(For the purposes of this account I use the term “Trail”)

I was surprised, on entering the garden, to see a massive “trail” crossing the sky, North to South (or possibly the reverse). The trail had the characteristics which I understand apply to “Chem Trails” The weather was fine, clear and sunny but with some mid-high altitude cloud (probably Stratocumulus at approximately 6,000 feet I believe) covering approximately 50% of the sky.

Although I have seen many chem. Trails in the past I realised that this one was exceptional, it was very pronounced and was so easily definable against the sky, especially as it passed through cloud. I immediately grabbed my camcorder and managed to record the phenomenon for two minutes or thereabouts.

As I observed the Trail I noticed that it rapidly expanded and developed a serrated or “pearl necklace” effect along the edges. Where it passed through or near cloud, it was clearly evident that the cloud “split and separated”, almost as though it was coming apart at a seam.

This splitting effect became very pronounced and simultaneously the actual Trail seemed to evaporate, allowing the blue sky to show through.

The whole incident lasted little more than 3 minutes, allowing for the time that it took for me to initially obtain my camcorder.

The camcorder I used is a Sony CCD-TR728E Pal, Hi8, 20x optical zoom. It was set on auto focus.

I realise that the WMF video is very much inferior to the original video but the mpeg video is of such a size that it is impractical to upload it on the server. A copy of the original video will be made available to the appropriate expert(s) for scientific analysis.

Could it be?

In spring 2004 a series of sonic booms were heard in the skies over California. Whatever craft caused these booms left visible evidence of its flight path in the form of a peculiar “contrail”. Take a look at the photos below, the strange contrail left in the skies over California has “do-nut-type” configuration. This configuration signifies that the aircraft concerned had a “Pulse Definition Wave Engine” – involving highly advanced technology and capable of speeds of 7,000 m.p.h. (Nick Cook, Jane’s Defence Weekly).

Does the still photo taken from the video on this page bare a resemblance to the Californian contrail?

Military experts are of the opinion that the cause of the sonic booms and the strange contrail was Aurora, a suspected top-secret aircraft being developed by the U.S. Military.

Could this video be the evidence that Aurora has crossed the skies of the North Eastern U.K.?

UK Ufologist responds to “Could it be?”


Gary Anthony, acknowledged U.K. Ufologist, responded to the question “Could it be (Aurora)?”
Via Email to Geoff Richardson on 6th November 2005 16:44

Hi Geoff,

I just looked at your page with contrail images.  Don’t think the contrail was Aurora based on a couple of fair assumptions.

1) The altitude for Aurora cruise might be comparable to the old SR71 Blackbird and modern Stealth. Given the nature of the clouds in the background of your images, whatever caused these contrails was probably well below such a height, even though the contrails could have lost considerable altitude.

2) The comparison photo with the California contrail is noteworthy and looks very similar, however if you compare the images carefully the Californian example contrail seems much wispier in nature and this is an approximate clue to it’s altitude.  (Standard meteorology).

However Geoff, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that such an aircraft may fly over our region or be caught on film at some point.  Over the last three years or so I’ve imaged contrails like the one you show from June 2004, quite a few times with a specialised home-made CCD — next time I capture any I’ll make a note not to delete and send some over for you to compare.

Best Regards

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