Black Triangles 10 Continued

Black Triangles – They are Back!

Source: Fortean Times 295

December 2012

Letters, p. 73

The Black Triangle

I currently live in the relatively sedate borough of Sutton-Coldfield in the suburbs of Birmingham. My home lies directly under the flight path for Birmingham International, and having lived in the area all my life, I hardly notice the continual roar of low-flying passenger jets -- although I firmly believe 'our' airspace may also be being used for a far more clandestine form of aviation traffic. Over the last five years, there have been over a dozen sightings of an aircraft apparently bearing little resemblance to conventional aviation design. These sightings appear to be linked -- in so far as the witnesses consistently report a black, triangular craft, with a light at each of the three corners, and which moves at great velocity without making any jet or piston-engine noise. In almost every case the sightings are accidental, as a result of the vehicle travelling at incredibly low altitude -- usually at night, leaving little opportunity to video or photograph the object in flight.

One such incident was reported in our local newspaper (*Sutton Observer*, 2010). I contacted the paper, stating that their
initial conclusion concerning little green (or grey) men might be a little too left-field. A few lines of my letter were printed in a follow-up article the following week, where I expanded on my initial theory, stating that far from witnessing extraterrestrial UFOs, what might actually be happening is the test flying of advanced experimental military recon- naissance aircraft. I briefly mention project 'Manta' and the SR91 etc, and how some of these supposed hypersonic aircraft might be using experimental propulsion technology other than pulse-detonation engines, allowing the aircraft to cancel out the detrimental effects of gravity and inertia, thus enabling such radical velocity and rate of turn. I didn't expect to be invited to expand further, as UFO folklore is hardly a staple of my local newspaper. However, that same week they received a similar reply, mirroring my own hypothesis. The writer stated that he was involved in the construction of these 'machines' in California, and that the ones he worked on were far larger versions designed for military use, as opposed to the one in question, which he believed to be an unmanned drone. Considering the man had emailed from California, he seemed remarkably well informed about the happenings in Sutton-Coldfield; although perhaps he was a former resident reading the paper via the Internet. Who knows? I hope I can gain a more in-depth insight into this mysterious air- craft, witnessed not just in my own backyard, but apparently across the globe. I look forward to further enlightenment.


Simon Deeming