Black Triangles 3

Update – 28th August 2003.

People continue to report the sighting of “Flying Triangles” across the globe, in fact there are too many to list here. However, here are several recent sightings:

Ky Settler writes: Just went out to check again, and I must get better binoculars! It looks like there are five of the things I saw the other night which have red, green and white lights on them, and they are in a ring, and way up high. Closer in, and south of my garage is a much larger item, appears to be arrowhead shaped and has mainly white lights all over it. It is in the same position it was in at 12:30 AM, but is now just a little closer to earth. What I can't believe is ... aren't other people seeing these things? This is NOT my imagination. I think I'll follow this a bit more, but from my bedroom window. I am not feeling real safe out there by myself at the moment.

TOLEDO -- Lissy Dunning writes: "The date would have been August 13, 2003, at about 2:00 PM, and it was very strange and we won't forget what it was." I am not sure how to draw it, but it was triangle shaped with a bar across the front. I'm 42 years old and have never seen anything like it. In talking to my ex-boyfriend and his cousin, when we described it, they thought it was either a stealth fighter or F-22. My daughter and I viewed pictures of both on the Internet, and it was neither. We didn't see any engines, and the closest we have been able to come to terms of if it's an aircraft is the Aurora, which appears (from the information we read) an experimental aircraft by the Air Force. However, even the picture of the Aurora doesn't look exactly like what we saw. The dimensions are hard to estimate, because it was up in the sky. But, it was tan versus black, like pictures of the Aurora, and it was the same triangular shape, but my daughter thinks the bar in the front could have been some type of stabilizers. It was heading southeast, which is away from the airport. I found that quite odd, as well, since the planes that go over don't generally travel in that direction.

 In flight from Hawaii to Seattle, twenty minutes from landing, at 10:15 PM, on August 4, 2003, two witnesses observed a bright red light out of the airplane window. Then a second red light appeared and then a third red light -- making a perfect triangle formation. The flying triangle flew next to our 767 commercial aircraft for two minutes before fading away.

Belgium - Flying Triangle

KESSEL: Witnesses report seeing a flying triangle in the sky for five minutes on August 10, 2003, at 12:30 AM. It was faster than any plane and had many lights. At one point, it made contact with another object with its lights. It hovered for about three minutes and then disappeared.


WESTMINSTER -- On August 27, 2003, a couple decided to view Mars as it was the brightest object in the sky at ten minutes after
midnight. The observers stated:
"Just as we were looking at Mars a triangular or V-shaped flying object appeared moving towards the northeast. It was a dark gray color, which made it visible in the sky. It wasn't a smooth object but seemed like it had a rough and textured exterior surface. We watched it move without sound. The sighting lasted ten seconds, and then it disappeared. I do not believe in UFO's, so my conclusion is that it was a government test plane, but it seems strange they would fly it over a populated area”

Triangular UFO Caught On Video In New Hampshire

On Sunday, September 21, 2003, at 3:30 p.m., Paul Spera "was sitting at my window" at his home in Franklin, New Hampshire (population 8,405) "and noticed the object came down out of a cloud. It looked strange, so I ran and got my camera and videotaped the object."
The UFO "consisted of 3 to 5 white balls of light shaped in a line and then in a triangle. The lights also
turned different colors on the tape. The UFO was no more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) up and traveled to the west at a rapid pace."
Franklin, N.H. is at the intersection of Routes 3 and  11 approximately 25 miles north of Concord, the state capital.


Black triangles seen in Holland

GRONINGEN -- Tuesday night, September 30TH, 2003

A young couple witnessed three strange objects in the crystal-clear sky. After a

visit to the pizzeria, the couple walked back home. The male witness states: "Around 9 PM, we left the pizzeria and were walking when I saw a huge bright fierce light, three times brighter than Mars. The continuous light moved in a straight line and after 15 seconds it gained altitude at high speed it became smaller and disappeared. Then two flying triangles approached, one from one direction and one from the opposite direction. These black objects had pulsating white lights, that were not like airplane lights. They dimmed from bright to a weak light. As we watched we saw two massive triangles with lights on each corner approach and move exactly to the spot where the bright light disappeared into space. They hovered for some time, and next flew back to the direction here they came from. It was very frightening.”

