“V-Shaped” UFOs

Despite public opinion, many UFOs are not of the stereotypical “disk-shaped” configuration. A large proportion are triangular or “V-shaped”. Triangular UFOs are covered in detail on this site – see: “Black Triangles”.

V-shaped series of 4 bright lights photographed by Shel Alpert (Coast Guard) in the skies over Salem Coast Guard Station(Massechutas) in August, 1952

“V-shaped” UFOs include “boomerangs” and “chevron-shaped” craft.   Here are some significant incidents involving “V-shaped” UFOs.

The Lubbock Lights.

At about 9-00p.m.  on 25th August 1951, a guard at the secret Sandia Base and two other witnesses (including his wife) observed a V-shaped craft in the skies over Albuquerque. There was no sound or noise emanating from the object and eight “soft-blue” lights were to be seen along the rear edge of the flying wing.

The guard and fellow witnesses estimated the speed of the craft to be 400m.p.h. and it’s height to be around 1,000ft.

About twenty minutes later, four Technical College professors watched a formation of twenty-thirty lights flying north to south over Lubbock, Texas, at great speed. The lights formed a semi-circular or “boomerang” configuration.

Approximately two hours later the professors observed two more similar formations flying north to south and at a high speed. The lights were yellowish-white in colour and had a soft glow. The monitors of a nearby U.S.A.F. radar station registered the unknown objects for six minutes, their speed being 900m.p.h. and their height 13,000ft. The “blips” on the radar screens were regarded so seriously that an F-86 Sabre was scrambled but was unable to locate or make contact with the UFOs.

On 31st August, college freshman Carl Hart [ left ] contacted the “Lubbock Evening Avalanche” and claimed that he had taken five photographs of V-shaped light formations the previous night.

In September and October 1951, the four professors who had witnessed the light formations in August, carried out sky watching exercises and observed twelve more light formations travelling in a north-south direction.

U.S.A.F. investigators located a rancher, some thirty miles south of Lubbock, who had also witnessed the formations on the 25th August. The rancher claimed that he recognised them as flights of plovers, their white breast reflecting the city lights. It has also been suggested that an experimental bomber – the Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing – was responsible for the sightings and radar returns.

The Northrop Flying Wing - an immense and unusual aircraft, but was it the cause of some UFO sightings?



The "Flying Wing" in flight - was it mistaken for a UFO?     Click video icon to view


However, these explanations are regarded as being only remotely possible, taking into account speed/height/radar returns of the unknown objects.

One of five photographs taken by student Carl Hart in Texas, August 1952.


The Hudson Valley Sightings.

What has come to be known as “The Hudson Valley Sightings” actually comprises of a number of incidents which took place from 31ST December 1982 and 10th July 1986. These truly remarkable sightings have never been explained and even “arch-debunker” Philip J. Klass admitted to being baffled by the whole series of incidents.

Beginning in Putnam County, New York, the series of sightings eventually involved approximately 5,000 witnesses and covered the geographic area from Peeskill and Ossining, New York, in the west to New Haven, Connecticut in the east and from Brookfield, Connecticut in the north to Westport in the south.

Many of the objects observed were described as V-shaped or “boomerang-shaped” but later triangular craft were also witnessed.

A very large majority of witnesses claimed that the objects were truly colossal, at least 300ft. in size and, in general, most of them were travelling much slower than a plane. On the whole the UFOs were described as being silent, although a hum was sometimes heard.

All of the sightings were experienced at night and observers remarked that the objects showed between five and 5 lights of a number of colours, sometimes the lights changed colour and turned off and on. On occasions these lights were bright enough to illuminate the ground below the craft.

Typical sightings included:

On 17th March 1983, at 8:40 PM - a housewife witnessed a large boomerang-shaped object over the nearby interstate highway. The object had a number of lights with a brighter central light. Before departing it shone a light on her neighbour’s house. Many other people witnessed the object.

On 28th October 1983, at 2:15AM - A biomedical engineer observed a boomerang -shaped craft with 9 red lights. The craft was inspecting a reservoir with a red light before departing slowly and silently.

