Black Triangles 4
Georgia, Duluth 7th January, 2004:

A lady who had seen a large flying triangle glide by 7:30 PM. While returning home she noticed an extremely bright white light originating in the northwest directly under the bright moon. As the object approached the witness saw that the craft was not a conventional aircraft as it glided by the driver's side of the vehicle. The object was a huge triangular object the size of one to one and a half football fields in length. (450 feet). The sighting lasted about five minutes and when she returned home she called the Gwinnett and Duluth Georgia Police Departments. She also contacted the Channel 11 local news and MUFON. The object was flying at 130 feet just above the tree tops and moving at 40 mph. The speed was determined as the object kept pace with her vehicle and she had looked at her speedometer that was reading 40 mph.
The large wing was sharp gray/silver and had four extremely large, white protruding lights similar to fluorescent tubes surrounded by what appeared as suction cups. She followed the object and noticed it began to ascend to the northeast and banked sharply back to the northwest and she could see the underside more clearly. Her radio was playing and the craft did not effect electrical parts of the vehicle or her radio. Dobbins Air Reserve Base is 25 miles to the northwest.

Dobbins Information Offices were contacted but they provided no information. There are no known military craft that match this description although experimental lighter than air craft may perform as described by the witness. The craft is labelled as an unknown.

Lake Hopatcong - January 16, 2004

The witness states, "My fiancé and I observed a triangular shaped object travelling west making a loud helicopter noise, then hovering at about 2000 feet above the lake, at 4 AM. The triangular shape was more specifically like a science model of a molecule, 25 feet high and 25 feet wide. It had a star of many points at the center (nucleus region), which was blinking white and red light.

It had an extremely bright and flashing light above this centre, and two bright lights below at a 90-degree separation. The craft was moving slowly, almost hovering for a moment, and then it ascended and seemed to retract the outer lights and continue in a slow westerly direction. Further north, we observed another craft, shaped more like a plane, but the sharply pointed bulk head was all white light and there were too many flashing red and white lights for it to be a plane. The exact shape of the body of both objects, which presumably connected these lights, was too dark to ascertain. Both objects flew too low to the ground to be regulated aircraft and flew at a very slow rate. The rumbling of the triangular shaped object was intense.

Louisiana, Deridder, January 21st, 2004

At 7-50p.m.  three witnesses spotted something weird, and their dog started barking. The witness noticed a flying triangle with red lights on the points and white lights in the middle in the western sky over Deridder. It was hovering and the air force planes were flying around it. I called my dad and told him to look at it. I just wanted to ask people what is going on?


India, Bilaspur,  January 21st, 2004

I attended my friend's birthday party, at 8:15 PM, and I was going to my home with my friend. I left my friend at his house, I looked in the sky and saw between the trees a triangular shape ship with bright brown light. I saw it for only 5 seconds.


London, Hackney, January 24th, 2004

At 2 PM, a married couple saw three red lights in a triangle shape flying over. As it got closer, it flew lower and my wife and I both saw it, so we drove to see if there was anything there. When we got there, there was nothing to see.

But it was very real!

North Carolina – Shiloh, February 8th, 2004

A criminal justice professional was coming home from work at 6:20 AM, and spotted a craft flying at tree top level.  He stated:

“As I crossed a little bridge on 343 the craft flared to the left and flew south along 343 steadily increasing speed until I lost sight of the craft. The underside of the craft was unusual with three conical shaped depressions that glowed a bluish colour that turned to white as it picked up speed. The top of the flying triangle craft was jet black”

Florida – Nokomis, 11TH February, 2004:

The object appeared to be over the Gulf of Mexico at 8 PM. At first there were three lights with rays of light above and below. Then two sets of three smaller lights appeared between the three lights. It began vertical and depending where you stood it was horizontal or at varying degrees turned. There were up to 21 lights. I called the police and an officer witnessed this as well. He called in a helicopter and when it was headed in the direction of the lights they disappeared only to return within five minutes. We saw them in the same location from night fall until 8 PM, so for three other nights and then we returned from our vacation.