Black Triangles – Scappoose, Oregon

At 11 PM, on October 30, 2003, the witness saw two fast moving noiseless flying triangles passing over their town. Both craft were much faster than a small prop plane low or a jet plane high, but much slower than a meteor. A similar sighting was reported last week.
Both craft were hard to track, because again it appeared that the 'lights' on the craft were more reflective than self-luminous. The first craft was travelling from NW to SE towards Portland. The second craft was seen about 1 minute later travelling from SW to NE. Both were seen as they travelled away from us. The first craft had a 'light' at the front and 4 or 5 on each of the swept sides, but the trailing edge, if it was there, was completely dark. The second craft had only three lights, one at the front, and the others at the trailing tips. The shape was determined by the placement of the lights only. They could have been triangular or chevron shaped.
We both find it quite odd that with as much time as we spend outdoors at night, we have had 3 sightings within a week, yet none for the previous 8 years here. My dad, who is an published astronomer and recently gave a talk on Mars at Princeton, told me a few days ago that he saw an identical object in 1956 in Pennsylvania. He saw the same, quiet triangular craft moving noiselessly at extreme speed with a pale light at each tip. He says it was translucent and observed stars through it.

Wisconsin - Flying Triangle 10th October, 2003

On October 10, 2003, there were three lights in a triangle formation that flashed every two seconds heading west at 7:06 PM.  At 7:19 PM, I witnessed a
cluster of lights (red, white, and yellow) heading west. I watched this plane for about 30 seconds before I noticed there was a strange, dim orange dot coming off this plane. The dot headed east, but then froze and darted west. I watched this
object for about 45 seconds. At 7:22, I watched an airplane with another pale orange dot that was larger than the first that was heading south but turned and headed west. Two minutes later, I watched another identical plane come and go in the same
direction. I found this very strange. At 7:52, I saw the strangest thing I've seen in my life when 8 lights in a circle randomly flashed red and gold. It came from the north and headed east. One minute later, the same exact object, flashing gold
colors, came back from the same direction. It raced at a remarkable speed, faster than the first time. Then, what I saw made a chill go through my body. Four disc shaped objects all moving toward one another headed north for about 50 seconds at
7:57 PM. Thanks to UFO Wisconsin.

Update: Black Triangle observed in Alaska

Date:  October 21st, 2003  - Yukon near Mount McDonald  

While packing out on a sheep hunt in the Yukon Territory at 3:00 o'clock in the morning my guide and I saw a cluster of lights moving across the sky at about 20 degrees above the horizon. I told the guide here comes an airplane. He said "that is odd" because we were in the upper part of the Yukon near Mount McDonald and you do not see many airplanes there
especially at 3 in the morning. Suddenly the cluster of light stopped dead still in the sky. It appeared to be about 3 miles away. Then it started darting around, up and down, then sideways. Then stopped again. We watched it for about 5 min then it darted around again, then stopped and held steady. Lights were red, blue and white. I viewed it through my rifle scope and it was a triangle of 12 lights. Lights were white through the scope and all of equal brightness. As we walked on we could see it for about 30 min. As we walked we entered some willows and lost sight of the object. When we came out it was gone. It was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen.


Illinois, HANOVER PARK, November 13th, 2003,

At 5:10a.m. I was letting my dog outside and I noticed a bright light to the south. At first I thought it was a plane but it was not on a normal flight path and it was moving too slow to be a plane. After thirty seconds of watching this light move to the north I decided to get my camcorder. I began to record and as I zoomed in I was shocked. There were three bright lights in the shape of a flying triangle. I taped it for about thirty seconds before my battery went dead. I have watched this tape a dozen times and can see the faint outline of the triangle.

Washington,LA Centre, November 13th, 2003

The witnesses were driving north on November 13, 2003, as darkness approached when they noticed a very slow moving plane or a very large star. As we drove closer we realized it couldn't be either. The object was triangular and there we blue lights on the far sides and in the centre a large white light, accompanied by a small red light right below it. It stayed completely still until we drove past. We looked behind us and saw it moving in our direction. We continued driving north in the direction of our homes. As we turned the last curve we saw it coming over the hillside. Later my friend reported that it disappeared shortly after she dropped me off.

Pennsylvania, November 15th, 2003.

