Here are some comments made by eminent Ufologists who have visited The WHY? Files


Guys, The site is a great addition to the UFO subject. I like that you have a bunch of different things on there covering all aspects of ufology and much more besides. You are doing a great job.

Cheers, Nick Redfern.


“The aim of The WHY? FILES is to present a comprehensive overview of UFOlogy and associated subjects in a concise, accurate and factual manner. However, this site will not avoid being contentious or expressing views that others may not agree with.”

This is a direct quote from the opening page of The WHY? Files site. You may ask why do I use it here?

Simply put, both Geoff and Steve, to coin a phrase “put their money where their mouths are”, by simply asking WHY, in such a diverse subject as ufology. This site should encourage ALL serious advocates of this subject to get out and ask WHY, Why I hear you ask? Quite simply because the questions need asking and perhaps one day we may get the answer. Keep up the excellent work Geoff and Steve.

Chris Evers Co-Editor EYE Magazine


“Your site is the best British site I have come across….I have already passed it on to many Fortean friends and they are full of praise for it”.

Colin Bennett
Author – “Looking For Orthon” “Politics of the Imagination”


“Quality website…. I appreciate the cross-section of cases that you have presented and I will recommend it to reporters and producers who need a rapid briefing on these icons of UFOlogy”.

Jim Dillettoso
Village Labs.


“A superb website”

Dan Bright
UFO Research Organisation


Keep up the good work!


Andy Roberts


“Well done Geoff and Steve, the site is coming along nicely!”

Joe McGonagle, ufologyinuk.


“Good luck you have a great start here Well worth keeping an eye on this site.”

Rob Meyer Sedona UFO Investigations


Nice job on the website. I enjoyed my visit to your ‘Why Files’.

Regards, John Velez

“Congratulations, it’s a sensational work.
All the best wishes”

Professor .Vitorio Pacaccini (Brazil)


“I’ve had a brief look at your site, which looks great; interesting and informative – a rare combination. I’ll be back for more! “

Nick Pope

Wonderful and wonderous website! I am in awe! Long may you seek the truth and hopefully; one day find it. I have ‘linked’ to this website, and proudly so. I am also very proud to have you as a member of our discussion Forum (UFOResearch Smart Groups), as we, too, seek the same truths that we may help to enlighten a world that is dirty within the clouds of darkness . . . Not to close by an under statement; but please: Live long and prosper!!!Regards with deep respect, Jason Greywolf Leigh

“I visited. Very nice site.”

Bruce Maccabee


It Is Good to se such good work being done by you, your website is neat , tidy and easy to read also the layout is very good, I shall be returning again and again, you have taken great pride in what you have put together here.  WELL DONE.

Roy Lake Chairman London UFO Studies


I  took a look at your web site and I like what I see. Thanks again

John Hoppe Director WI State Section Director, MUFON

“By the way, I think that you and Steve have set up a solid, well organized and well designed website. As UFO (US) Magazine’s web columnist (‘Webwatch’), I will be giving The WHY?Files a positive review and
recommendation in the next possible issue of the magazine (August-September).”

Best wishes,

Peter Robbins Author/researcher

Your efforts to search, collect and post reports and images into your site is something we all appreciate”

Very best wishes, V-J (Vincent-Juan Ballester Olmos)


HI guys!..Just to add my praise to the others already on record for you website…very well layed out, and very informative. keep up the great work!..

Nigel Wright


It is heart-warming to see Geoff and his group doing outstanding research into all aspects of the UFO/Alien/Paranormal phenomenon. The research that the Why? Files is presenting, will certainly go a long way to inform the masses of much needed information that has been kept hidden from the public for much too long of time. Keep up the excellent work, my friend.

Sandy Nichols, USA


A very good site, with a lot of information……………..

Anyway, keep up the good work. The site is on my bookmarks page now!


Best regards,

Paul Kimball

Producer / Director

Redstar Films Limited

“You have done British UFOLogy a service in making it possible to utilise another more accessible website”.Gary Anthony
“The Why Files is a masterstroke of thought, planning and achievement. You need visit no other site in order to get a comprehensive overview of every aspect of ufology and associated subjects. Well laid out and planned, and easy to navigate around. It gives me a warm, inner glow to acknowledge that this is a British site and that the Yanks aren’t the only ones who can do this properly.”Stuart Miller, editor UFO Review.

Hi Geoff.I just looked at your web site and think it is a very good one. I haven’t got time to read every page closely but I did read several and it looks to me like you have done an excellent job. Keep up the good work.

Bob Pratt


I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed visiting your excellent website. It’s very informative and it must keep you very busy.

Regards, Georgina Bruni


Great site and very comprehensive pilot sighting section!

Don Ledger


Congratulations on a superbly updated and excellently well-done website!

Despite the fact that I, as you might expect, disagree with some of the items and thoughts presented, it is necessary to confess that The WHY? Files ranks at the top with only a few other UFO sites. Also, it is artistically laid out and, in my opinion, excellently user friendly.
Just to mention two of The WHY? Files’ assets: Your well- illustrated and information-excellent ‘flying triangles’ and ‘V- shaped objects’ web pages are worthy of high praise.
Please keep up the great work on your fascinating and informative site. It is actually a service to not only the casual visitor, but to the serious student and to dedicated researchers who want to keep up with some things beyond their specialties.
Every good wish to you and toward what you are doing.

Ray Stanford


I just want to say that having looked at the revamped Why Files website I think Clive Denton has done you proud. I particularly like the pilot section and the relevant audio segments. Well done.

Gary Heseltine Editor
UFO and the Founder of the PRUFOS Police Database

“Quality website…. I appreciate the cross-section of cases that you have presented and I will recommend it to reporters and producers who need a rapid briefing on these icons of UFOlogy”.
Jim Dillettoso Village Labs.

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