Unusual object over Merseyside

Unusual Object in the skies over Merseyside

We received the following report (including graphics) on the afternoon of 28th
January, 2006. It is best described using the text extracted from the original Emails.

Hi Geoff,
A little earlier I was outside in the sunshine, in the garden with the intention of trying to image a Buzzard that has been floating around here. (The camera is Fuji 6500 with 10X optical zoom)
My attention was drawn to something which was very high up and reflecting. It was moving slowly, but well above wind speed, which at ground level was only a couple of knots.....in a westerly direction (Of course I don’t know what upper winds were doing)


You can see from the pics the object is similar to those which caused a stir a few years back. Motion is toward the left of the picture. I have added a shot of an over flying a/c taken using exactly the same settings. Also you can see that we are in a busy airways area from the "airways" image taken from my mode S radar system a few minutes later.

The incident happened at 1435 GMT

I let local ATC know about it. If a light aircraft hit this thing it would be catastrophic.....must be about 12 feet in length.

BTW I did check the upper winds with ATC later...they were 15 knots 060 degs at 5000 ft......my object was traveling roughly west...which is about right, although I think its speed was somewhat greater....but again , that could have been due to local coastal conditions.

All details are strictly copyright SATCOM – Higher resolution pictures are available.

SATCOM believes the object to probably be a balloon garland and is not of the opinion that it is any form of exotic craft.

The object photographed by SATCOM is very similar to that captured on video previously by Chris Martin. Chris filmed the same object (perhaps a different colour) in the skies over London some years ago – it was declared to be a genuine UFO or alien craft despite the fact that it appears to be pink in colour and its sighting coincided with a “Gay Pride” parade nearby.


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Enlarged (cropped) photo of the object photographed by SATCOM in the skies over Merseyside. (Copyright SATCOM)

Enhanced photo of the object.


"UFO" or supposedly "Alien Craft" caught on video in the skies over London by Chris Martin. This object appears to be pink in colour and appeared coincidentally to a "GAY Pride" parade.



Aircraft photographed by SATCOM using the same settings as those used for the "UFO photo".


To see the original photograph full size, please click here.

They are back!

The following article was published by “The Shropshire Star”, 7th July, 2006             

UFO mystery sightings were balloons




The mystery lights in the sky
Telford was gripped by UFO fever at the weekend when people spotted dozens of weird lights floating through the night sky.

But the display was in fact produced by balloons designed to hoax the public.

The sightings were made just before midnight on Saturday in the south Telford area.

Reader Natalie Ashman, who e-mailed us photographs of the vision, said she saw a cluster of about 20 red lights passing over the town.

But the lights were almost certainly caused by special balloons which cost 10 for a packet of six. Ray Prince, director of manufacturers UFO Balloons, which sells up to 80 each week, said a regular customer had informed him that about 200 balloons had been launched in south Telford.


The above events occurred on 1st July, 2006 which was, of course, Euro Pride Day!





Indiana – Brookston, on April 16th, 2004


A married couple was returning home from dinner when they noticed these lights again at 8:50 PM... This time they were very close to the ground -- probably within a mile from the couple. The husband remarked,

                 "There are those lights again!"

The wife says,

                 “I saw three very large yellow/orange orbs with about three smaller lights around the outside of the larger ones in a triangular pattern.” However, my husband was able to see them better and saw four bright lights with the smaller lights on the outside of them. He also saw a much larger light above these lights which appeared to be closer than the other four. The smaller four lights came on at the same time the larger light came on and then faded. We drove slowly home and as we pulled into our garage, I looked behind me just in time to see three large yellow/orange lights in a horizontal line about 10-20 degrees above the horizon. They came on from left to right and faded from left to right in a period of a few seconds. This was our third sighting in a year's time in this same area.



Delaware - Flying Wing


Delaware, Elsmere, April 21st, 2004

The witness was walking to his car at midnight when he turned to his left and over the trees from Vilone Park flew a wing shaped flying object on. It looked like it had the wingspan of a B-52H and it had a solid non blinking red light underneath. The witness states,

                 “I turned on the FAA band on my scanner in my car and no such major cargo aircraft with that span were over Delaware Airspace at that time. I grew up in a military family, but since I lived in MD and had been a witness to the Waldorf UFO in 2002, I am quite aware of what a UFO is and what it isn't”.



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The following report is a description of seven events over a period of an hour and each event lasted approximately three seconds and they were 5 - 10 minutes apart. Two observers were on their deck with a clear sky and all formation sightings flew from the south to north horizons very, very fast in only three seconds. The second event was the most spectacular. There was no sound from any of the events:


1. There were 7 to 8 red lights flying very, very fast in a V-formation clouded in a mist.
2. Two groups of white lights traveling north. First group ~ 9 lights; second group ~ 6 lights. Much lower than first sighting and much larger. Lights went from formation to dancing around each other before dispersing in different directions in the north.
3. A formation of 5 orange- white lights forming a "V."
4. Formation of 3 lights, red in color.
5. Formation of 4 lights, white in color.
6. Formation of 4 lights, white in color.
7. Formation of 5 lights, white in color.




