Black Triangles over Baghdad?

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Baghdad Video 1:

On Thursday 17th December 1998, news agency CNN broadcast live from Baghdad during a major raid by U.S. Air Force. The following is a video clip taken from that broadcast – take a close look.  Approximately halfway through the clip the camera pans upwards and to the right and what appears to be a large black triangular-shaped craft flies across the sky.




Baghdad Video 2:

As far as can be certain, the same events but filmed from another location by an Arab news agency. Take another close look – what appears to be initially a black triangular-shaped craft is, in fact, a trio of anti-aircraft flares which eventually expire.




How often have this type or similar flares been misidentified in reports of “Black Triangles” and could these flares be relevant to “The Phoenix Lights mystery”?   


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Canadian Black Triangle Sighting

This sighting report was submitted to The WHY? Files some months ago but for external reasons we have been unable to publish it until now.

Dartmouth Nova Scotia in relationship to Halifax... Click the map for larger view.



Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply, but here it is.


In late July 2001 I was travelling NW, alone, along the number 7 highway going from Dartmouth NS to Lower Sackville at around 12:30am. When I hit a high point I noticed a really bright light in the distance, it was summer and warm and an extraordinary clear night.

Initially I thought that it was a tower with a light on it but then determined that there is no tower in that area. As I got closer I noticed that it was not moving. I transferred onto highway 101 still travelling NW and hit a straight away. I could see a black shape hovering above the highway.

As I got closer I could tell that it was not moving at all and about 40 feet up. Slowing my vehicle I turned off my music and rolled down my window. I drove right under the object and could see that it was black and triangular in shape with a very bright but soft white light in the center. I could look directly at the light and it didn't hurt my eyes.

As I looked up through my front windshield the craft blocked any view of the night sky. There was a small rectangular red light on one side of the large white light and a blue light on the other. There was also a smaller white light on one of the corners. It appeared to be quite flat. When I passed under I stuck my head out the window and did not hear any noise at all. I could see the seams where the metal was fused together.

After I passed under the object I pulled over to the side of the road and jumped out of my car. I estimate that this took no longer than 2 minutes tops. To my shock, the triangle was gone and I could see it flying some distance away, probably 5-7 km at least, travelling SW. unfortunately, I was alone and I did not see any other vehicles along the highway that night.


Hope this helps, that night has baffled me since it happened! I was glad to find your site and FINALLY a picture of what I had seen!




Triangular-shaped image on Google Earth


There has been some talk of the construction of a U.S. base in Western Australia near the town of Geraldton. Take a look at Coordinates 3030′38.44″S 11522′56.03″E on Google Earth and you will discover a triangular-shaped image. It doesn’t appear to be a craft or even a building and it could, of course, just be a filling image in a situation where the original Google image was not useable.


Triangular-shaped image at 1.22km and at 367m.
Click on Image to view full size
Triangular-shaped image at 1.22km
Triangular-shaped image at 367m



The following article was published by The Sydney Morning Herald.

February 15, 2007


Secret new US spy base to get green light


AUSTRALIA'S close military alliance with the United States is to be further entrenched with the building of a high-tech communications base in Western Australia. The Federal Government is about to approve the base after three years of secret negotiations with Washington.

The Age has been told the base, which will be built on defence land at Geraldton, will provide a crucial link for a new network of military satellites that will help the US's ability to fight wars in the Middle East and Asia. It will be the first big US military installation to be built in Australia in decades, and follows controversies over other big bases such as Pine Gap and North West Cape.

The deal has come to light amid heightened political debate over the alliance with the US and in the same week that the US finally told Australia it would not allow it to buy its best fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor.

The base, about 370 kilometres north of Perth, will control two of five geostationary satellites - those with the highest priority parked over the Indian Ocean to monitor the unstable Middle East. Building may start within months.

A visiting fellow at the Australian Defence Force Academy, Philip Dorling, said that once the base was operating it would be almost impossible for Australia to be fully neutral or stand back from any war in which the US was involved.

The network will provide frontline military units instantly with high quality intelligence information, graphics and maps. All this information will be carried in unbreakable codes.

The Defence Minister, Brendan Nelson, confirmed that talks were continuing with the US Defence Department which wanted to build a ground station for its Mobile User Objective System. More ground stations might be built at other locations in Australia, he said. Dr Dorling said the base would have direct military significance and would be a military target, similar to the submarine communications base at North West Cape and the joint facility at Pine Gap with its missile early warning system.

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