The “Abduction Scenario” is one of the more bizarre aspects of UFOlogy – regarded by some as genuine and others as absurd. Here are some “significant” abductions.

Please Note
There are medical conditions that give the illusion of being abducted by aliens. Anyone who believes that they are being abducted by aliens should seek expert medical advice and not rely solely upon advice given by people involved in Ufology.

The Tujunga Canyon Abductions

On March 22nd, 1952 two ladies, (pseudonyms) Sara Shaw and Jan Whitley, who shared an isolated cabin in the Tujunga Canyons area, were awakened by a bright light outside the cabin. They also discovered, after leaving the cabin in a state of terror that it appeared that they had “lost time”, two hours were unaccounted for.

Thus began 23 years of UFO sightings and abduction experiences.In 1956, Jan Whitley and a young lady called Emily Cronin were driving back home to the cabin at night; Emily’s young son was sleeping in the back seat. Because of the late hour they decided to pull in at a rest stop and have a sleep.

Some time later they were awakened by a bright light and realised that they were both paralysed. Eventually Emily managed to move a finger and very quickly they both found that they could move. Feeling frightened by the events they drove back to a café in order to recover.

Tujunga Canyons – A remote and desolate area.

Above : Tujunga Canyons
A remote and desolate area,
North of Los Angeles (U.S.)

This type of event continued to haunt both Sara Shaw and Jan Whitley for many years and in 1975 they related their experiences to UFO investigators who arranged for them to be hypnotised separately by a clinical hypnotist.Whilst hypnotised Sara recalled thin humanoid creatures seemingly dressed in black entering the house even when all doors and windows were securely locked. These creatures took Sara and Jan to a UFO hovering outside and subjected them to an examination. They were returned to the house on a beam of light.Jan, however, never actually saw the creatures but claimed to be able to sense their presence, which terrified her.

Emily was also hypnotised and recalled two thin entities dressed in black who emerged from a bright UFO and who had a great interest in her son. Emily also claimed to have been terrified by these visitations for years and in 1975 she was contacted by two ladies, Lori Briggs and Jo Maine, who lived nearby. Under hypnosis this pair of women recalled similar abduction experiences to the other ladies.