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NASA, Astronauts and UFOs

It has been alleged that during the Apollo 11 Lunar Mission in 1969, the astronauts actually observed aliens on the surface of the Moon. The evidence for this extraordinary claim is an alleged secret conversation between Apollo 11 astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, and Mission Control. This conversation was, in fact, monitored by a Russian Physicist and Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, who maintained that the encounter occurred shortly after the lunar module landed. He also stated that the astronauts report was never heard by the public because NASA censored it. But is there any other evidence to substantiate the views of those who believe that there is or has been an “Alien presence” on the Moon? In 1965 a Russian Lunar probe sent back to Earth, images of a strange “structure” towering over the surface of the Moon. It is estimated that the anomalous “tower” is an extremely tall structure – possibly 12 Km. high. Whatever the object is – it remains “unexplained”. Buzz Aldrin [ right ] with the Eagle -1969Dr. Farouk El Baz [left]  – a geologist and a senior scientist at NASA for 6 years. Dr. El Baz was responsible for training astronauts to complete intricate experiments on the surface of the Moon. Dr. El Baz was present in NASA Mission Control when Ken Mattingly (Apollo 16) saw unusual “flashes” on the surface of the Moon. Dr. El Baz remarked that despite using a seismometer to detect meteor impact – the most likely explanation – the flashes were never explained.

 During the Apollo 16 Mission, astronaut Ken Mattingly [right] observed strange bright flashes on the surface of the Moon as he orbited the Moon in the Lunar Orbiter. The “flashes” emanated from the surface of the Moon not lit by the Sun but by “Earth-shine”. Mattingly was heard to remark “I’ll be damned” before he reported his observation to Mission Control. Mattingly was given instructions to report immediately any similar events as he passed through the next orbit and preparations were made to investigate and explain the phenomenon. Sure enough as he passed over the same area of the Moon he observed two bright flashes coming from the surface but despite the fact that scientific instruments had monitored the event, no explanation was forthcoming.
However, NASA footage taken during the Apollo Missions does illustrate that “Unknown Objects” were not only seen but were captured on film. In one instance a bright flash is seen on the Moon’s surface just as an unidentified object approaches from the left and passes over. In another instance a large, seemingly circular UFO positioned close to the Moon was caught on film.
Doctor Jack Kasher, [left] of Nebraska University, who has previously worked on highly classified research for NASA and other government agencies, is prepared to risk his reputation by maintaining that there is real evidence of another presence on the Moon. “We really are being visited by Extraterrestrials, we probably have been for some time. I believe that at least some of these UFO reports are genuine. By UFO I mean extraterrestrial space craft. There are enough examples from enough reliable witnesses to suggest that this cries out for investigation”.

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