Florida, Walton Beach, 13th February, 2004:

A craft was hovering over an area at the edge of Eglin Air Force base runway at 9:30 PM. The craft was triangular with bright lights at bottom and manoeuvred up and down and side ways with absolutely no sound and appeared to be about the size of Stealth. The craft was either on or near the air base and was sighted by someone who is very familiar with that area. I am convinced the Air Force had to have known about this craft or was responsible for it. Perhaps the reason so many UFO sightings are in the Panama City area.



Mississippi: Meridian,MERIDIAN, , February 19th, 2004


Chris Shelton a teacher writes, “The last encounter was on Thursday, when I was heading home to Toomsuba.  I live on a country road called Smith Spur.  I was coming to the end of Will Garret Rd., when I noticed up in the sky there was this mysterious triangular shaped vessel hovering at tree top level.  I pulled over on the side of the road and watched for five minutes as the vessel just sat there taking no notice as I watched through the windshield of my car.  It was a solid black flying triangle and it stood out against the bright night sky with three white lights underneath near each point.  In the centre of this triangle of lights was a red flashing light.  The vessel was hovering over a small pond at 6:45 PM.  I didn’t think much else of it, so I started the car and left as I wanted to get home.


Los Angeles: March 8th, 2004

The witness saw a flying triangle with unfamiliar red, green, and blue light patterns.  The object had an abnormal flight path at 8 PM on and flew low, then high over the area.  The lights changed from white to colored lights.  We’ve been seeing this thing for a couple of weeks. It was very strange and didn’t look like a police helicopter because it flew too high for that.


R. David Anderson writes, “I have been seeing these UFO's while working on a sunroom addition on our house.” I noticed one twice last week while I was working and on March 22, 2004.  I finished up around 4 PM, and rested with my new 4.3 digital camera nearby.  After about 35 minutes, I saw the UFO to the north flying at about 30 mph and was probably about at least 250 feet high. It's direction of travel was toward the Southeast. I picked up the camera and began to take pictures, following it's movement as it went from the northern sky to the eastern sky in about 45 seconds.  It went behind a large tree. When it came back into my view it had climbed much higher and began to dim as it moved farther away. R. David Anderson.   My seven year old daughter also saw this UFO.


Ohio, Fostoria: March 16th, 2004

The witness was talking to his brother on the phone and as he walked outside at 6:23 PM, he saw a triangle shaped object flying slowly over his house. It flew only as high as the tree tops and had pale yellow lights at each triangle tip and a red light in the middle of the craft. All lights were underneath the craft and it made absolutely no sound and left no trail of any kind. It flew from the southeast to the northwest over the city.  I live on the east side of the city. I watched it as far as I could see it. I was describing the whole event to my brother on the phone. What could this have been? I have never seen anything like it


New York, Lake Grove: March 16th, 2004

The observer went out to bring his SUV into the garage and saw a flying dark triangular shaped object in the western sky at 6:23 PM. He states:

 ‘It moved like no man made object I have ever seen with blue lights at the corners, and it was spinning in a circular motion.”  Then it flew north and just hovered there for a few minutes, then it just took off like a flash disappearing from sight not to return again. I was speechless!


Louisiana, New Orleans: March 16, 2004

At approximately 9:15 PM, the witness was walking his dog in River Ridge, a suburb of New Orleans and glanced up to see a group of greyish white spheres travelling through the sky. They were silent, and fast as the whole event took less than ten seconds.  He watched them fly overhead, and just as they did, the line broke formation and formed a triangle with one sphere in the middle.  I noticed as they moved they sort of fluttered, not much though, as if they were being knocked by slight currents in the air. They appeared small to me, and I probably wouldn't have noticed them had there not been so many of them.  I will admit that I have never believed in these sorts of things. I am not a sci-fi fan or anything like that.  I am still skeptical of what I saw, but I will certainly never forget it. One more fact to add to my skepticism, I live within 10 miles of the New Orleans International Airport.


Poland – Warsaw, 21st February, 2004:

We were going home with my friends taking a shortcut by the forest at 2 PM; suddenly we saw three triangle shaped aircraft moving from south to north at a terrific speed. We heard a little bit strange sound; it was something like an electrical transformer or high voltage converter. Two of these flying triangles had four lights, and three of them were in the corners of the triangular shape vehicles and had blue colour. One light was at the center of the plane/ship with a red/orange colour and was pulsing. The third ship was bigger than those two described above and had more lights located at the edges. The objects were flying in ‘V’ formation and were looking marvellous... I'll never forget this night!


