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The following is an extract from a posting by eminent Ufologist Bruce Maccabee on UFO Updates, 5th March 2004.

 This is a "nice" and rather comprehensive book on the subject of UFOs and the Phoenix events in particular. Although I am only briefly mentioned in her book, I spent a lot of time, at her request, analyzing her sightings, photos and videos, as well as videos of others that were obtained in March, 1997 and during 1998.

My opinion of the "Phoenix Lights" videos is presented in detail at my web site:

I concluded, based on accurate triangulation, that the lights she and others (Krzysten, Riordan) on March 13, 1997 at about 10 PM, videotaped were many tens of miles south of Phoenix, not over Phoenix.

This also applied to other videos from 1998 that I analyzed.

I discovered that the lights were not perfectly stationary, but moved downward (falling) and to the left - following a general atmospheric air flow?

My analysis of the videos does not apply to the 8 to 9 PM event that involved some huge object that travelled southward over a considerable distance on March 13.

Her book covers this earlier event in detail, as well as others. IMHO the 8-9 PM event involved a 'True UFO'. However IMHO, the 10 PM videos show lights that could be flares dropped over a training range by the Maryland National Guard, about 60-80 miles south of Phoenix (distance determined by triangulation).

On the other hand, she did have a UFO sighting on Feb. 6, 1995 which involved photos and more. I began studying this in 1998. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss what I discovered about that sighting from photo analysis.

If I am correct in thinking that the March 13 lights she videotaped - and others photographed and taped - were actually flares, then the ironic thing would be that non-UFO sightings spurred her to write her rather erudite book and to include

mention of the real UFO sighting which she never would have mentioned publicly had it not been for the Phoenix Lights. 


Dr. Lynne’s response to Bruce Maccabee’s

         analysis of The Phoenix Lights



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Date: 02 March 2007 07:40

Subject: RE: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary


Thanks for letting me know Bill. You are welcome to post this on


I have never said WHAT "they" are ... only THAT "they" are and it is

time we get this topic out in the open -- address it, accept it and

study it.


I trust that it is also time to ask what triangulation Dr. Maccabee has

been referring to all these years??? He is a gifted scientist and

dedicated researcher to be sure, but I was quite surprised when he

professed to have triangulated the mass sighting videos when

I had in fact contacted Dr. Maccabee myself to attempt a triangulation

of a January 1998 sighting, an event that was very different from the

March 13, 1997 sighting. And just because the 1998 lights 'seemed to be at a distance to Dr. Maccabee', that revelation didn't confirm anything.


In the 10 years since our historic mass sighting, NO ONE has

reported seeing the anomalous formation of lights behind the mountain

range around the 10 o'clock hour, but there were definitely reports of

strange lights and craft on this side of the mountain. Even more

compelling and important to note, I learned fairly quickly after the

mass sighting that NO ONE COULD triangulate the March 13, 1997 10 pm

videos, because the hand full of videographers took footage over a

30-40 minute span from different directions. If you remember, I even

tried to procure University based scientists, including a senior

geologist professor from Arizona State University and others to

triangulate our videos and they all stated that a triangulation of the footage taken during the mass sighting was impossible.


Another key point, two months before the mass sighting I captured six

35 mm pictures in a row of the same anomalous and mile wide phenomena

of 6 equidistant orbs "that seemed to be attached to something"

head-on, turning into a V shape, in the same location. This sighting

[and exact time] was confirm to me the next morning by Sky Harbor

International Airport Air traffic Controllers who witnessed the same

hovering lights in RESTRICTED AIRSPACE -- in FRONT of South Mountain --

and slowly moving in tandem [in a rock solid, mile wide, equidistant

array of six orbs] behind South Mountain [out of sight from their

vantage point in the tower]. The same Air traffic Controllers confirmed

the day after the mass sighting that what we all saw on March 13 at 10

pm was the SAME phenomena -- in the SAME location once again.

Therefore, since the morning after our mysterious statewide event, we

have had professional verification that the three lights I captured on

video at 10 pm on March 13, 1997, were not behind South Mountain, but in

FRONT of South Mountain, OVER PHOENIX. I documented these details in my

book, but for some, they have been ignored or dismissed through the



Besides this curious omission of data that occurred two months BEFORE

the mass sighting and 2 months before the Maryland ANG were in town

allegedly sending off flares during "Operation Snowbird" while a

mile-wide, traveling V shaped formation of lights or craft silently and slowly

traversed the state at low altitude for many hours, Bruce has never

addressed the SAME distant formation of lights in the SAME location in

the photos I captured of our near sighting of three amber orbs in a pyramid formation in 1995 [which he presented at

the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in Wash., D.C. as true

unknowns]. I know what I saw up close and personal, hovering over our private, gated, nestled in the mountainside community...and they definitely were not flares. With all due respect to Dr. Maccabee, it just doesn't



I will always be grateful for Dr. Maccabee's kindness when I was

overwhelmed by what I had experienced and for taking so much time with

the case. But when he originally released his findings concerning

triangulation, I was saddened that they just added to the muddy waters

that had already been polluted by the military announcement of flare

deployment that night, five long months after denial that anything was

in the air. I don't doubt that flares might have been sent off to

divert attention away from the true unknowns, but that's not what we witnessed or photographed. Just take a look at Bill Hamilton and Tom King's 'arrowhead' footage from around 9:45 pm. Those lights are attached to SOMETHING. Again, the data speaks for itself.


