Source: The New York Times – September 27, 2003

The corners of the Internet frequented by fans of and alien-creature sightings were abuzz last week when President Bush extended for another year the total secrecy of Area 51, a large Air Force base in the Nevada desert.

Since the base was established in 1954 to test the U-2 spy plane, its cloaked existence has fuelled speculation that it is used for something else: the storage and study of captured extraterrestrials and their spacecraft, including those said to have landed in Roswell, N.M. A 1997 Air Force report saying there were no captured aliens served only to convince the faithful that there must have been.

But if the site stokes distrust, it should be for something more down to earth. Mr. Bush’s order effectively lets the Air Force flout environmental laws without a public accounting. That is understandably upsetting to a group of former workers and two widows represented by Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor who filed suit in 1994, claiming that exposure to toxic materials illegally burned on the grounds had caused gruesome skin rashes and respiratory ailments.

The secrecy surrounding Area 51 has been obsessive, even for the military, which does not like to acknowledge its existence, much less whether officers illegally handled hazardous waste. In 1995, in response to the suit, President Bill Clinton issued the first annual exemption to protect the military from having to make disclosures.

While armed patrols and ominous signs warning of “deadly force” isolate Area 51, situated about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, foreign satellite photos of buildings and of a runway several miles long hint at its uses. Rather than performing alien autopsies, the Air Force is more likely to be using the site to test new military hardware. Few would disagree that such work deserves to be classified, but it should not give the government a pass to break the law or to abuse the basic rights of its workers.


Area 51 – Update – 5th April 2003 Nellis Land Grab completed?

LAS VEGAS – The growth boom in southern Nevada has forced the military to reroute flights, curb training and cancel missions at Nellis Air Force Base, federal investigators said.

The sprawling base used to be at the northern fringes of Las Vegas, but is increasingly surrounded by homes and businesses, the federal General Accounting Office reported to Congress on Wednesday.

The Air Force told GAO investigators that safety concerns has restricted flight patterns of armed aircraft, causing mission delays and cancellations at Nellis, a national training base for combat pilots.

Nellis officials did not say how many missions had been canceled or changed, or how encroachment has affected training.

However, base spokesman Michael Estrada said the Air Force began in the mid-1980s to reroute jets carrying live bombs to the north to avoid flying over homes south of the base. The shift has forced pilots to abandon the base’s preferred runway in favor of a northern route more prone to high winds, he said.

The base also has spent $30 million to buy private land to the north to maintain buffers for flight paths.

At a Senate hearing in Washington, D.C., GAO officials criticized the Pentagon for not being able to measure the impact of urban encroachment. The Las Vegas area has been the fastest-growing large city in the nation, adding about 6,000 people a month.

Besides Nellis, the GAO said encroachment is a problem at the Barry M. Goldwater range used by Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, Fort Benning in Georgia, Fort Lewis in Washington and Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

“It’s been very difficult to quantify the magnitude of the impact,” said Barry Holman, GAO director of defense infrastructure issues.

The Bush administration cites encroachment as one reason to exempt military bases from portions of the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Act and laws concerning solid waste and Superfund sites.

Nellis officials said current operations such as small-arms range training and runway bombing could be stopped if lands were designated critical habitat for the desert tortoise, big horn sheep, owls and foxes that roam the desert.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said the military already has authority to exempt facilities from state and federal laws. He pointed to the president’s annual declaration that operations at Groom Lake are exempted from
environmental rules.

“They should not just do away with environmental laws,” Reid said. “Let’s do it on a case-by-case basis.”

Reid said that despite training restrictions, military readiness has not been harmed.

Rep. Jim Gibbons, R-Reno, and Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Calif., have introduced an encroachment bill that in some cases would prohibit designating critical habitat for threatened animals and plants on military

The legislation is similar to a Pentagon proposal that would let base commanders accommodate wildlife while continuing military activities.

Pentagon lawyer Benedict Cohen said the base plans, called Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans, and other training activities are being challenged in court.

If the government were required to designate critical habitat on military bases, readiness at Nellis and Fallon Naval Air Station could be impaired, said Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev.

“That could severely affect our nation’s readiness because every combat pilot goes through one of those two ranges,” Ensign said. “There isn’t anything more important than that.”

Area 51 Microbiologist Ready to Talk

The following press release was published by “Greater Things News Service”, April 8th, 2004
Dr. Dan Burisch, who is in lock-down, working with the Lotus project, seeks immunity to stand before a Congressional hearing or other appropriate public body, to disclose his first-hand knowledge, with proof, of U.S. government involvement in designer viruses and other black-ops

Dr. Dan Burisch has first-hand knowledge of the U.S. government’s involvement in funding the creation of designer viruses for use in biowarfare and other applications.  He is also intimately privy to other covert operations that violate normal standards of human ethics.

