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The Why Files have a strict confidentiality policy to
protect eyewitnesses and will not publish your details without permission.

We regret that anonymous reports cannot be used.

It is important that you Please be as accurate as you can when giving details of time/date/location of your sighting.
Without this information the report is of no use and we are unable to use it.

Your E-Mail Address:
Can we use your E-Mail Address:
Your name:
Can we use your name:
Location of sighting:
(Include Town/City/State/Country)
Day, date and time of sighting:
(Use mm/dd/yy format and
state whether local time or GMT)
Direction of approach of object's):
Direction of departure of object's):
Direction witnesses) were facing:
Detailed description
of your sighting:

Additional Information - Please provide as much detail as possible

Color, shape and
other descriptions:
Estimated height and speed(s)
of approach and departure:
If the sighting was reported
on TV/Radio or in the press
please provide details:



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