As a scientist and experiencer, I have tried diligently to do my

homework and share the data as it has unfolded. I have never found it

productive or in good taste to argue about confusing and irrelevant

pronouncements. I just hope the time is near when we can move forward

in a mature fashion and address the important issue of what REALLY

happened throughout Arizona for many hours, 10 years ago this March

13th. As we know...there is much more to the story!




    Dr. Lynne

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.    From: The Phoenix Lights 10th AnniversaryDate: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 18:45:26 -0600



The following is a posting by Bruce Maccabee to UFO Updates in response to posting by Geoff Richardson of The WHY? Files


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Subject: The Phoenix Lights 10th Anniversary>

During the evening of 13th March 1997, a series of incidents took place which was

to become known as The Phoenix Lights Incident. At approximately 7-50p.m. a 'V-shaped' formation of bright blue/yellow-white orbs was observed leaving the Las Vegas (Nevada) area and flying at speed over the boarder into Arizona. This formation of lights was then witnessed by hundreds if not thousands of people as it flew over Phoenix and on to Tucson ­ a total journey of some 300 hundred miles. The Phoenix Lights incident has become one of the most controversial events in the history of Ufology. Dr. Lynne Kitei, a physician, witnessed multiple events which occurred in the skies over Phoenix leading up to and including the night of 13th March, 1997 and successfully documented a number of sightings of orbs and V-shaped

craft.<snip>Too bad she asserts that the lights videotaped at 10 PM that night were on a large UFO hovering over Phoenix. As I have pointed out numerous times over the last 10 years (!) triangulation shows the lights were a long distance away. The triangulation is based on the same videos (Lynn, Krzysten, Rairdon) that show the lights which these three witnesses claim were over Phoenix.



  A response from Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton, an acknowledged Ufologist, who was present during the Phoenix Lights incidents, has prepared a response to Dr. Bruce Maccabee’s photo analysis of the videos taken of the objects seen in the skies over Phoenix.


A brief summing-up of Bill’s findings:

This paper offers an analysis that does not agree with the report written by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, but it does not lessen his contribution to the effort of investigating reported strange light phenomena and Dr. Macabee has done an admirable job, but that does not mean that he has the final word on a particular case. There are some who dispute his findings on the Ed Walter's case in Florida and perhaps in other cases. That is the nature of the process when it comes to attempts to scientifically investigate strange phenomena that other scientists will not even bother with.


A full report is available at:

NATIONAL GUARD The Arizona National Guard stated that they had no planes on manoeuvres on the night of the Phoenix Lights incidents. Their radar also detected nothing.
Triangle over Navajo Nation

On January 24th, 2007, an unusual flying object was spotted over the Navajo Nation in north-eastern Arizona near the small town of Leupp. Local people reported a bright light and a flying object that was variously reported as disc or circular-shaped and as triangle-shaped.

The Winslow Mail newspaper reported that the incident "reportedly took place at approximately 7:40 p.m. and remained visible until after 9 p.m."

Winslow Mail reporter Rebecca Schubert quoted witnesses in her Jan. 31 article headlined "Large UFO spotted near Winslow: Northern Arizona Navajos watch a strange ship fly around for over an hour."

Schubert wrote:

        "According to Sean and Deanna Dover, they were driving home from Flagstaff toward Leupp when Deanna spotted a curious looking object above their Honda Accord."

She quotes these witnesses:

         "I saw a bright light and told my brother to watch it," Deanna, 20, said. "Then it disappeared, then reappeared. I didn't see it as much as he did, because I had to concentrate on driving."


Sean, a senior at Sinagua High School commented:

         "We were about 10 miles out of Leupp and my sister said she saw something, it had a circle around it and was about one-and-a-half miles above us. It had three lights and was a triangular shape. We kept on driving and when we reached Leupp we saw it had four lights".


As Sean and Deanna Dover drove into Leupp, they told their parents of the sighting, according to the Winslow Mail report. Since their father is a police ranger with the Navajo Nation Police, Sean grabbed the night-vision goggles his dad uses on the job to try to get a better look at the object.

Sean was quoted as saying:

                  "Then two jets intercepted it in the air. They came from the southwest, then it headed east. Eight minutes later it lost them and circled back to Leupp. When it got here it started blinking its lights."