DUNMORE - Eye-witness reports:

"I sighted a huge triangular-shaped UFO on November 3, 2003, with fiancé." It was 6:30 PM, and we were travelling to a local Sunoco gas Station. We were near the Dunmore Cemetery, when we noticed a huge, triangular-shaped UFO in the evening's sky. It was black, or dark in colour, with three huge, glowing lights on each edge of the triangle. The object was approximately 500 feet in length, and about 300 feet above the ground. The object did not move. It remained motionless in the clear sky. My fiancé also saw the UFO and we gazed in amazement at this wondrous vehicle”.

His fiancé exclaimed:

 "What's that? It doesn't look like an airplane. It's not moving. Maybe it's a UFO?" The eye-witness agreed with her, adding:

“I believed it to be a UFO. As we entered the Sunoco gas station, I rolled down my window and put my head outside to get a better view, but the UFO. had vanished, it was nowhere to be seen”.

ARLINGTON, November 19th, 2003

The eye witness claims:

                         “I just went out to get some air when a very large triangular craft flew over my house on at 2:30 PM, that blocked out the sky. It was several hundreds of yards in length and width.” I felt a sense of mass above me, it was scary. It went south down Highway 287 and did a slow east turn about ten miles from my location. At this time I saw a small (flame or illumination from the back). It went about ten miles to the east towards Cedar Hill and then turned south, it gained altitude and very slowly disappeared. This craft was not fast, it was massive and deliberate it its moves. No lights, no sound, no smell, but a feeling when it was over me of mass, if that makes any kind of sense”.

Wisconsin, Dousman, November 25th, 2003

 “It was the fourth day of deer hunting for the observer, and he had just got out to his stand 6:00a.m., when he heard this low tone noise, like the last low key of a piano. The sun was just starting to show some light on the horizon. On the opposite side, there was a dark blue sky with some stars. When he looked up to see what it was there were three dim yellow lights in a perfect triangle formation. It was flying too slowly to be an airplane. It came from the south and headed north. He watched this object for about one minute. Next, the noise got quieter and quieter until nothing could be heard. Then it froze. All three of the lights got close together until it almost looked like one light. Then the front light flashed twice, it flew up for a couple seconds and just vanished. Five or ten minutes later an extremely low, jade green airplane came flying from the west and headed north, the same direction the object/objects. The airplane was flying lower than the object. All the edges of this plane were rounded. He heard the turbulence of this airplane for about seven minutes.

Update, November 2003, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Since I moved to PA, Wayne county, three years ago, I have seen two, the first on was in mid Nov. 2003 at about 1:30am. I woke up for no apparent reason and went to the kitchen window facing northwest. I saw a big black triangle aircraft coming from northern direction with white lights underneath on every corner circular shape, it was only flying only approx. 1000 feet above my home, and it did not make a sound moving very slowly at a southern direction. The object did not have any exhaust or fumes coming out of it. Tobyhanna Army Depot only 10 miles away it was heading that direction.

Indiana – TERRE HAUTE, December 9th, 2003

The witness was driving west on Harlan Drive about four miles east of US Highway 41 in Southern Vigo County at 7:54 PM. This is about ten miles south of Hulman Field where F-16 fighters are based.
The witness stated:
“I stopped my car about 1/2 mile south of Harlan Drive and got out to look at five pale yellow lights in a symmetric chevron moving north. The apparent size of the object was about the size of my thumb with my arm fully extended. There was a single white light in the center of the apparent triangle formed by the vertices of the pale yellow chevron and this light flashed on and off at a slow rate. The white light seemed very big for an anti-collision strobe light on an aircraft. The sky was partly cloudy and the moon was almost obscured by clouds. I could not determine the actual size of the object, as I had no references to determine its actual altitude. There were no red/green navigation lights like normal aircraft. It was flying and strange enough to be called unidentified. Therefore, in my book, it’s a UFO”.

Update: N. Ireland, December 11th 2003

Milton Clarke was outdoors in his hometown of Clogher, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, when "a UFO approached from the north." He stated:
                   "It seemed like a glowing triangle, really bright, I couldn't see any markings.  It was very close to the ground at one point. It was triangle-shaped with bright glow and 60 feet off the ground at one point.  It came in very fast, slowed down to a stop, then flew away very fast towards the west.
I took some pictures, but it's hard to know if it will come out. It was very dark, and I didn't have the right type of film for this kind of thing."


