The South Wales Video Footage
Towards the end of 2007 we, at The WHY? Files, received video footage of a bright object in the sky over a small village in Mid-Glamorgan, South Wales (U.K.). The video had been captured using a Canon dc10 DVD camcorder which was set on auto having a 10x power zoom on the 3rd March, 2007 - the night of the Lunar eclipse.

The gentleman who obtained the footage commented via Emails:


“it was the night of the lunar eclipse and the sky was perfectly clear with no clouds, the moon was in the totally opposite part of the sky that is behind the camera, and when i started to film there were no stars visible to the naked eye”



“3rd march 2007, between 7-30 and 8-01 p.m. (video), the location is **** ******,  midd glamorgan, south wales, the direction, im sorry i have not got a clue, the weather conditions were excellent, it was a bit chilly, as far as i can remember there was very little wind if any, and the sky was very clear with no clouds at all,visability was exceptionally good,”


(Please note: The time on the camcorder was set for BST)


“my wife saw it first from the kitchen window and after she had watched it for a little while called me to have a look, i think in all it was visible for 45/60 minutes approximately,”



“there are no airports or military bases nearby that i know of. the area where it seemed to be is really deserted although saying that its hard to know how far or high the object was away from us so it is hard to get a perspective of where it actually was, but it is a fairly uninhabited part of the world”


The actual footage is approximately 25 minutes in length and we present edited sections below. We also present a number of still graphics taken from the video footage.


Edited sections taken from original full length video footage.

A selection of "stills" taken from the original footage.







Just what is the object that was captured on video on that crisp, March night in South Wales? If you have an informed opinion based on logical deductions/proof then let us know – we will publish any reasonable explanations for this mystifying footage.


If you have a logical explanation please contact: