy for radiation. The horse’s owner, Mrs Berle Lewis (centre) and teacher Mrs Leona Wellington look on.
Snippy’s death was the first publicised example of the animal mutilation mystery.

In 1967 there was also a wave of animal mutilations in Pennsylvania and Kansas, often accompanied by a rash of UFO sightings and also the attendance of mysterious unmarked (sometimes black) helicopters. This has led to speculation by some that the mutilations are caused by the testing of secret biological or chemical weapons – others place the blame on (very wealthy?) satanic cults. In the mid-late seventies a wave of animal mutilations sprang up in the Midwest U.S. states – notably in the vicinity of Dulce, New Mexico.

See The Dulce Papers, covered in some detail on this site.

In 1975, Sheriff Richards of Cochran County Colorado) remarked that reports relating to animal mutilations all tell the same story, including the appearance of “a sunset red UFO, as wide as a two-lane highway and surrounded by a blue glow”; this UFO being sighted two or three days prior to a new outbreak of mutilations. At the same time in Coryell County, Texas, marks in the ground were found around some victims – these marks being very similar to the circular impressions found in the vicinity of Snippy’s carcass. Incidents happened in 15 states including South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and Texas – Colorado being hit particularly hard. In the vicinity of Fort Carson, Colorado, local ranchers took to greeting any low flying helicopters with rifle fire. Because of the frequent sightings of UFOs some speculated that the mutilations were a result of “alien interference”.

In 1980, the F.B.I. published a 297-page report of an investigation into the mutilations, coming down on the side of the argument that predatory animals were responsible. However, how this does this explain some of the many peculiar aspects of the mutilation phenomena, such as the “surgical precision” evident on the carcasses and the presence of a fluorescent substance, visible only under ultra-violet light, on the hides of some of the victims.

In 1981, Mrs. Iona Hoepnner, a biology teacher living in Briggsdale, West County Colorado), took tissues from a mutilated calf for analysis – these tissues were stolen from her laboratory – the thieves, however, overlooked a piece of hide. When this piece of hide was placed under a microscope, examination showed that (unlike a cut or bite caused by a predator) whatever had incised the hide had gone between the cells, leaving those on either side undamaged. Mrs. Hoeppner observed: “I don’t think mankind has the ability to do what has been done”.

In 1993, television journalist Linda Moulton Howe investigated the phenomena of animal mutilations, producing an award winning documentary. In Alabama cases she investigated revealed that haemoglobin in the remaining flesh of victims was often cooked – indicating that a laser-like heat source, capable of generating temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit and above) had been used to cut the tissue. However, the residue trace of carbon (normally left by lasers) was not present. Ms. Moulton also discovered that even the victims capillary veins were devoid of blood – which is certainly not the cases of animals wounded by predators.

John Harr, a Colorado rancher.
One evening he and his wife were shocked when they observed a “silent” unmarked, black helicopter hovering near their ranch house. The next morning they awoke to find mutilated cattle nearby.

Another important point in the whole scenario of animal mutilations is that the actual cause of death is not known – the mutilations, often clinical in nature, are carried out after the demise of the creature involved. The mysterious phenomenon of animal mutilations has continued in the U.S. to this day but is definitely not peculiar to North America. For instance, the mysterious mutilation of domestic animals has occurred in the U.K., although it is thought that only a small minority of incidents are reported. This is probably caused by fear of ridicule (UFO sightings often accompany the events) and the farmers’ desire to avoid being investigated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

During early spring – 1997, several farmers in Cornwall found mutilated animals. One instance involved a lamb which had been totally stripped of al flesh and hide over 100 percent of its body – the skeletal bones were completely clean but all the internal organs were left in place. After the carcass was removed by baffled vets, the farmer received no explanation or report.

On 27th February 1998, a young lady in Dorset found a lamb with a neat 1.5cm hole above the eye – the skull was empty. On 11th March 1998, the same young lady found one of her lambs with an eye missing and apparent coring of the rectum.

