Extract from the radar tapes showing that the F-16s did manage to "lock on" to the Black Triangle.

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radar tapes
General Wilfried de Brouwer

General Wilfried de Brouwer: "The Belgian skies have experienced extraordinary phenomena. One option is extraterrestrial intelligence".



A Black Triangle

A Black Triangle photographed over Belgium

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General Wilfried de Brouwer (RBAF) described the events as "extraordinary" and later remarked:
"There are not many options left; you could refer to an extraterrestrial vehicle as an option that should not be excluded". 

On the same night that the triangular craft caused chaos in the skies over Belgium, hundreds of reports were made of a similar craft by residents of the U.K. These sightings were made by all sorts of people including police officers and an RAF officer who described the craft making repeated sweeps of the ground with some sort of search beam - he estimated the craft to be about the size of a Hercules transport plane. A family in Staffordshire experienced a large triangular craft making a deep humming sound, hovering over their house. It was alleged in early 2001 that the British Government had placed a "D-Notice" on the reporting of Black Triangles - see the Great Britain page on this site.

Since the sightings of Black Triangles in Belgium, the craft have not "gone away". There have been numerous reports from all over the world. These reports usually describe a large (sometimes very large) dark/black triangle with an extremely bright light on each corner and sometimes including a central pulsating light on the underside.. They are usually quiet but on occasions a "humming sound" is audible and reports have included a beam emanating from the craft - seeming to "sweep" the ground. There is an excellent web group which encourages the reporting of and informed discussion about Black Triangles - see this site's links page.

Black Triangle sighting

Professor Leon Brenig actually video recorded a Black Triangle sighting. He also studied 800 reported sightings and thought that an extraterrestrial craft was not out of the question. He was unaware, however, that the US Defense Intelligence Agency was very interested in his findings.

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 A black triangular object

14 th February 1997, A black triangular object in the sky over the East Yorkshire coastline (U.K.). The object made no noise and appeared to hover for a while.


The Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter

The Lockheed F-117A Stealth Fighter: would not have been picked up on radar and incapable of supersonic speeds.
The JAS39A Gripen F7 Wing - Does not have the capabilities 
displayed by "Black Triangles"

 Could it have been some type of top-secret military craft being tested?
No government had requested permission to make test flights over Belgium and is there any logic in doing so over a well populated area on a very clear night. Also, the U.S. Government assured the Belgian Authorities via the U.S. Embassy that no such test had taken place.
Some of the radar tape taken from the F-16s was sent to the Centre for the Study of Electronic Warfare and was examined by the eminent Professor Emile Schweicher. In Professor Schweicher's opinion the UFO could manoeuvre in a manner that is not possible according to our laws of mechanics and it was capable of sudden changes of velocity implying it had "infinite acceleration", which again is not possible. In the professor's own words: "I think extraterrestrial intelligence is very highly likely".
Captain Wes Meelsberg, one of the F-16 pilots involved in the incident, stated:
"I can't really tell you what it was, it was not a prototype and I don't believe it was a meteorological phenomenon".
A report of the events compiled by Major Lambrecht (RBAF) also stated:
"The presence of and/or tests with B2 or F-117A, remotely piloted planes and AWACs can all be excluded".

A Black Triangle disappears from the Radar screen of Belgian F-16

A black triangular object

A Totally silent, black triangular object , photographed over the U.K. at 10-30pm, Sunday 8th August 1998.

Large Black Triangle photographed during The Phoenix Lights incident.




On January 5th, 2000, a Triangular Flying Object of immense size was witnessed in the skies over Metro-East St. Louis Area (Illinois) by five Police Officers (on-duty) and a number of civilians. The object - about the size of a football pitch - was caught on video by one of the officers.

Massive Triangle caught on video!

On 13th December 1990, a Russian Military Base was attacked by a triangular-shaped craft. See "The Samara Incident" at The Russian Files".

