BOB LAZAR – Physicist or Fraud?

Without doubt Bob Lazar is one of the most controversial personalities ever to have been involved in Ufology. A number of experienced and eminent Ufologists are of the opinion that he is an absolute (but highly intelligent) fraudster, whilst others do regard his claims seriously.

Love him or hate him, Bob Lazar has certainly made a major impact in the world of Ufology, especially with his claims to have worked as a physicist at Area 51, involving the reverse engineering of UFOs.

Here follows a description of Bob Lazar’s experiences, based predominantly on his own words.

On the 28th June 1982 the Los Alamos Monitor announced ” L.A. man joins jet set”. This headline referred to a young physicist of the Los Alamos Meson Laboratory who had built a 200 m.p.h. jet car   [ right ] in his spare time. This young man was Bob Lazar . Only the elite of scientists gained employment at the Meson Laboratories – originally where the ” A bomb” was developed and where top secret projects are carried out.

Whilst at the laboratories Lazar attended a lecture given by Professor Edward Teller – so called father of the “H bomb”. At a chance meeting Teller showed a lot of interest in Lazars jet car and the two men got on well together. Teller told Lazar to get in touch if he ever needed help – particularly regarding a job.6 years later , after many trials and tribulations (including the untimely death of his wife) Lazar moved to Las Vegas and wanted to work in a scientific situation. After  contacting Teller, Lazar quickly received a phone call asking him to attend an interview in the E.C.&G. building – E.C.&G. being a massive company involved in research projects for N.A.S.A.

This lead to Lazar being offered a job working on a “field propulsion system” at the Nevada Test Range – which includes Area 51 .

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