On 14th June 1984 An object resembling an arc of lights with a distant trailing light was observed hovering over the Indian Head nuclear power plant by security staff who reported that security systems failed. The object was estimated to be between 300 and 900 feet in size and local residents confirmed the observations.

 The Hudson Valley Sightings came in clusters at certain times and those between March 1983 and July 1984 were the most significant – the incident which attracted the most attention and was widely reported occurred on 12th July. In this event the UFO actually passed over five counties. On 24th July, a UFO actually hovered over the Indian Point nuclear reactor for quite a while.

Various reasons have been considered in order to explain the Hudson Valley Sightings, including that they were all “unadmitted” night refuelling exercises conducted by the U.S.A.F. and involving several tankers and a number of fighter aircraft at very high altitude. However, it has to be admitted that none of the explanations can be regarded as valid.

Drawing of UFO made by security guard at The Indian Point nuclear reactor.

click on picture for larger size



The Incident at Williamsport.

On 5th February 1992, dozens of witnesses observed a gigantic craft, some described it as being boomerang-shaped whilst others thought it was triangular.

This sighting does resemble many of the sightings made during the Hudson Valley series of incidents.

This incident is covered in “Black Triangles” on this site.

 Boomerang-shaped Craft observed in Florida.

On 5th May, 1993, The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES (Florida) reported:

Some say the strange, boomerang-shaped object seen recently in the Suncoast sky could have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, perhaps. Others think more down-to-earth (or close to it) explanations are more likely.

Last month, a Hernando County sheriff's deputy and six other witnesses reported seeing the mysterious object over coastal Bayport and Pine Island. After the Times published articles about the sightings, more than a dozen people from Pinellas Park to Hudson called to say they saw something similar. They usually described seeing an impossibly large and silent object, shaped like an Australian aboriginal weapon. A Stealth fighter, maybe? Swamp gas? Aerobatic planes flying in formation?

Linda Lawrence of Clearwater reported the most recent sighting April 27. About 8:30 p.m., she said, she stood in the driveway with her husband, Randy. She glimpsed a V-shaped object with bluish-white lights in the sky.

          "It was moving pretty steady, kind of streaking through the sky," she said. "It was gone in a minute or two. I didn't know what it was. It didn't look like a plane or a helicopter. I didn't immediately think UFO. Tell people you saw a UFO and they think you're crazy."

The Phoenix Lights

During the evening of on March 13th 1997 a series of incidents took place in the skies of Arizona and Nevada, predominantly in the Phoenix area. Both “chevron-shaped” and triangular UFOs were witnessed by many people.

This major event is covered in some detail on this site – see “The Phoenix Lights”.

BAY OF BENGAL – May 19th 2003, at 9-45p.m. whilst lying flat on the beach, a management graduate and an engineer observed a strange object, the exact shape of a ’Boomerang’ just flying its way towards the land (west) from the Bay of Bengal side (east). They were absolutely sure that the object they saw was a UFO. The object was flying at a great height they could discern it’s shape as it passed near clouds. The huge Boomerang like object had no lights and was flying smoothly and quickly, it circled twice and then disappeared.  



Boomerang-shaped craft, photographed over Renton(Washington) in 1996.



V-shaped UFO seen during the Phoenix Lights incidents.



An eye-witness sketch of chevron-shaped UFO seen during the Phoenix Lights Incidents.




Graphical depiction of the truly massive "chevron-shaped" craft seen by many during the Phoenix Lights Incidents.

  Photo of chevron-shaped craft observed over Pasadena in October 1995.
Does it compare with the Phoenix Lights graphic?

Carteret, New Jersey – 15th July, 2001

At a few minutes past midnight on the morning of Sunday, July 15, 2001, a cluster of lights was observed by in the sky over Carteret, New Jersey. The lights proceeded to pass over the New Jersey Turnpike where an estimated seventy-five drivers got out of their cars to watch the lights moving silently in the skies above their heads. There were literally hundreds of witnesses including a minimum of six policemen and members of the military and all the witnesses agreed that the lights moved slowly, between 10 and twenty miles per hour.

