UPDATE  25th July

Villarica - Chile ,9-00p.m. 11th July 2002, the tranquility of a pleasant evening , rain was falling softly, was suddenly interrupted by the appearance of a UFO which lit the evening sky. Despite the rain clouds, hundreds of people witnessed the object and at 9-15p.m. Patricio Castillo, radio controller at Radio Apumanque, was asked by his co-worker Pilar Castillo to look out the window.
Patricio remarked "I looked and saw a luminous object with three red lights on one side. It was still for a moment and then made a very swift movement - a few seconds later it was gone. I used not to believe in these things, my opinion changed after this. The object made no noise, it definitely was not an aircraft or a balloon".
Pilar Castillo stated: "It was like a shooting star that changed colours as it went away. It came from the direction of Nancul to Villarica, it was red for some minutes and then turned violet". 
Alberto Sandoval, 47, a cameraman with years of experience managed to record the UFO, stating "I managed to obtain some images which have a duration of some 5 seconds. This isn't the first time I have obtained UFO images in the lake area. In 1995, I took my camera and filmed a strange object".

UPDATE  29th July

July 15th 2002 - Argentina, a large UFO was observed between 8-50p.m. and 9-30p.m. over the town of Campamento Vespucio. Residents of Vespucio stood in the streets and witnessed the "rugby ball " shaped object which hovered over the forested hills. The UFO, which was easily visible to the naked eye, gave off an intense luminosity and was visible for 40 minutes before suddenly leaving at a remarkable speed towards the west. A lady witness remarked:
"It was oddly beautiful; the intensity of the light was enormous. We all marveled at first but we got nervous when we realised the phones had stopped working and car electrics were dead".
Residents of the Tabillas area remarked:
"We are used to seeing these luminous events since 1999 - whenever they appear they cause failures in motor and electrical systems".
Gabriel Olima (22) stated: "We've seen the UFOs since 1999. On one occasion two persons from a Buenos Aires T.V. channel came - they were frightened and said the "shining thing" was nothing known. They never exhibited the film and never came back".
laser-like incision

Another laser-like incision.

Precise removal

Precise removal of facial tissue revealing the jaw bones.

UPDATE August 3rd 2002

Argentina - August 3rd 2002, the authorities were baffled by further incidents of cattle mutilations, now believed to have reached 394 - all suspicious deaths.
Veterinary surgeons performed autopsies on 2 of 6 beasts found in an area called El Cajon, samples of tissues and organs were submitted for analysis by the Police Biochemistry Laboratory.
The six cows all showing classic signs of mutilation were found in difficult terrain and the police were astonished by the fact that the carcasses were position so that they formed a perfect isosceles triangle. Also, there was no evidence of the usual damage caused by carrion and no traces of blood or odour. There was no indication of cause of death and no evidence of the cattle struggling.

UPDATE August 15th 2002

August 15th - Argentina. Incidents of animal mutilation continued to be reported in Patagones. Whilst hunting with a friend, Ignacio Valdez, a rancher's son, discovered a dead cow which presented all the characteristics of a typical animal mutilation.
Ignacio stated: "After returning home to check the details of mutilations we went back and preceded to photograph it and perform a necropsy to see what parts had been removed. We could readily see that in part of the lower jawbone the bone was entirely desiccated. There was no rigor mortis and on the other hand the udder had been cut off in a circular manner. The anus had been extracted altogether and the digestive and reproductive tracts as well as the bladder were absent - there were neither extractions nor incisions to be seen in the abdomen. It was also missing its tongue."
In Catamarca another mutilated cow was discovered by Carlos Sosa, who reported it to the El Rodeo deputy sheriff's office and three mutilated burros were found in the province of Jujuy.
On the 2nd August 2002, a rancher claimed to have come across a "flat, three-legged apparatus which left him paralyzed when he approached it. The event took place near the town of Punta Alta and the rancher claimed to have heard a "whirlwind" sound and observed a strange craft descending - whisking away his cell phone which was sucked up by what he described as a dim, green coloured circle. He remarked:
"In daylight I was not able to note its luminosity. It had three legs and at no time did it touch the ground. I felt an electrical charge and I fell paralyzed to the ground. It took off towards the west with a muted sound".