Illinois - LOVES PARK , December 12th, 2003

The experience occurred at 5:35 PM, when the observer noticed an object travelling south which had three lights in a triangular shape. It was moving slowly across the sky and hovered above the field. The witness remarked:
“It was maybe 100-300 feet off of the ground and I could see it clearly and dark in colour.” The lights were yellow and there was no noise. It looked to be about the size of a small airplane that was moving south and then it turned northeast in a fast rate of speed. It then turned back south then travelled really fast and disappeared. The lights were in a triangular shape, one light on each corner of the object. the sighting lasted about twenty minutes, and I never encountered anything weird and scary like this before”.

Texas - GLEN ROSE, December 17th 2003

At 11:50 PM, the observer was going to work on the night shift and off in the distance was a very low flying plane near the TXU Nuclear Power Plant about five miles away. The observer noticed three dim lights, with a green light on the left and a red light on the right. He added:
“In the middle, slightly higher was another red light that was noticeably smaller than the two on either side of it. These lights were not blinking like aircraft lights. It was flying very low and there was no sound. When the object passed overhead it was a perfect triangle and looked mostly black or a dark grey. I jumped in my truck and tried to follow the flying triangle but lost sight of it behind nearby houses and trees. I estimate the size to be about that of a private jet moving at about 50 mph and only 125 feet altitude”.

Canada - West Dublin, N.S., 17th December, 2003



The object was heading northwest, up the LaHave River toward Bridgewater, at 11:30 AM. The object witnessed by two 40 year old males was described as shuttle shaped, but flying upside down with something, perhaps a rudder, pointing downward. The object was triangular shaped and reflecting sunlight. It was observed for ten minutes, moving quite slowly and across the wind [easterly] and estimated at 7,500 feet and crossed over the witnesses. It was the size of a dime at arms length. No sound.


Georgia – Duluth, 4th January, 2004

The witness is a 57 year-old female employed by an internationally famous Atlanta area university. On January 4, 2004, at about 7:30 PM, the witness was driving home as she noticed a set of bright lights overhead beginning to glide past and noticed that the lights were attached to the bottom of a large dark triangular craft. She felt the actual size was 101 to 300 feet. Her first impression was a large "stealth type" craft flying very low at treetop level, with no sound noticed.
She had no trouble observing a "suction cup" like configuration around the steady white lights, one in the middle and also one on each corner, totalling four in the clear sky. At that point, it was traveling parallel to her and a little bit ahead. She sped up, but it appeared to be going a bit faster than her vehicle. The craft then began to ascend, it banked slightly to the left, and departed the scene. She attempted to get out her cell phone in order to call her friend to run outside and look skyward, but the phone was dropped onto the floorboard. She noticed two neighbors outside at the end of the street and intends on speaking with them ASAP. Witness is from a "scientific" family, her father being involved in atomic research during the WW II era. Within a few minutes, the witness arrived home and called the local police, Atlanta's Channel 11 (NBC) and Atlanta's Fernbank Science Center, ..all to no avail.

Update: Florida,  Marathon, 4th January, 2004,

The witnesses were driving toward Key West from Miami on US1 at about 12:30a.m.,  and as they drove over a bridge and in the they saw something with a green and red light (Many people may not know-the US government has a large balloon located at Cudjoe Key, FL that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba), but they were too far away to see this balloon.

The witness stated:

“ I noticed it and told my friend I thought it was the balloon that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba. When we got closer to the lights the driver lost them but the passenger saw an object moving over the road. He saw a red and white light 100 to 250 feet hovering directly over the highway. He also saw a black mass between the lights in what looked like a triangle but didn't totally point at the top. From his account the white light was on the top and he saw a red light on the corner of one of the bottom of the points. There was never any sound it made. We opened the windows of the truck when we were close to it, and it was just quiet.  I had to go about 1000 feet before I saw a driveway to turn around. When we went back, there was nothing there”.  