August 2002, the recently released report of the study into "Black Triangles" by the National Institute for Discovery Science" (NIDS) based in Las Vegas, offers the unconvincing hypothesis that the mysterious craft are "lighter than air" machines powered by "electro kinetic" drives or airborne nuclear power units. The report goes on to say that Black Triangles are probably "Black Budget" or unacknowledged craft manufactured in secrecy by the U.S. Military. However, NIDS has worked under the assumption that most sightings of these craft have taken place in the U.S. and have come to conclusions accordingly - possibly a very grave error as Black Triangles continue to be observed on a global basis. 


Enhanced photo of Black Triangle - clearly defined "delta-shape". A well recorded incident involving triangular craft happened at St. Petersburg (Russia) in February 1997 - the events are covered in some detail on this site.


Black Triangles – observed in 1967!

The following report has been added to this site with permission of the person involved – that person wishes to remain anonymous:

The one I find extremely interesting is the giant triangle discussion and can tell you about one experience I had involving a giant triangle. I want to say I'm just a normal every-day person.
This happened in or near 1967, back then I didn't keep exact records on unusual sightings. What I saw is, to the best of my ability to remember, and I pretty much have a photographic memory, or did before I got older. <LOL>
It was summertime and we went to a drive-in movie. I wasn't interested in the movie as it was not one I would chosen to see, it was Conquer Worm with Vincent Price. The moon was full and the sky, being one of my favorite things to
watch, I had my head out the window looking at the moon and what
stars were visible.
When I saw the ship I first saw it through the windshield coming from the north west, At first I didn't see it moving, just a black spot in a bright moon lit sky.
So I watched and it got bigger, I waited until I was sure it was something moving and threw the speaker out the window, started the car and took off.
The drive-in was right on the highway so I got there quickly and driving slowly had my head out the window watching to see where this huge thing was going. I soon found out - it was heading almost straight down the highway and only moving about 45 miles an hour, so it was easy to watch and drive at the same time. Since it was later at night, and a small place, there was very little traffic going either direction.
I used to think we followed it about 6 miles but we were back in that area this summer and I realized it was only about two miles when I pulled off the highway and got out to watch it pass almost directly overhead.
I would venture to say it was no more than 200 feet above our heads, hard to tell at night, ya know. It was very large and made no sound at all, it had no lights.
The only reason I saw it to begin with is the moon was so bright it stood out like a sore thumb, it being so black.

As it passed over us it was just a little to our right, the left side was closer. When I got out of the car I saw the row of windows, round porthole type and there was a yellow light emitting from all the windows.
I was prompting my friend to get out and look at this thing before it was gone - while following it I had not taken a look at her. She didn't respond to my urging at all, so I ducked down and glanced in the car door at her to see her staring straight ahead as if she heard not a word I said.
As it slowly passed - it appeared to slowed down even more - I watched figures looking down at us from the windows. I could not tell how many there were but they were moving from one window to the next so they could keep watching us as the ship moved away. They had very slender bodies but their heads were way larger and out of proportion. I suppose they would be what we know now as
The ship moved off into the distance heading North East, still no sound and it didn't speed up. As the rear end went past I noticed there were three round areas sitting inside an indentation. I have no idea what they were for. This all happened in
Colorado, between Grand Junction and Montrose.
At the time one could go a short distance out of town and there were few lights - in case your wondering how I saw this thing in the first place.
Thank you for your kind attention.






Update: Northampton (U.K.) - 4th October 2002 ,11-00p.m.


Annabel and Wayne Norton, whilst at their home in Northampton, noticed something unusual in the night sky. Annabel stated:
"The objects were flying high-up in the sky. We spotted four triangular-shaped objects, all the same size and white in colour with a red-orange glow around them similar to an aura. At first we thought they were stars but, after a couple of minutes, we realised this was not possible due to the colour and the speed at which they were travelling. The four objects were moving in a westerly direction at high speed. They looked as though they were dancing through the skies - moving forward with sudden movements to the sides. One permanently stayed at the back of the formation whilst the other three darted around almost as though they were playing with each other. We only witnessed this for a maximum of 40 seconds before they were totally out of sight". Slovakia - 14th October 2002, A woman in the western Slovak town of Jaslovske Bohunice was awakened by strange sounds at 1-30a.m. and when she looked out of her bedroom window she saw an illuminated triangular-shaped object above the town. "The triangular UFO was moving east to west - stopping at times and was clearly visible" remarked Miroslav Karlek - a member of the local UFO club.