Because such involvement could implicate him for war crimes charges, he requests full immunity before making such disclosure.  The terms of his agreement prohibit that he should specifically request such an appointment for disclosure.  He has stated that if subpoenaed he will disclose what he knows, answering specific questions directly.

By splicing together components of various organisms, microbiologists today are able to create new living organism with specific outcomes, both in terms of target as well as resulting disease.

Burisch stated that microbiologists have a way of encoding their “signature” into the designer DNA they create, whether in short sequences or those long enough to encode an entire virus.

As a possible scenario, for example, the signature could be comprised of a short segment of base-pairs that bear the microbiologists mark in such a way that other microbiologists can see the signature and readily identify it.

Because Burisch does not yet have such disclosure immunity granted, he spoke hypothetically, saying that if there were a microbiologist involved in such activities, that the microbiologist could place his signature on the resulting organism, unbeknownst to those authorizing the project.  That signature could then be called forth from all progeny organisms as evidence of the laboratory origin of the organism, and of the exact microbiologist who created the organism.

This would then provide unambiguous proof more telling than finger prints in a crime scene.  In this case, such finger prints are placed there intentionally with the intent of providing retrospective proof of the deed. Burisch would also like to press for disclosure of other matters of which he has first-hand knowledge and evidence.

The revealing of his signature will also prove that Burisch is indeed a Ph.D. level microbiologist — a title that was erased when he was inducted into his present covert operation.  That erasure was so complete that one could hardly find evidence that Danny B Catselas Burisch ever lived if it were not for the Internet and private sharing of documents of evidence.  Catselas was his father’s last name.  He had his name legally changed to Burisch with a recent marriage to a woman by that last name, who is also a principal in the covert operations.

He is presently working on the Lotus project at Area 51 north of Las Vegas, in a secret extra-budget operation under the umbrella direction of a non-elected shadow international governing body that has covert ties to the U.S. government and with extra-terrestrials.

The Lotus project involves studies of what is called a “Ganesh particle” which is capable of repairing damages cells.  The Ganesh particle itself, which gives off light, has characteristics of being a living intelligence.

Burisch has witnessed an extra-terrestrial being first-hand at Area 51.  That exposure included touch, probing, measuring body function, communication via hand signals.

Burisch is witness to human subjects being held against their will for experimentation per covert treaties between the U.S. government and extra-terrestrial governing bodies.  The treaty, called Tau-IX, allows for abduction, removal of blood and reproductive samples and tissue; and does not control whether humans are maimed, tortured or that they might expire. Burisch does not believe that these activities should be held back from the knowledge of the American and International lay community.  His desire for disclosure is shared by others of his colleagues.

There are even those among the directorate who are helping to leak information from inside the covert operations out into public domain.

A primary vector for this disclosure has been taking place on an unmoderated forum at under a thread about Dan Burisch that is now in its fifth volume, with over 10,000 posts in all.  There, those on the “inside” of the covert operations ,who are defecting against their obligations to non-disclosure, post information to the forum where it is openly analyzed for authenticity and catalogued.

This forum thread commenced approximately six months ago and recently had been losing momentum due to lack of concrete information.  Even with the occasional patch in to Burisch with a web cam, there was no way to prove that the web cam footage was not taken at a prior date. Those on the forum were not even sure Burisch was actually alive, and that it was him that they were conversing with on these privileged disclosures on rare occasion.

As someone in the know has watched this process, he recently decided to actually let two people from the “outside” have an in-person meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch.  Per a request made by a major forum participant, Harry Dschaak (forum name: harrdrawk), an invitation was extended for him and write-in U.S. Presidential Candidate, Sterling D. Allan (forum name: wallrace), to have an in-person meeting with Burisch.

A first attempt was made on April 3.  The meeting was to have taken place in front of the UNLV campus Leid library at 10:00 am.  The two outsiders were coming in under the cover of being inside directorate.  This cover was exposed prior to the meeting when it was determined by security that there were no inside directorate coming into Vegas on the day appointed.

A second and successful attempt took place two days later at another location, where a window of one hour stretched into three as the two outsiders identified themselves with a pass code that only could have been given them from someone trusted on the inside.

