The Mexican C26A UFO Footage

On March 5th 2004, a Mexican Air Force C26A aircraft was on a routine flight with the purpose of detecting aircraft which were conveying illegal drugs. The C26A was well equipped with high tech devices which could register a whole range of and keep a record of any relevant activities that occurred during the flight.

At around 5p.m. the C26A detected an unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen which was suspected of indicating a drug dealer airplane.

When approached by the C26A the object(s) flew away at great speed.

The following is a report of the events based on a report to UFO Updates

by Santiago Yturria (Mexico)

On March 5, 2004 an Air Force Merlín C26A Bimotor airplane was doing a routine flight to detect a smuggling drug airplane in the skies over Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. The Merlin C26A was equipped with a high tech advanced digital equipment to register and record all the activities during the operation. Powerful sensor detectors like a FLIR STAR ZAPPHIR II and a RADAR AN/PS 143 BRAVO VICTOR 3 were being used by qualified personal aboard the airplane and all the operation was being recorded both in normal and infrared mode.

The airplane was under the command of Mayor Magdaleno Jasso Núñez. The FLIR operator was Lt. Mario Adrián Vázquez and the RADAR operator Lt. German Ramirez, all of them members of the 501 Aerial Squadron.

This airplane is programmed only for surveillance and detection procedures, not for interception or combat manoeuvres. Their duty is to detect and identify drug dealers flights and then immediately report them to the base where combat planes are scrambled to intercept those narcotics smugglers.

At approximately 17:00 PM the Merlin C26A detected an unknown traffic at 10,500 feet over Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche airspace and according to the protocol and suspecting a drug dealer airplane Mayor Magdaleno Jasso made a manoeuvre to approach the unidentified traffic at certain range to get a close look and record the target with their equipment. At the same time Mayor Jasso reported by radio to the base that a possible suspect was detected requesting the interceptor planes to be in alert condition.

The RADAR AN/PS 143 BRAVO VICTOR 3 was detecting the unknown traffic and the FLIR STAR ZAPPHIR II was recording the object in infrared. As the Merlin C26A tried to approach the unknown traffic to make a visual identification it suddenly in a surprising manoeuvre escaped flying away at tremendous speed. By this time Mayor Jasso tried to persecute the target but it was very fast. All this was being recorded by the FLAIR and also the radio conversations with the base describing the unexpected manoeuvre of the unknown. However the C26A still have not made visual contact with the unknown object.

Just some moments passed when suddenly the unknown object returned and began following the Merlin C26A in a surprising situation. This was detected by the RADAR and the FLIR while the personal aboard were trying to make visual contact of the unidentified traffic now following them. In seconds the equipment detected now not only one but two traffics following them. The images in both RADAR and the FLIR were clear and unmistakable. But both pilot and personal still couldn’t have visual contact with these two traffics following them adding a great suspense to this disconcerting situation.

Mayor Magdaleno Jasso reported to the base the insolate incident that was taking place giving detail of all the information registered by the equipment while keep trying to make visual contact of the unknowns. The FLIR kept recording in infrared every movement made by the two unknown objects that seemed to be keeping their distance from the C26A but still following it. The personal aboard the Merlin C26A were confused and disconcerted seeing the images on the FLIR and the RADAR asking themselves what was going on with this insolate situation.

But the stressing moment that the C26A crew were passing through was just the beginning of something more dramatic that will turn their undesirable experience into a real nightmare.

Some minutes passed while the Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A crew continued making manoeuvres to have a visual contact of the unknowns because despite both RADAR and FLIR were showing perfectly clear both unidentified objects for unexplained reasons there was not a visual contact even that the objects by this time were at close range.

It was during this round and round manoeuvres to identify these two objects that something amazing happened. In a matter of seconds more unknown objects arrived to the scene and the disconcert of the C26A crew was total.

The RADAR and the FLIR detected immediately the presence of nine new objects of the same size and characteristics, unknown objects that arrived to the scene surprisingly like coming from nowhere. Now the situation has entered into a high level of danger so Mayor Magdaleno Jasso reported by radio to the base this new situation requesting instructions.

But the most insolate thing was that even that there were eleven unknown objects close to them still the crew couldn’t see them, no visual contact with the unknowns was possible for some reason never experienced before by these high trained men. However, a video recording of the incident was obtained which was captured by video surveillance systems in the area. the high tech sophisticated equipment and sensors were not lying, there were eleven targets outside them with unpredictable intentions.