Black Triangle sighted over Northampton

The following report was received by The WHY? FILES. 

11th May 2000, 8-30p.m. – 8-45p.m.

It started as a bright light roughly the size of a football hovering above the tracks of Northampton train station. My girlfriend and I were out on our balcony when we first noticed the object. Being a keen U.F.O spotter I went indoors to fetch a 35mm compact camera to photograph the object. I then took the picture using the built in flash on my camera to which the object responded to the flash and it then began to approach in our direction. Although it was quite low in the sky it never made a sound there was no interference to any electrical appliances or lights to the flat as the object flew directly over our heads. We were rather worried at this stage. as it flew above us it was blacker than the night sky. I then took another picture when the object was directly overhead but for some unknown reason I did not put the flash on for this picture I thought this was strange and I do not know whether it was due to fear of provoking a response or if it was something making me turn off the flash. 

Had I stood on my roof  I would have been able to touch the object with my hand. Later that evening when my girlfriend and I were discussing what we had seen we both described the object of being a large black isosceles triangle slightly larger than a small mini-bus in size with red lights on each point of the triangle which seemed to flash alternatively and it had a brilliant white light on the bottom of the object which was continually flashing on and off. At no point in the observation did we notice any sound emanating from the craft. It seemed as though we had been outside observing the craft for a long period of time but in fact when we looked at the clock only 10 minutes had passed. I am sure that as it was so low and the fact that it was bonfire night other people in the spring boroughs and surrounding area of Northampton would have seen the craft. This was definitely no firework or in fact any explainable craft of any kind.
Speed was slow at first then it accelerated as it a approached us it was just higher than house it came from an easterly direction and left in a South-easterly direction A friend of ours said it had been reported in the local evening paper the Chronicle and echo a few days later although we did not see it.

Update – Triangles return to Belgium

ANTWERP -- A 19 year old resident from Edegem spotted a triangular shaped object on May 14, round 1 o'clock at night, while driving home on his motorcycle. On June 20, he sighted the triangle again with
flashing lights hovering 125 meters above a house. He drove to the  object and the UFO gradually departed and accelerated. The biker had  to speed up to 20 km/h to keep up. Somewhat farther, the object halted again above a house. The witness put his motorcycle aside and  waved to it, but there was no reaction and no sound. From beneath, it  looked like a triangle, but without sharp edges. Besides the flashing  lights, the object had blue and red lights. From behind, the object looked like a "flattened pyramid-shape." He tried to make "contact" with a laser pointer but didn't succeed. After a minute, the object began accelerating again; first jerkily and then fast. The biker got on his bike, and followed it to the next town, at high speeds. Near a bridge the UFO accelerated and disappeared.
A Typical Black Triangle Sighting
Date: 5th December 2000, East Yorkshire, U.K.

The triangular object I observed moving south to north, parallel to the coast of East Yorkshire (UK), AT 6-50p.m. on 5th December 2000 was certainly very large.
Using known landmarks etc… I estimated the object to be at least 7 or 8 miles distant and at 45 degrees above the horizon.
Initially, as I saw only three bright lights, I thought it was three different craft (probably helicopters) being flown in formation and it was only when it flew in front of a (pale) cloud that I distinguished the “black triangular” shape. There was a very bright “white” sparkling, light at all three corners.
It seemed to be moving far too slowly for a craft of such a large size and eventually it “banked” to the east in an almost sideways motion into the clouds.

Geoff Richardson


Canada : Vancouver, 24th      December,2003

Just after 6 PM, and the witness was warming up his car when in the distance, above buildings, a very bright white light appeared. This light looked like a really big star, or a helicopter searchlight in the sky travelling north. As the object was above the small lake, I could now see the underside of the craft and I am positive that it was triangular in appearance, black/stealth in colour. The lights that I remember seeing were red/greens, they might have been blue, also.  At this point, the craft had been travelling in a straight line, but after it had passed the lake and was almost straight above me, it veered left (east) and I am positive that a regular passenger plane would not act in this manner. I chased the object a few blocks and the triangular nature was evident still. The object was now hidden behind trees and I gave up the chase.