The witnesses did not agree, however, on the formation of the lights. Some observers described a circle; some said a V or a U, whilst others described a diamond formation. A video taken as the lights passed over shows a what could be described as an uneven semicircle with other lights scattered around it.

The lights were travelling at a low altitude, were not visible over a large area and appeared to be moving in unison, as if attached to a single large object.

A Ukrainian priest observed an emission from one of the lights like candle drippings whilst a military witness, who watched the objects through night vision binoculars, saw a puff of smoke from one of the lights just as it went out.

Various explanations have been given for the incident, including a tight formation of “stunt” light aircraft but the complete absence of engine noise seems to discredit this theory. Military flares have been suggested but the Military deny that any of their craft were in the sky at the time.  

Astronomers are positive that the formation was not a meteor(s) or the planet Venus and the Aurora Borealis was ruled out by meteorologists.

Perhaps the incident was the results of a prank – one witness did claim to have seen “fire balloons” being sent up from a backyard. (Fire balloons are made by turning a plastic garment bag into a hot air balloon by attaching a candle or a small cup of alcohol or some other flame source to the bottom).

However, the objects, whatever they were, remain truly unidentified.






Update November 8th 2003


MASSACHUSETTS, GRAFTON – The observers report:

                "We were watching the lunar eclipse (With binoculars) when we observed a chevron-shaped formation travelling from east to west at a high rate of speed. The formation itself covered ten degrees of arc and traversed the entire sky in about thirty seconds. With the naked eye, the formation looked like ducks flying south with lights, but with binoculars it was possible to discern at least 20 to 25 separate points of light in a solid boomerang shape. There was absolutely no sound.

On Saturday, November 8, 2003, at 8:15 p.m., eyewitness J.B. was outdoors in Brookline, Massachusetts , a suburb 5 miles southwest of Boston,.

JB remarked:

"When a strange object approached from the northwest. On the night of the recent lunar eclipse, a boomerang shape of about 30 small white lights moved silently across the sky, at its closest to me, it was about the width of my fist at arm's length. I couldn't see any object, just the lights.  It was far lower than the usual planes and much slower.  It moved steadily until it disappeared behind some houses. The lights were white; nothing else was visible. Its height was perhaps 1,200 feet high. It departed to the southeast”.


New York, November 8th

 NEW YORK CITY – The eyewitnesses were standing on top of a building on 30th and 7th Avenue watching the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, 2003, at 8 PM, when they saw a triangle shaped object flying across the sky at a fast pace." We all saw it, and agreed it had a triangle shape, but with an extra bump adjacent on the triangle shape. At first it looked like a piece of toilet paper flying through the sky,
but this was a fixed shape. Then we thought it was a glider, but the shape was wrong and it was too high and much too big to be a glider. It definitely wasn't a plane, there were no sounds coming from it. It took about one minute to streak across the sky.

MANHATTAN - Over the course of an hour or so around 8 PM, on November 8, 2003, the witness saw what at first looked like a group of birds flying in a V formation with lights. They were very high up and flying south shifting and changing in strange patterns. After a few seconds it became clear that they were not birds, since they too high and moving too quickly. They looked almost like long strands of toilet paper, really high up, that would separate and then reconnect.
We saw several of these formations fly across the sky, all north to south against the wind. Some were illuminated, although it's hard to tell if they were producing light or reflecting the light from the city below. There were no flashing lights.

NEW YORK CITY (JAMAICA AREA) -- on the night of the Eclipse the witness saw a boomerang shaped object hovering over the park in Jamaica, Queens. Twenty minutes later I saw jet fighters circling the city.

OZONE PARK -- On November 8, between 8:30 to 8:45 PM a family was outside looking at the Lunar Eclipse when they saw a sliver or dark grey boomerang with no lights that was drifting out of a hue of clouds. It appeared like a hand glider but its shape was like the formation of wild geese. It was a giant silver or dark grey boomerang and blended into the sky. It was big and I pointed it out to my 17-year-old sister and my 58-year-old mother. All types of aircraft fly right over our house. The object appeared to be at an altitude of 9-10,000 feet. There were no lights, no sound...just a steady drifting object moving south and then turning widely east. Five minutes later, when again for a second time, we saw the same object moving from the east. A close friend, also, was amazed to see this strange and weird object. Four minutes later you could hear and see a fighter jet with lights flashing flying at great speeds at a higher altitude, also moving west to east.