Northern England – West Cumbria, 4th January 2004,

Three UFOs were spotted during the festive season over Workington and Whitehaven. Shining balls and spooky triangles were seen in the night sky. Daley Rogers, of Hensingham, was left spellbound by a red object hovering overhead. He said:

 “We were coming home and we could see something in the sky that dropped something white and bright that exploded. Then, it took off”

 Daley, 23, admits that although he wasn’t frightened by the ball-shaped object, he’s found it hard to get it out of his mind.

At least six other people witnessed strange goings-on in the West Cumbrian skies over Christmas. UFO expert Sharon Larkin, of Broughton Cross, near Cockermouth, said:

“We have had sightings of a triangular-shaped craft and an orange ball over the Workington area The triangle was going over the Stainburn bypass at around 10.30 PM on a Sunday at the end of December. Before that it was sitting over Clifton. The orange ball was spotted over Broughton Moor last week. The area has a higher than average of unexplained sightings. The night sky in Cumbria is particularly alive. From September onwards, the skies are full of lights. With it getting darker earlier, people are more aware of what is going on over their heads”.

Washington – Woodinville, 5th January, 2004. 

The eye-witness was at his computer 2004, at 5:10 PM,, when he was distracted by flashing lights outside.  The object had a row or two of flashing white lights that were reminiscent of emergency lights -- the kind that police vehicles use.  These were white and seemed to be all over the craft that was moving south. It slowed to a stop and started going in reverse, northward.  That was when I pointed it out to my girlfriend.  It then tilted one of its points towards us and started a lazy circle, revealing a triangular shape.  At two apexes were alternating red lights, with the flashing white lights on the bottom.  In the center of the triangle was one slowly flashing larger red light.  I could not discern a light at the third corner, but sometimes thought I saw a bright white light flashing there as well.  It seemed that the pattern of flashing white and red. lights changed as the craft moved in different ways.  The craft had completed its circle and was hovering four blocks away. It was about the size of a silver dollar at arm’s length and hovering at about 300 feet altitude.  It then rotated on its tail and rotated so that the "front” point was now level and facing north.  It then picked up a lot of speed and flew out of sight.

It accelerated very fast and was out of sight within four seconds.  At 5:13, I picked up my camera and immediately it came back into view, and hovered over the same area as before. I could hear the faint sound of a propeller plane, but it seemed very faint. After a minute, it began to move slowly back to the north.  My camera's batteries were too low, so I could not get a picture. Some neighbors were walking up the path from the parking lot as I tried to take a photograph. The man immediately commented that it looked like a UFO to him.  Soon it picked up speed at an alarming rate and was gone again within seconds.

Connecticut – Guilford, 6th January, 2004

On January 6, 2004, at about 8:40 PM, the eye-witness was told to look outside by his little sister who was observing something in the air. She went to the door and saw something rising straight up in the shape of a flying triangle with 400 lights. The witness states:

                       "After a few minutes, it stopped and the blinking lights were not visible and it flew right over my house." The lights were on the bottom of the UFO, so I believe the UFO was rising with the nose in the air. We watched it until it headed northwest and out of sight. My dogs were freaking out the whole time the UFO was near. The UFO rose straight up in the air, nose up, then stopped, straightened so the nose was pointing at us and then flew away”.

 Netherlands - Almelo, Overijssel, 11th January, 2004

A 47-year old witness was walking a dog at around 8:15 PM, when he saw a huge massive triangle-shaped object. At the moment of the sighting the sky was very clear and the stars were very clearly visible. The huge triangle with red lights on each of the three corners.  The witness stated:

                              "In the middle of the object there were five lights in a small triangle, there were three indigo blue-colored lights in the middle, and two red lights on each side. The wind blew suddenly very hard from another direction possibly caused by the craft. There were no engine sounds.  The craft moved slowly from the east to the west with two bright white sphere lights on top." The object was very big, much bigger than a jet and was 250 meters distant and a height of also 250 meters. It was moving slowly at a constant speed of 30 km/h as it passed overhead the witness. When the object had passed the witness, he noticed that above the object it had a hilly shape and on top of that 2 sphere-shaped bright lights. The sighting caused some psychological side effects: "I came home nervously and stayed in that condition for a couple of hours. I had a strange, restless feeling. During the sighting I was for a moment frightened, a kind of panic almost," He also reported the sighting to the Air Force Base Twente, but they said they don't do anything with the report. However, even though it was Sunday, a half hour later he could hear fighter jets fly over!

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