New York: Coram, December 28th, 2003

Two friends driving on Middle Country Road east to Coram, saw a bright light at 11:10 PM. We passed over North Ocean Avenue and saw it getting brighter but still in the same position. I pointed it out to my friend and then looked behind us. The object was about 3/4 of a mile away from us and about 1600 feet high behind the tree line. The object made no sound!  We pulled over but lost sight of the object, then saw it about two miles away from us. It looked like a triangle with three lights at each tip and one light in the middle, so we observed this object for about 30 more seconds.  It looked like it rotated 90 degrees and took on a Y shape and faded away. It flew two miles in six seconds


New York: Mattituck, 31st December, 2003

At 11:10 PM the witness looked out the window and a white triangular object flying through the sky caught his eye. There was a black circle on the bottom of it. The witness states, “I only got a few seconds look as it went past the trees moving fairly slow; but it seemed to be fairly big from the view I got of it." 


Florida: Tampa, 1st January, 2004

Prior to the football game between Iowa and Florida four military jets, and six other aircraft flew over the stadium at 10:45 AM, on New Years Day 2004.  The aircrafts noise alerted this retired person of 34 years with the Department of the Army to grab his Nikon 10X50 6 degree glasses to get a better view of the action. He saw a military sky jumper parachuting into the stadium about a mile away when he noticed a UFO. He stated, “It was triangular shaped with sparking flashing lights at each tip that flew north, and was just barely visible due to heavy clouds in his area of flight. The other aircraft activities were performing in perfect VFR condition for viewing.  I am 71 years old,. This is my first UFO report, ever. I have never witnessed such an aircraft configuration as the one I just reported. The bright lights at each tip appeared as sparking.



 Connecticut: West Hartford, January 7th, 2004

 The eye witness, who is an avid sky watcher, was driving south on Trout Brook Drive around 10 PM on January 7, 2004, and saw two very bright lights in the sky, hovering and moving slowly only 300 feet above the ground. The moon was full, high in the sky and the object was hovering slowly in a sort of circular motion.  One of the objects started moving away and I lost sight of it, so I focused on the other. I had to turn my car around and follow it and as I got closer I could see a triangular shaped form with three white lights on each corner of the triangle and a few blinking red lights on it.  

I pulled my car over to the side of the road, as did a bunch of other people, to try to get a better look. I rolled my window down to see if I could hear anything, but it was completely silent. If it was a plane or helicopter, it was close enough that I would have definitely heard something. At this point it was much lower, probably 75-100 feet off the ground. It hovered and moved slowly and I continued to watch it for another couple minutes until it disappeared behind the tree line and I lost sight of it. Because of the lighting on the ground, I had a bit of a difficult time trying to decipher the dimensions, but I would have to guess that it was about 20 to 25 feet in length and about 10 feet in height. It looked like it was black, but being dark, I'm not completely sure.



Texas: El Paso, January 12th, 2004

The witness was coming from med school in Juarez, Mexico at 6:35 PM, and entering Executive Boulevard he saw a strange object. I was at a stoplight and looked up to the mountain area and saw a radio tower that looked slightly big. The tower was moving and now it was a floating triangular object. I do live around a military base called Fort Bliss and they have helicopters but you will always hear them. There was no way it could have been a plane. It flew straight then zigzagged. The lights emanating from this object weren’t too bright but were definitely blinking. I had another eyewitness who was in a car next to my car. I rolled down my window to ask him if he saw what I saw. He was perplexed. He said he couldn’t believe what he saw and he said he didn’t know what it was. I tried to chase this object but couldn’t catch up.


"It isn't just the U.S. government which has kept quiet about alien visits. It would be arrogant of an American like myself to assume that E.T.s would only choose to visit my country. Indeed, I've heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits - including the British government.
Not all governments are anxious to keep their findings quiet. The Belgians have admitted that aliens may be out there and have released information about sightings that cannot be explained away as military planes, weather phenomena and so on".

Edgar Mitchell, U.S. Astronaut/trained scientist. (25th October 1998)