At the middle of a complete confusion and disconcert among the C26A crew the unknown objects suddenly made a manoeuvre surrounding the Mexican Air Force airplane in a circle at close range. The RADAR and FLIR presented an insolate image of an eleven objects near by in a circle formation around the Merlin C26A. The situation turned out of control.

Mayor Magdaleno Jasso reported to the base that the C26A situation was now in red alert, surrounded by eleven mysterious round shaped objects camouflaged with a certain unknown advanced technology that avoid any visual contact of them. However Mayor Jasso kept the calm as well as the crew who were working fast measuring and recording every detail of this unique incident conscientious of their duty as military and trained men.

Confronting this situation surrounded by unidentified objects in an unpredictable ending Mayor Magdaleno Jasso took the decision of turning out all the airplane lights and wait to see what happened. Moments of high suspense lived by the crew while the FLIR was recording the images of those bright objects even that visual contact was not possible, moments of silence and uncertainty.

The C26A crew kept calmed doing their duty, documenting every moment of the strange incident while Mayor Jasso continued in contact with the base. After some stressing minutes the eleven objects dissapeared giving an end to the strange experience that these members of the 501 Aerial Squadron had just lived. The Merlin C26A returned safe to the Air Force Base and Mayor Magdaleno Jasso prepared a complete report of the incident along with the C26A crew.

The Secretary of the Defence took notice of Mayor Jasso’s report and began a full investigation studying and evaluating every element of the case. Statements of the crew, images, lectures, measurements of all the equipment as well as a complete evaluation of the meteorological data . The incident was taken very seriously by the Department of Defence Staff and after several weeks of investigation they decided under the command of General Clemente Vega Garcia to contact researcher and tv journalist Jaime Maussan for a special collaboration in this investigation as an experienced researcher in these matters.

Jaime Maussan [left] – Well known Ufologist, the Mexican Military asked him to investigate their video recording of unidentified objects.

On April 22, 2004 General Clemente Vega, Secretary of Defence gave Jaime Maussan a copy of all the tapes and data collected by the Merlin C26A during the incident for study, evaluation and analysis by Maussan’s research team as complement of this investigation and as an external collaborating source trying to establish a definition of the possible motives and consequences of the March 5, 2004 incident.

General Vega as well as his staff were very open to discuss the subject and showed their legitimate interest in conducting this investigation in order to establish the truth of what happened. General Vega authorized the Merlin C26A crew to give Jaime Maussan the interviews needed without any censorship, giving all the facilities to present this case to the Mexican people, an historic and unprecedented decision that will open a new era of mutual collaboration among the Mexican ufologists and the military forces, a collaboration based in respect and interest to find the truth of the intense UFO activity we have been experiencing here in Mexico since the beginning of the Amazing Mexican UFO Wave back in July 11, 1991.

This new era of relationship among the Mexican UFO witnesses, skywatchers, ufologists and our military forces will try to establish and give form to a new legislation in our law system focused to be prepared for any incident involving these unidentified flying objects, our people, our commercial and military airplanes etc. for learning and understanding what are we going to do and how are we going to confront this reality.


DATE: March 5, 2004

TIME: 17:00 PM to 17:30 pm

EVENT: On Commission

LOCATION: Aerial Space Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche Mexico at 10,500 Fts.

COORDINATES: LAT N 18° 26.60´ : LON W 90° 45.69´



FLIR RANGE: – 40°C till more than 1,500°C


AIRPLANE: Merlin C26A Bimotor


Navigation Captain: Magdaleno Jasso Nuñez

FLIR Operator: Lt. Mario Adrian Vasquez

RADAR Operator: Lt. German Ramirez

Members of the 501 Aerial Squadron


The located zone was in optimal meteorological conditions, winds no bigger than 35 kms./hour, relative humidity of 72% and a temperature average of 34° C. At 10,500 Fts. temperatures average -27° C and a visibility average of 96%.

The region doesn’t register volcanic activity nor tectonics movements. There was not detection of electric current storage and distribution of importance.

On the basis of the previous thing there were not found sources of electric magnetic phenomenon by electric centrals or seismic movements. There were not found possibilities of any Ball of Fire effect caused by volcanic activity.

There were not registries of solar storms in that moments or relevant solar explosions. Therefore the posibilities of ionization luminic effects like St. Elmo Fire or electric storms were discarded.

Study and Analysis elaborated by Rodolfo Garrido Cotham

according to the Merlin C26A digital equipment data.