The following article was published in the “The News and Star” on 13th April, 200





I was in my garden at Uldale and saw a strange object in the sky which was approaching from the peak of Skiddaw.

I had a camera in the conservatory and managed to take a photograph of the object in the sky. The object was triangular and black with a huge emerald coloured light on its undercarriage.

It flew by at great speed and make the sound of an electric generator. I am familiar with jets flying over the area, yet I have never seen anything like this.

Maybe this photo will aid the research of Cumbria’s UFO investigator Sharon Larkin.

Mr C Armstrong

Uldale, Cumbria (U.K.)

Enlargement of the triangular craft photographed over Uldale.

Photo of triangular craft seen over Uldale.

Texas – Corpus Christi, on April 4th, 2004

 The triangle would fly at fast speeds then it would stop and shine a bright blue beam down on houses at 12:30 PM. It did this about five times then it soared up in the sky and vanished


Connecticut – Enfield, on April 5th , 2004

Coming out of the house last night, at 8 PM, my right eye quickly caught a light, or lights off to the right. I looked up and saw a craft of some kind, so I quickly grabbed my camcorder that happened to be on my front seat. From this point on I have on video, its not the best, I tried to zoom in and out, and the camera didn’t like that in darkness. I took a couple of street lights but the craft has three triangle lights, with one in the centre flashing.  It was coming towards me over the homes.  I followed it with the camera until it got to the end of the street, when I noticed another craft coming from the opposite way travelling towards us.  The two met at the end of the street.
This other craft was flashing a white light and had stationary lights surrounding it just like the one I saw up close. I got into my truck to go look for them, but they had gone, but above the old town pool park, I saw both of them, hovering, almost fully cloaked.  One wasn’t all the way cloaked, it's hard to explain, but to the right of the craft, it was lit up, just a little, and its lights were lower, then stronger.  It was doing something while the other stayed stationary to its left.  Finally the light went out, and both of them were cloaked, but each of the craft had one little light at each end, as if it was a distant star far off.  The lights were on each side, with a certain distance apart, the other craft had the same lights barely visible, and they hovered just a little distance from the other.
The one on the left crossed over to the right moving towards me, and it starts to follow me as I am walking. I get inside my truck as it leaves, still cloaked.
I was roughly 35 yards away as I filmed the smaller craft that was a little smaller than a small airplane that had three lights, one in the centre, while the fourth was flashing a white light.  A light was also being beamed out towards the other side.  The craft went at a good pace; it travelled with one light as a leading part of the craft while the other two lights were on the sides. There was no sound. In the video, it goes behind telephone poles and phone lines



Reports Keep Coming!


South Africa – Citrusdal,  April 12th, 2004

Two witnesses were walking home, the grandmother pointed to the sky, and said she saw a flying triangle that moved very slowly, at 9:30 PM, about 170 km from Cape Town. At each of the three points of the triangle there was a yellow light and in the middle of the craft was a blue and red light that went on and off and circled each other. My grandmother and I stood there for about 4 minutes watching the craft, and then I went home. I told my father about it and he went outside with me about 6 minutes after my grandmother and I first spotted it, but we could only make out a faint light. My grandmother had seen a similar craft several nights ago.


California, Merced, April 14, 2004

The witness was driving north on I-5, with his parents and around 12:30 AM, on, they noticed an odd pair of lights. He states, "I first noticed it when the object was vertical with only two corners visible like viewing a triangular block from the side." The small triangular object had round circular and cycled lights on three corners. To visualize one set of lights, imagine a cross section of a pipe with many lights making the circle. These lights alternated like Christmas lights and looked like the electricity was moving through them. It hovered over the highway for maybe 30 seconds and quickly sped off behind the overpass.  As I approached the overpass it flew speeding back over the highway and hovered very low. It actually passed right in front of my car twice and then hovered off to the left and shined a light right at me from the right hand side. This light came from one of the sides, not from one of the corners of the object as I drove 80 mph. I saw it for probably close to a minute or two total but it seems longer.   It was 3 to 5 feet in length and definitely not wider than my Civic. However it had great agility and speed and it was silent.