Meanwhile, other local residents were seeing the same thing. As the Dover family was observing the activity in the sky, their mother Daisy's friend Denise Fredericks, a teacher at Leupp Elementary School, was at home watching the same thing. She commented:

                   "I was coming home from my son's basketball game in Dilkon. When I came inside the house my husband said, 'Daisy just called and said there was something in the sky,' then I saw a triangular thing go overhead,"


Fredericks and Daisy Scott-Dover then met in the center of Leupp near the gas station and watched the events with approximately 30 other stargazers:

                    "It was flying straight and then it turned. It went toward Bird Springs and then turned toward Tolani Lake and then came back this way."


Each of the witnesses described the object as triangular with three or four tiers. On the underside of the craft was a sphere with a pulsating light. Fredericks and Scott-Dover said the UFO emitted a 'yellowish' light and was approximately twice the size of the Leupp Elementary School gymnasium.

The UFO circled the area 15 times. On the last turn, the craft lights went dark, then suddenly and rapidly illuminated across in a sequential pattern. Finally, the UFO headed southeast toward Winslow.



Phoenix Lights – Military claims they were flairs!


On the evening of 6th February, 2007, calls poured in to police and TV stations after many residents of the metropolitan Phoenix region observed a line of four bright lights near the horizon in the western sky at approximately 8 p.m. Arizona time.

Videotape of the lights was taken and broadcast on local TV news programs shortly after the incident occurred.

According to news reports, military officials stated the lights were flares being used as targets during Marine Corps and Air Force pilot training operations nearby. Officials said a training exercise was being conducted by the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma at the Barry Goldwater Gunnery Range west of Phoenix.

In addition, six Air Force F-16s based at Luke Air Force Base on the west side of metro Phoenix were also participating in training exercises that involved flares, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Military flares were also given as the cause of the recent Arkansas sighting when a retired Air Force colonel and F-16 pilot with 32 years of service reported several unusual lights that he was convinced were not conventional earthly aircraft or objects.

How a veteran Air Force officer and pilot could mistake military flares for extraterrestrial phenomena puzzled many who read about that incident and the official explanation.




The Phoenix Lights Incidents 10th Anniversary


To commemorate this occasion and to present further information and evidence the following schedule of events has been arranged:

Please join us for the 10th anniversary celebration of our historic & still unexplained
AZ mass sighting of March 13, 1997

and check out for the 2 minute trailer, updates and more!

March 3 at 2 pm

Glendale Library's presentation, Coincidence or Communication?, book signing and Q & A by bestselling author and internationally award winning Producer & Director, Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

 Followed by


The first time in Arizona - an exciting opportunity to learn and share

 Glendale City Council Chambers

5850 West Glendale Avenue Glendale, AZ

Contact: Bette Sharpe (623) 930-3431 FREE

 March 4 at 2 pm

Peoria Film Festival screening of "The Phoenix Lights Documentary" and special award ceremony

Arrowhead Harkins Theatre

16046 North Arrowhead Fountain Center Drive Peoria, AZ

Contact: Helen McCready Peoria Chamber of Commerce Film Office Commissioner


March 8 at 4 pm

Arizona State University exhibit featuring "The Phoenix Lights"

ASU Anthropology Museum

Anthropology Bld., Cady & Tyler Mall, ASU Tempe Campus

Contact: Scott Murphy, Exhibit Curator 480.965.6224 @  FREE

March 10 at 7 pm

Presentation, Coincidence or Communication?, book signing and Q & A by Dr. Lynne

Mustang Library

10101 North 90th Street [between Shea & Via Linda Blvd]

Sponsored by Barnes & Noble and the Poison Pen Book Stores

Contact: Larry Siegel (480) 391-0048 FREE

March 11 at 1 pm, 4 pm & 7 pm

Scottsdale's Harkins Shea Cinema 10th anniversary screenings of “The Phoenix Lights Documentary",

book signing and Q & A by author and Executive Producer, Dr. Lynne

Harkins Shea 14 Theatre

[Scottsdale Rd & Shea Blvd] 7354 E. Shea Blvd Scottsdale, AZ

Contact: (480) 948-6555  Regular movie ticket prices

March 28 at 7 pm

Paradise Valley Community College presentation, Coincidence or Communication?, book signing and Q & A by Dr. Lynne

Paradise Valley Community College – Center for the Performing Arts [CPA]

18401 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Contact: Dr. Ed Rosenthal  $8.00 General $5.00 Students/seniors

April 11th at 4:30 pm

Arizona State University presentation, Coincidence or Communication?, book signing and Q & A by Dr. Lynne

Arizona State University

Physical Sciences Building F166 ASU Tempe Campus

Contact: Scott Murphy, Exhibit Curator 480.965.6224 FREE