UPDATE August 21st 2002

August 21st 2002, Rio Cuarto - Argentina : Sergeant Guillermo Arias witnessed a 200 metre long triangular craft near Chajn - 60km. southeast of Rio Cuarto and another event was reported involving a policeman and a fireman who were "besieged by a luminous UFO with a powerful violet beam". 
Geographically there is a link between this event and the experience of Sergeant Arias - a commission has been set up to investigate the events and to gather evidence.

Mutilated cow - La Pampa Province. The udder had been cleanly excised without blood or fluid Young calf found dead and mutilated in Cordoba Province on July 1st 2002

UPDATE August 31st 2002

31ST August 2000, Residents living in the vicinity of Cachi, a town in Salta Province - Northern Argentina, are fearful that a colony of Chupacabras are living nearby - similar fears are held by people in the town of Calama - 300 miles away in Chile.
On August 14th, 3 goats were discovered and drained of blood, about 3 miles outside of Cachi. The owner of the animals, Maria Liendro, stated that her nephews had told her that the goats had been attacked by "a strange beast, 2 foot 6 inches tall with a short tail and dense fur".
Veterinary surgeon Carlos Arjona denied that the animals had been attacked by a large cat (puma), stating:
"This is evidently not the work of a feline".
On 15th August 2002, El Quipon, Roque Desiderio Lera found 10 of his sheep were dead and 4 seriously injured. Once again, veterinary surgeon Carlos Arjona examined the dead animals and stated that the attacks were not made by a large cat or wild dogs but by a strange animal.

UPDATE September 2nd 2002

September 2nd, Cronica - Chile, Using a Samsung camcorder, a reporter managed to capture a strange object on video at around 9-00p.m. The solid looking object was visible for around 10 minutes and was hovering above the crest of Cerro Caracel in the Los Lirios de Concepcion area - it was witnessed from several locations, however.
The night was very clear and the UFO appeared larger than a star and was positioned 20 degrees above the horizon - it hovered above the trees and at times seemed to brush the treetops. When it disappeared it seemed to gradually diminish in size, similar to a candle going out. However, it remained visible for several more minutes from Los Carrera Avenue.
The control tower at the Carriel Sur Airport, which is nearby, detected nothing unusual on their radar screens but the object was witnessed by several people in different locations.
Erika Vasquez, a resident of the Collao sector, remarked: "I went up to the second storey of my house and saw it to the left of some new buildings around 9 o'clock at night. I was dumbfounded when I saw it".
Other people witnessed the UFO in the Santa Sabina neighbourhood at about 9-30p.m.

UPDATE 7th September 2002, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina:

At about 10-30 p.m. a family were traveling in a pickup truck between Achiras and Sampachoy when they noticed a "very intense red light" in the sky. The family were traveling northward along the provincial route 24 and the "object" was first seen to the southwest.
The head of the family did not wish to reveal his identity, adding: "This is the first time it's happened to us. If that thing wanted to hurt us, it could clearly have done so". However, he pointed out that they had felt no fear.
He then described the object: "It was like an intense red beam… there were other flashes of great brightness behind it and what drew our attention the most is that the front section of the luminous object had something resembling an arch of light, as though it was a circle of energy."
The sighting lasted for a number of minutes and the head of the family added:
"At a given moment the object gave the impression that it was about to fall on top of us. It changed course at the last moment and headed towards the hills of Sampacho and Suco".
The object eventually seemed to become lost in the sky.

UFO filmed over Ecuador in 1995

Update - 10th November 2002,El Oso Wilderness, Aguirre, Argentina : 

El Oso Wilderness, Aguirre, Argentina : 
A cow's body was discovered in a field approximately 20 miles south of Malbran on the property of Oscar Suarez. Suarez remarked: "The cow was missing the hide off its maxillaries, its tongue and left eye, an ear and four teats. It's odd because no that no carrion animals, no vultures, no crows have turned up, which they do whenever there is a carcass present. 
He also noticed that the animal had not decomposed despite the fact that the cow had been dead for something like two days and despite the intensely hot weather.
Suarez dismissed the possibility of rustlers being involved because no valuable meat etc. was taken.
Nothing unusual had been observed in the locality.

Update: BUENOS AIRES,28th November 2002, 8:30 a.m.