Missouri, Ashgrove, on April 16th, 2004

About 10:40 PM, the witness saw a triangle shaped moving object  dart up and down and from side to side. It had a white light in the centre, with a red light on the front, and two blue lights on the back. At arm’s length it was about the size of a half dime. The light continued to blink or flash throughout the time we watched. The center light was about the size of a cigarette and the craft stayed at about the same height, when not "bouncing" until it faded from sight 27 minutes later. It stood on end so we could see all four lights at the same time. We saw two commercial jets fly to the west of it.


New York, Bethpage, April 20th, 2004

The witness decided to take a look at the sky when he spotted a big airplane in the distance flying west towards J. F. K. in New York City, at 8:30 PM.  He then looked south and noticed three triangle white lights flying north not far from a large airplane. It did not make any sound and the lights were steady. I ran inside to get my camera but by then it disappeared.


Canada, Churchbridge, Saskatchewan, April 20th, 2004

My stepson and wife were driving down the grid road 9 km east of Yorkton when we saw what looked like an oddly shaped fighter jet coming at us fairly low to the road at 1:30 PM,. We yielded basically in stunned fashion when the object seemed so slow, almost to a halt, 20 feet in front of our Suburban. The object was a black triangle with no apparent windows and on the bottom was one large light in each of the three corners. It rotated so a different angle was facing forward and took off in a blur over top of our car. It was as if the object went straight up once it came to view and vanished into the sky.


Mexico, Cancun, April 20th, 2004

A couple was looking at the Gulf of Mexico from their balcony at the Hotel Riu Cancun at 2 AM, and saw a flying triangle hovering and illuminating the night sky. The distance was hard to determine but I could hear the sound of it breaking the wind.  We stood there in amazement as the object darted into the clouds and then it faded away. They ran to tell their friends across the hallway and they all ran out to their balcony to see if it could be seen again. After a couple of minutes we spotted it again, but not as close as the initial sighting, now it appeared as an illuminating circular object. It seemed more energetic then before because it was speeding left to right zigzagging in out of the clouds. It manoeuvred in the sky for a good hour. 

Greenwood, B.C., May 6th, 2004
At  8:55 p.m. a lady was travelling along highway #3 heading east when she observed a jet black triangular shaped craft which was flying from the east to the west. It was getting toward dark but the object was still easily seen in the sky due to it's dark colour which really stood out. She reports that there were no lights on it, or any other type of illumination. It travelled on a straight path and also pointed out that she was not able to see any detail on the object even though it seemed to be not that high in altitude. Not a sound was noticed; maybe this was due to her being in her car. The witness told me that she has seen the Stealth aircraft on TV and at an air show in the United States, but she said it wasn't one of these.

Colorado, Denver, May 10th, 2004
At about 3:35 AM, the witness had a pretty amazing sighting. He had gone out in the back yard for a smoke and scanned the sky and noticed three stars moving in a triangular formation, two lights leading with the third trailing them. The formation came in from the south-east. As if that wasn't enough, as the trio passed directly overhead, a fourth "appeared", joined the trio, and seemed to drop in altitude (perhaps because it definitely grew much larger and brighter than the other three). The fourth came in from the east, then changed course and speed to match the trio; the fourth partner sped off ahead of the trio to the northeast. The trio followed slowly, taking about 3 minutes to cross the sky and disappear.  I say "trio" rather than "HUGE black triangle" because the stars only seemed to dim and blur as the triangular formation crossed them, rather than completely blocking stars as I expect an intervening triangular vehicle would.

Florida, Milton, June 5th, 2004
Two witnesses were sitting on their front porch talking at 10:40 PM, and observed two shooting stars and then another star moving slowly in sky. The neighbour noticed two more lights behind it and these formed a flying triangle. There were no clouds this night and the object was travelling slowly east and remained in the triangle position for five minutes, then each light blinked off one after another. No aircraft was noted in the area, and it was moving ever so slow.

Willoughby Hills, June 18th, 2004
A veteran law enforcement officer reports, "I was in the parking lot, and saw a jetliner cruising when I saw an object flying much higher and at incredible speed. After just a second or two, it got bigger and I realized it was getting closer. I saw an oddly shaped object that had no wings or tail flying at probably 10,000 feet. Later, my wife and I were talking on the deck outside 20 miles east of Cleveland on Lake Erie and she told me she had seen a triangle shaped object hovering over a wooded area at 5:45 PM. She was driving east on I-90 near SR 91 when she saw the HUGE flying triangle hovering "about 100 feet above that tree." She said that the 'thing' made no sound and didn't even bounce. She had to stop looking because she might wreck her car. She said she saw it over a very thick wooded area and the object was a triangle with no wings, no tail, was dark grey with no lights.