Update: COLORADO SPRINGS - November 8th, 2003

During the evening, a couple was watching the lunar eclipse when it was nearly complete with just a sliver left of regular lunar reflection, around 6:40 PM. The wife is a former teacher and the husband is a business owner stated:

 "We both saw the boomerang shaped object in the lower right-hand quadrant of the moon that was moving in a slight arch downward and out of the moon's light. It took at least a minute to traverse this space. The boomerang was one-sixths the moon's diameter. It could have been anywhere in our upper atmosphere or in the space between the moon and ourselves as we viewed. The outline of the dark object was fuzzier rather than starkly defined. After at least a full minute of viewing as the object moved extremely slowly, it disappeared into the surrounding blackness of the night sky. Our atmospheric conditions on that night were absolutely crystal clear and we are located at above 7,000 ft. altitude. The lines were diffuse around the edges of the object and the shape of the object so consistently formed we doubt an owl could have produced such an image. Could it have been a plane? No, unless our government is working on a new class of secret boomeranged shaped craft."

Update: Niles, Ohio, November 14th 2003

NILES – A family of four adults and two children saw soft blue objects flying in formation that looked like fuzzy clouds that manoeuvred and then hovered and frequently crisscrossed each other as well as taking separate flight patterns of their own on November 14, 2003, at 5:30 PM. The witness stated:

“They began to follow me and my dog as we walked up the trail to my house. They hovered over my house until I came out with my other dog and my father and they continued following us down to the yard. They appeared to be looking or searching in a particular area, not straying far from the field. Currently, I am viewing airplanes going towards and near the area of this phenomenon, and the objects do not go away. They are still hovering as I am typing this which has been now over an hour”.

Update: Maryland, December 1st, 2003

Chevron Sighting in Baltimore - The observer was walking back to his car at 9:40 PM, on the uppermost roof level of a parking deck, adjacent to Baltimore's City Hall. The observer works in a model shop in downtown Baltimore, and saw a series of very dim lights in a chevron formation moving quickly to the south. The arrow shaped arrangement of lights meant there were possibly 5 or 6 lights on each "wing.

The observer remarked:

            “These lights were very dim, and I could barely see them. However, they did continue to move in an erratic pattern to the south until I could not see them anymore.
The object made no sound, and the lights stayed relative to their original position on the craft. If it was not some type of spacecraft, I think it could have possibly been a kite, or possibly a flock of birds. Barring an optical illusion on my part, it could not have been much else”.


Florida , Deltona, on January 18, 2004

It was 12:35 PM, when a strange craft was whiter than white was observed. As the craft came

closer, it was apparent the bright white object was shaped like a boomerang. It flew straight for a while then turned and poof,

it was gone. It just disappeared. This was really unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it.

Texas, San Antonio, January 2004

Last night I believe I witnessed the super secret Aurora aircraft or similar "V" shaped aircraft fly over my house at a very low altitude. The arrangement of the lights, sound of the engine and the contrails were like no other aircraft I have ever observed. Even my 9 year old could hear the difference from other jets. He came flying out of the house thinking it was a UFO. I live just outside San Antonio, Texas and it was a perfectly clear moonlit night. I understand the aircraft could have 3 possible power plants (power plants unknown) and the information I obtained from my observations last night could narrow that down, or point to another type of propulsion if it was the Aurora. It had very strange

contrails. I know the information I have would be useful to someone interested in "Aurora project/black aircraft" especially the contrails observed afterwards.

The following article was published in “Defense Tech” – February 2004.



Blimps are back -- at least a little.