An intense "UFO wave" rolled over the Federal Capital. Two witnesses saw a variety of phenomena and using a camera described as "broken and out of date" one of them was able to photograph a  fleet of three objects descending over the northeast section of Buenos Aires.
No apparent electrical anomalies were reported in the witness's area.
Shortly before, another object flashed for several minutes over the vicinity of Chacarita and Belgrano at an altitude of 1500 meters. A witness stated: "Arturo and I saw the entire phenomenon". 

He employed a Sony 360 Nightshot "reduced to VHS and paused" (in his own words) to record the images. Ricardo E. D’Angelo, the principal witness remarked: ” The camera's date is in error, showing 11-27-2002.
What can be seen in the video sequence is some 15 frames of one UFO, hitherto unseen, which crossed the skies from South to North on a lengthy journey, seconds before the formation was observed. But upon reaching a point equidistant from the other two (not seen until that moment), it stopped completely for only brief seconds." 

Update: Uraguay - Laguna Del Sauce

Uraguay - Laguna Del Sauce
On November 2, 2002, in a rural area in Maldonado province, "a man who works in the (rain) forest claims 
to have seen a V- shaped object with two white lights on it. It was moving backwards." Two days later they found several mutilated calves" near that location. "It seemed as if something had extracted the flesh and the organs from the animals. There were no brains, no tongues, no flesh, and the cowhide was affected only in the place where the anus should be." On November 8, 2002, a mutilation took place in Establecimento 
Stella Maris. Many ranchers feel the cases are related to extraterrestrials, while the government authorities blamed a kind of wasp or a red mouse that could attack cows. Thanks to Carlos Barboza of eso informe.


Argentina - Concepcion De La Sierra Julio Frette a veterinarian stated that there were four more mutilation cases" in northern Misiones province during August.
He added that they were not reported earlier due to the ignorance of the parties who made the discoveries. 
At the town of Apostoles, a rancher found a mutilated animal and set it on fire.
"A zebu hybrid cow was found dead, and strange incisions were found on its body. The animal suffered the mutilation of its internal organs, tongue, jaw, ear, larynx, pharynx, rectum, large intestine, genitals, and esophagus. The abdominal cavity was open and a calf missing. One of the incisions was perfectly cauterized. The tissue rapidly acquired an almost shiny black coloration". Police officers, the owner, and the veterinarian examined the bovine. 
The carcass gave off intense odor and there were no sign of a struggle by the animal. 

Update: Thursday, November 21, 2002,

At 10 p.m., Luis Sepulveda Castro, a security guard at a corporate warehouse in San Vicente de Tagua in Chile left the building to look at the sky and was able to and saw a strange object moving in a northwest to southwest direction.
Using binoculars, he was able to make out that the object was spherical in shape with a red-coloured base and was giving off intermittent green flashes from its upper section. The object moved very slowly and was observed for 45 minutes.
On Wednesday, September 18, 2002, Juan Carlos Beltran Gonzalez, 37, was in the dining room at the Alberto Larraguibel Morales Sports Facility, having lunch with his friends, Cristian Aguilar Flores, 30, a travelling salesman, and Miguel Albaran Poblete, 22, a college student. Two unnamed security guards were also present.
Suddenly, the witnesses saw a luminous orange object in the sky from whose edges there emitted a red light. The witnesses calculated that the object was flying over 5,000 feet moving in a west to east direction towards the Andes mountains. 
The object remained suspended overhead until 2:30 p.m., when it suddenly changed course toward the south. Then, abruptly, it changed course once more toward the northwest, forming a triangular route in the sky. The object gradually vanished from sight.

Update: UFO Sightings in Colombia and Venezuela

On Thursday, November 28, 2002, the same day UFOs were seen in Buenos Aires, at 3:45 p.m., several silver disc-shaped objects were spotted in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.
The objects, described by witnesses as "various flattened spheres," were spotted hovering over the Cerro Monserrate (hill) in Bogota. Several UFOs were observed performing irregular and unusual maneuvers over the hill and surrounding neighborhoods before flying away suddenly.

On Sunday, December 1, 2002, "a brilliant sphere of white light similar to a fireworks display" flew over the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. According to Venezuelan ufologist Martha Rosenthal, six eyewitnesses "watched the glowing sphere pass overhead."