In April 1998, the owners of a farm near Consett, County Durham, found a ewe (female sheep) with a neat but irregular shaped portion of skin and flesh removed, exposing a perfectly clean bone on her left face and jaw. In Clynnog Fawr(North Wales) a farmer found a bullock with both front legs amputated and a neat circular hole through the skull. The hole was not caused by a bullet.

On 21st April 1998, a farmer near Welshpool (Mid-Wales) discovered a sheep with a large, neat, circular hole in its neck, a neat cut around the side of the head and no evidence of bleeding. An ear was missing and organs had been removed through the hole in the neck. It should be noted that in all these and many other cases in the U.K., the actual cause of death could not be determined and the same “precision surgical cuts” were evident. Also, in some cases UFO sightings had been made in recent months, on occasions involving notifying the police.

The Washington State Elk Abduction

On February 25th, 1999 at noon, fourteen forestry workers, employees of a large, unnamed company, were tree planting about 20 miles west of Mount St. Helens in the Cascade Mountains (Washington State). Three of the men had been watching a herd of elk in the valley below for most of the morning.

Suddenly, a strange heel-shaped object with two stripes on its back appeared over a nearby ridge and began drifting in a northeast direction. The object maintained a steady altitude, following the geographic contours.

The object began to move toward the herd of elk and the three men called out to the other workers and they all fourteen stood on the hillside and observed the object as it floated down into the valley. It seemed to be heading towards the herd of elk.

The object emitted no sound whatsoever and approached the elk quite closely before the animals became aware of it’s presence. When they did become aware of the object most of the herd ran to the east, towards dense woods. However, one elk trotted off toward the north, along a logging road and the object approached this elk.

The workers were amazed as they observed the object float above the elk and then appear to lift the elk off the ground with some sort of invisible force, before moving off. The elk was slowly rotating beneath it. The object moved up the ridge, barely clearing the trees, and then disappeared into the next valley.

A few minutes later the object reappeared, apparently without the elk, and disappeared into the sky at high speed. All fourteen of the forestry workers witnessed the event and gave the same account.

On 17th June 2002, mutilated animals were found in a field near Laprida. These animals were examined by a veterinary surgeon, Juan Mudrovcic, who found the four cows had been mutilated – eyes and udders were missing and there were incisions in the jaw area. It was notable that the field the animals were discovered in is practically inaccessible – it is necessary to cross a flooded area and it is only possible to reach it on a tractor.

18th June 2002, another mutilated cow is found in Lartigua. This animal had incisions in its udders, rectum and its genitals and part of its large intestine was missing. A meeting was held to discuss the local animal mutilations – members present included Dr. Alfredo Casan and veterinary surgeons.

20th June 2002, Mr. Ibarguren found a mutilated sheep in a field in the Chubut District.

24th June 2002, a horse was found mutilated in the Choele Choel farm area of the Valle Medio region, causing the ranchers to complain about the lack of concern shown by the provincial agencies. The carcass of the horse showed all the same incisions and characteristics of other mutilation cases – it was missing an eye, tongue, anus, testicles and part of its rectum. The incisions were done with surgical accuracy and the wounds were cauterized.

25th June 2002, two girls were admitted to hospital in Santiago del Estero due to the impact caused by their sighting “multi-coloured lights”. The strange lights were also witnessed by residents of the province of Buenos Aires. More mutilated animals are found but Bernado Cane, Director of the Agro alimentary Health and Quality Service, attributed the mutilations to “rogue surgeons” and dismissed the idea that E.T. or paranormal phenomena could be involved.

June 30th 2002, the reported mutilations now number 160 and seem to be increasing and spreading to other areas, including neighbouring Ecuador. The increase in mutilation reports is also accompanied by a correlating increase in UFO sightings including reports of a landed craft. A number of police officers, including whole police stations, have witnessed strange lights or objects crossing the sky.

5th July 2002, at 9-00 p.m. a luminous object was observed in the sky over the village of Carmen de Patagones. The residents of the village, which comprises 268 homes, witnessed the object which crossed the sky in a zig-zag pattern. The object was visible for at least 30 minutes and as the villagers alerted each other they were stunned by the clarity of the “UFO”.
Some of the locals watched the object through binoculars and remarked that it seemed to approach and then recede “like some sort of zoom lens” changing colour as it passed across the sky – ultimately disappearing over the horizon. At times it stopped, moving in a swinging motion.
One villager contacted a relative in Viedma, who was able to confirm that it was visible from that city.
An eyewitness, local businessman Anibal Benetez, stated that “the light was very potent and changed colours every so often – red to blue, blue to bright white”.