Mississippi, Meridian, July 1st, 2004
On Thursday evening, around 6:30 PM, a triangle shaped object was seen that had three round spheres at each point. The witness stated:

            "The object was flying over head a 14 story building three blocks away from Riley Hospital where I work." I went outside to go to my car, and I just happened to look up and see an object flying slowly in a straight level path without making any noise.  I observed the object for at least three minutes before it vanished.  It was silver in colour.  The spheres were huge, each one would be three feet in diameter.  There were smaller silver objects orbiting around the vessel as it kept flying. These objects had an oval path around the machine. 

Update: Canada, Quebec, 2nd July, 2004
The witness reported:
"Something happened again during the night of July 2, 2004. I must confess that I am getting really tired of this and scared. Mostly I don't understand what's appening. I am sending you two pictures that I took with my digital camera. Zoom on the lower part and you'll see a triangle almost identical to the mark I find on my arm from time to time. The other picture shows two unidentified objects, greenish in color and facing each other. I took these pictures around 4 o'clock in the morning. I was mesmerized by the sky on that night, at that time. I was glued to the window without knowing exactly why. I fell asleep suddenly in the living room after taking the pictures. And again I felt something abnormal happened to me. Brian Vike writes, "This person has had ongoing close encounters on previous occasions."

Maryland, Damascus, July 4th, 2004
The witness reports seeing a flying triangle while having guests on his patio at around 9:15 PM., he stated:

              "A recently retired Lockheed-Martin aerospace engineer brought his kids over for a barbecue. We were all sitting around talking and he and his family were getting ready to leave when a big triangular craft about 150 feet on each side with whitish lights at the vertices flew over at about 200 feet and 200 mph. No sound whatsoever. The Lockheed-Martin Aerospace Engineer said: "It's just an old Boeing stealth recon aircraft. You should see the new stuff they fly."

Update: Canada, Redcliffe, Alberta, 8th July 2004
Two brothers were sitting out on the deck of their Dad's old farmhouse drinking iced tea when they saw a white beam of light extending downwards into the trees.

They reported:
“After about six or seven seconds, the beam seemed to angle and the nose of a blackish triangular thing became visible. Then a thin row of pale lights outlined the bottom of the craft. It seemed to rotate once, so another point was facing our direction and took off in a blink of an eye over us and the house. We raced to the front yard to see if we could still see it, but it was gone. It made little to no noise and left a misty trail. My brother, who has insisted we are "not alone”, has had four encounters now....this is the first time I've ever believed him. This is the first time I've ever imagined something like this was possible. It actually drove us apart, and there was a time where we hadn't spoken for over a year”.

Update: London, 29th July, 2004
Looking north from
Chelsea in Central London at 7-04 PM, the witness reports:

     "I saw a strange looking bright light as I went to close a window and it was hanging in the air in line with the 30 Street Mary Axe building in the city. I am familiar with the daily and nightly flow of helicopters and planes in this area, and this light did not look like any normal air traffic. I have lived in the same place for over 15 years, and I know the sky here. This light was motionless and oddly coloured, without strobes. I grabbed my telescope and at full magnification, it appeared to have three lobes in an equilateral triangle configuration, each one being an orange colour. The three lights dimmed to nothing. The whole event lasted five minutes for me”.

He added:

     "From where I was observing, it was ten degrees above the horizon. As for its size, all that I can say is that I distinctly saw three lobes at maximum magnification, which is 60X on a Bauch & Lomb Discoverer Zoom Telescope." The sky had broken cloud cover, and there were no stars visible to me at the time”.

Update : Georgia, Savannah, 1st August, 2004
11:49 p.m., Paul S. was walking down the street in Savannah, Georgia (population 131,510) when he sighted something unusual in the sky.

      "The UFOs approached from the northeast," Paul reported, "There were four of them.  I saw four triangular objects flying in a diagonal formation.  The objects were light grey on colour and heading south.  I heard no sound from that direction.  The sighting was over in less than a minute." 

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