Later this month, the Air Force is due to test out in Texas a V-shaped, 175 foot-long, helium filled airship. The goal, according to Aviation Week: to put together a "near-space manoeuvring vehicle," operating more than 100,000 feet up, that can relay messages and spy on enemies.

It's one for the first times since the 60's that Americans has aggressive tried to exploited that region of the skies, Col. Kent Traylor, vice commander of the U.S. Air Force's Space Warfare Center, tells the magazine.

But it's not the only lighter-than-air craft being designed by the U.S. military. By the end of the year, the Missile Defense Agency is supposed to pick a contractor for its High Altitude Airship -- a solar-powered zeppelin that'll track missiles from 65,000 feet.

THERE'S MORE: Mirrored, laser-firing blimp, anyone? The Pentagon "might combine two of its missile defense efforts — the Aerospace Relay Mirror System and the High Altitude Airship — to increase the range of military laser systems," according to a Jane's story from over the summer (via Global Security Newswire).

The Missile Defense Agency is scheduled to begin flight tests of the airship in 2006, and officials want to conduct experiments that combine both systems around that time. The airship is primarily being developed to track missiles, but it could be teamed with the mirror relay system to allow ground-based lasers to track targets that are out of direct view, according to Jane’s. The mirror system would be attached to the airship with cables and would sit 50 meters below the aircraft.

 New Mexico: Albuquerque,  March 16th, 2004


There was a sighting at 8:08 PM in what appeared to be a chevron shaped formation of eight diamond lights flying overhead.  The size was that of three Airbus 300 aircraft flying in tight formation, and not a sound was herd. I would gage the speed of the craft at or clots to 300knts. Altitude around 800/1000 feet. I could clearly see the diamond shaped lights and could make out the reflective shape of what I would call the leading edge. The fly by lasted only 25 seconds no course changes were seen.


South Carolina: Mount Pleasant, March 17, 2004

Three amber objects in a "V" formation, one slightly out of formation, approached from the southwest at midnight with a cloud ceiling at 10,000 feet.  I saw them at about 30 degrees above the horizon.  They were above the ceiling for at times and one would disappear behind a cloud. They raced overhead to the northeast where I lost sight at about 25 degrees above the neighbour’s trees. They covered what I would estimate 120 degrees of visible sky in about 6 seconds. Not a sound was heard.

March 18th, 2004 – Danville, Kentucky

At 9:45 p.m., Rob P. was sitting on his patio in Danville, when he saw a strange object in the sky approaching from the south. He reported:
      "A boomerang-shaped object caught my eye as I was outside on my back patio smoking a cigarette; it was faint and hard to see.  I could not tell if it was low enough to be picking up ambient lighting from the city streets here where I live, or if it was emitting a faint glow of its own. Well, it's hard to describe how it appeared...it looked like a made (manufactured) object, not an animal flying.  It took a very straight path in the sky and traversed the whole sky in around 15 seconds.  No sound. So, if it was some kind of craft or plane, and it had conventional earthly engines we are used to, it was way too high for me to hear, meaning that it was indeed flying at some crazy speed close to 2,000 miles per hour. Weird!
I have never seen anything like this before.  The fastness of the object made it even eerier.
I am dumbfounded.  The object travelled in what looked like a perfect northerly heading.  Forty-five seconds after this, as I scanned the sky wanting to catch sight of this object again, a second object came into view. It came from the direction (north) that this object was headed towards. At first I really thought it was a shooting star.  I noticed the coincidence of it happening right after me seeing the first object."
The second object seemed to move at the same speed as the first, which was really fast.  The way it faded into view really lended to my thinking that it was a shooting star coming into the atmosphere.  The object looked like" the first one "for about two seconds.  But then, as it got overhead of me, it turned red in color and changed course with what looked like a 90-degree turn towards the east.  It then continued east for about one second and then faded quickly from view."
I have never, ever seen a meteor make a turn before. I have seen them come into the atmosphere and slow down, turn colours, explode leaving trails of sparkles, but never, ever change course, especially a 90-degree turn."
The witness said the UFO was larger than a normal aircraft, about six times as large as a passenger aircraft (jetliner) flying at 35,000 feet.