He added: “We were able to see how an airliner in the distance appeared to pass over the object, which vanished into the horizon following a zig-zag pattern. I hopped into my pickup truck with my family and we followed it up the road that leads to Guardia Mitre , where the object gradually became lost , after remaining for a few minutes”.
Whatever the object was, many people in the neighbourhood saw it and it is thought that the daughter of Benetez actually caught the object on film.

The authorities have endeavoured to explain the spate of cattle mutilations in a number of ways – rogue surgeons, a little known species of rodent (which can apparently attack, kill and dismember animals as large as cattle, natural causes, poor animal husbandry etc.
Whatever the cause animals across the globe are being mysteriously killed and mutilated on a regular basis.

5th July 2002, yet another bovine was found in San Francisco del Monte de Oro with incisions very similar to other reported cases of mutilation. The mutilated animal was found at a ranch called “El Quebrachito” and belonged to respected businessman Alberto Martin. The animal was missing several internal organs and also its ears, tongue and one eye. Its anus appeared to have been extracted and the entire area of the wound seemed to have been burned. Yet once more, guard dogs did not bark at the strange event.

9th July 2002, the Argentinean government dismissed previous official reports regarding the death and mutilation of dozens of bovines.
A large dog was found mutilated in Catamarca . The animal was missing its tongue, eyes, trachea, aorta and its skin. There was no evidence of blood in the area.

10th July 2002, eight bovines and seven goats were found mutilated in Tucaman – in all cases eyes, tongues, gums and genitals were missing. The locals were surprised to discover the animals were bloodless. Yet once more the mutilations were accompanied by residents claiming to have seen a large light in the sky.

11th July 2002, Fernando Ulloa was amazed to find a pregnant cow which had been mutilated – this happened in the Don Cipriano area. The cow , a half-breed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford, was missing its ears, tongue, part of the jaw, an eye and the nipples on its udders had been removed. Also, part of its rectum was missing. The incisions were similar to those observed on other mutilated animals in other areas.

UPDATE 22nd July
There was a steady increase in the number of UFO sightings in the Entire Rios Province of Argentina over the first half of July 2002. Residents of Sola, Rosario del Tala and Mansilla witnessed low-altitude manoeuvres of objects which were not identifiable as aircraft, birds etc.

A resident of Parana filmed 15 lights which spun round in a circle for 10 minutes – his home video of the event being scrutinized by the news media and accepted as proof of a strange phenomena.

On another occasion (1st July 2002) 5 police officers (in 2 squad cars at a truck stop at the junction of routes 39 and 6) observed a powerful light moving in the night sky. As the object approached the squad cars “it produced sparks similar to those of a photographer’s flash gun – a colourful spectacle full of colour bursts”.
When the strange light pulled back the engines of the vehicles (Renault 19s) stopped running and lights refused to operate. Some 30 minutes later when the UFO had disappeared completely, the sirens on the police cars came on suddenly and the engines responded to the ignition.
The police officers – from Rosario del Tala and the Gobernador Sola’s sheriff’s office – reached for their side arms when the object came very close to their vehicles but to no effect: the UFO still approached the police cars, leaving the officers unable to find any possible explanation for the event.

UPDATE  24th July

12th July 2002, residents of Sunchales Street in the Esteban Echeverria area of Chascomus, urgently rang the police when strange lights were observed near the lagoon. Local people remained on the lake’s shores for forty minutes whilst the lights vanished to the south. Other lights were seen in the Monte Brown area – some seemingly landed causing fear and excitement at a dinner being held in the honour of racing fans at the Fish and Nautical Club.

Amidst the increasing number of reports of mutilated animals and UFO sightings in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, it has, almost inevitably, been speculated that the attacks on animals are caused by Chupacabras. See “El Chupacabra” on this site.