On the following day, Allan reported on that encounter with a post to the GLP forum.  That was then followed up the next day, April 7, with a leaked message in which Dan Burisch responded point-by-point to Allan’s report, as requested by an individual named “J1 (Majesty/Directorate PD/SF, Washington, D.C.)”.

The leaking of that document constitutes perhaps the most unambiguous source of information regarding this covert operation that has yet been obtained.

Within minutes of that post being made, the forum went down.  But those who intimately watch the forum immediately got on the phone with each other and made a copy of the relevant page and circulated it among their mailing lists.

When asked if this is the biggest development since the forum thread commenced six months ago, Dschaak, Allan’s running mate, replied, “No, this is the biggest thing to happen since the JFK assassination.  We are on the verge of alien disclosure — something we have been seeking for decades.”

Dschaak is in process of assembling a brief list of questions that should be posed to Burisch in a hearing.  Over the past six months, GLP has accumulated a list of key questions to ask based on the intelligence they have been gathering.

Aliens at Area 51?

Since the incident in the vicinity of Roswell (New Mexico) in 1947 it has persistently been rumoured that a number of aliens were, in fact, retrieved from the wreckage of a saucer-like craft. In this instance the rumour further maintains that the retrieved aliens were all killed at impact and at least one of the bodies was used for autopsy purposes resulting in the infamous alien autopsy film publicized by Ray Santilli.

An official document that surfaced in the 1980s states that a living alien was, in fact, retrieved from a crashed saucer-shaped craft in 1949 and was reputed to have survived for a number of years. The authenticity of this document has never been proven but it states that the alien was given the title EBE 1 (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) and suffered chronic health problems. EBE 1 seemingly died on June 18 th, 1957 and during the period of seven years or so of its existence on Earth was reputed to have been held at Area 51.Located in Nevada, Area 51 is the most “well known” secret military base on the face of this planet but despite the fact that its existence has become common knowledge, the activities that are carried out there remain very secret indeed. Area 51 is a facility that covers an area about the size of Switzerland and unauthorised access to the base is, in effect, impossible because of the incredibly high levels of perimeter security, including the most advanced security equipment and highly alert security personnel. In fact security levels are so high that civilian workers who have succumbed to fatal conditions caused by the materials they work with are unable to reveal to doctors etc outside of the base details of those substances. These workers are sworn to absolute secrecy and despite prolonged legal activity the widows have been unable to seek justice through the courts – on the basis that Area 51 does not legally exist.

In the 1970s stories of aliens being present at Area 51 began to surface. One of these “rumours” purported that, due to a tragic misunderstanding, several humans lost their lives when a number of aliens perceived their weapons as a threat.In the late 1980s rumours of “crashed UFOs” being held at Area 51 (sometimes referred to as “Dreamland”) were brought to light by Bob Lazar – claiming to be a Nuclear Physicist who worked for a while on an anti gravitational project at Area 51. Lazar claims that he worked in department S4, a section within Area 51 and whilst employed there he actually examined a retrieved alien craft which he described as “the sports model”.

Although initially Lazar was reluctant to divulge if he actually came into contact with aliens during the months he claimed to have worked at Area 51, eventually he did reveal that he caught “a fleeting glance” of an alien “talking to scientists”.

In April 2004, a microbiologist named Dan Burisch claimed to have worked at Area 51 and to have been witness to human subjects being held against their will for experimentation per covert treaties between the U.S. government and extra-terrestrial governing bodies. The treaty, called Tau-IX, allows for abduction, removal of blood and reproductive samples and tissue; and does not control whether humans are maimed, tortured or that they might expire. Burisch does not believe that these activities should be held back from the knowledge of the American and International lay community.However, well before Burisch’s revelations an unusual phone call was made to the offices of Rocket Pictures, a film and media distribution company, on Friday 26 th July, 1996. The caller who refused to be known as anything but “Victor” asked to speak to Tom Coleman, top man at Rocket Pictures.

Victor told Coleman that whilst working at Area 51 he had been involved in a changeover in the methods employed in storing records. Many older records were re-recorded in the new format and whilst doing this Victor was able to obtain an “extra copy” of an incredible video tape – a taped record of an alien being interviewed by a scientist. Coleman was reluctant to accept Victor’s claims initially but after a while he decided that perhaps, just perhaps, Victor was being truthful when he claimed that aliens were being held at Area 51.

Victor continued to maintain his anonymity claiming that if the authorities discovered his identity he would be in grave danger. The video he claims to be authentic has been assessed by several experts with no definite joint conclusions – some regard it as a total (clever) fake whilst others are prepared to accept the video tape as probably genuine.Ulysses F. Orwell.

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