North Atlantic - 350 NM East of Northern Florida, October 1990



I was delivering a sailing yacht to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Boston, via Bermuda, standing the twelve to four deck watch in. It was a beautiful night, very warm and clear at 1 AM, when the boomerang object flew directly over us as it's approach had been hidden by the very large mainsail of the Schooner. The object was huge,twice the size of Ursa Major, it glowed with a pale luminescent, gold or yellow, with a pale blue triangle at leading edge or apex of the arch, the sharp tips at the trailing edges, also, were blue. It was climbing and following an easterly course. It was totally silent, and left a wake of gold "glitter" behind. Soon it seemed to almost explode into several small bright lights then recon dense into a very bright single light and disappear into space.

I saw the exact same thing three years later in 1993, and once again it seemed to be heading east to climb up over the Atlantic from the Southeast U.S. The second craft came from the SW horizon and I could see it's trajectory clearly and also it's very distinct shape and color. Both sightings occurred in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, 30N 70W. Many mariners have seen these craft, but don't report them for fear of ridicule.

Whatever this vehicle is, whether extraterrestrial or government; it is astonishingly huge, incredibly fast and absolutely silent. The fact that I've seen it twice in a three year period makes me think that this is some kind of routine late night departure to some other planet. I watched the thing punch through the atmosphere twice with my own eyes. Cape Canaveral is located to the west of that position, but I seriously doubt we have anything this wild flying under the stars and stripes. I've always felt that if a UFO wanted to hideout where better but under the sea. Noah's flood has not yet receded: two thirds of the earth is still underwater. The southern edge of the Bermuda Triangle is where the Puerto Rico Trench is, the deepest water in the Atlantic hemisphere, 28,000 ft deep I believe.




Update : Portland, Oregon, 20th July 2004



The observer was burning small tree limbs when he saw a V formation of nine objects flying north slowly on, at 3:45 AM. The objects were behind a sheer cloud with aura's around them. There seemed to be a slight fog around the nine discs which made the orange a lighter color with a white aura around them. The observer stated:

"The V formation sailed through the sky slowly over the house moving north taking up a good part of the sky. Since there was a mist around them I could not make out anything in detail. It was beautiful and I was in awe. There was no noise whatsoever. The lights did not flash and the discs stayed in formation of the 'V'". I live ten miles from an airbase but there were no aircraft flying in the area”.




V-Shaped UFO observed over Towyn, North Wales.


On Sunday, September 19, 2004, at 12:45 a.m., eyewitness Beverly Heron was "on the beach and sea at Towyn, North Wales," UK, when "a small light was seen to speed across the sky at great speed. Then a V-shape of light followed at great speed. There was no sound. We watched the V-shape for about 15 seconds; then it disappeared. But we knew that it wasn't any kind of plane we were seeing. The sighting was witnessed by myself and my husband. It left me stunned."

Beverly described the UFO as "a V-shape outlined in white lights. Very high speed and on approach was moving in the sky faster than a normal plane and without any sound."  




New York City, October 27th, 2004


At 10:15 PM, the night of the lunar eclipse, my 13-year-old son and I were observing the moon inside Central Park through binoculars.  I was gazing up at the rest of the sky, marveling at the stars, which is a real pleasure when you live in the city. "What the hell is that?" I said out loud as soon as I saw the phenomenon. Up in the sky, about as high as an airplane would fly over Manhattan, at a 45 degree angle to the south were two separate V-shaped solid gray metallic objects flying side by side in formation. They were flying at the same speed without lights and they made no sound. They were clearly visible against the black, cloudless sky with the city lights & moonlight reflecting their V shape and gray color. They moved together, silently, steadily across the sky toward midtown. We lost sight of them in the lights over mid-Manhattan. The whole episode couldn't have lasted longer than two minutes.



Brooklyn, October 27th, 2004


The witness states, "I was outside with my daughter observing the lunar eclipse and looked to the far left of the moon and saw an odd shape against a few stars." If I hadn't been looking at that exact spot, I never would have seen it.  It almost looked transparent. I pointed it out to my daughter and she said "It's a ship!" It was gliding slowly north to south coming directly toward us over our heads. It was four times the size of a 747 and had no lights and made no sound. At first it looked like a boomerang, where its front edges reflected a dull faint gray. As the ship moved above our heads it blotted out the few stars. It was a flying triangle that scared and excited us at the same time.