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Update: Monday, March 3, 2003 

Greensburg, PA - Lending their voices for a federal investigation into the 1965 crash of an object in Kecksburg, PA, representatives of SCI FI Channel and the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFI) today began a three-day visit to the Kecksburg area and announced their support for a local petition drive ( spear-headed by long-time investigator Stan Gordon. 
"By signing a petition, citizens here and elsewhere in the state can help put public pressure on their congressional delegation to request an investigation by the U.S. General Accounting Office," said Larry Landsman, Director, Special Projects, SCI FI Channel.
Something was seen in the sky and landed in the woods near Kecksburg on December 9, 1965. Since then, the U.S. government denies that anything fell - despite testimony from citizens who saw the partially buried object in the woods and statements from fire-fighters, reporters, dozens of witnesses, and newspaper accounts confirming the military response to the area.
Noting that "Kecksburg is one of those historic, unexplained incidents that requires a full public accounting," Leslie Kean, an independent journalist and research director of CFI, said that she has recently filed Freedom of Information Act requests to numerous federal agencies and military services seeking records from their involvement.
"This case is more than 37 years old," said Kean. "It's high time for our government - whether it's the U.S. Air Force or NASA or any other agency - to come clean and tell the public what they know." 
SCI FI Channel, which is supporting public advocacy efforts to gain release of secret government records on unidentified aerial phenomena, believes the government may be withholding information about UFO activity. "On the one hand, government agencies state that UFO sightings are not a threat to national security, but nearly in the same breath they say that they cannot reveal information on national security grounds. They can't have it both ways," said Landsman.
The initiative has the support of John Podesta, President Clinton's former chief of staff. "I think it's time to open the books on questions that have remained in the dark, on the question of government investigations of UFOs," Podesta said at a news conference in Washington last October, launching the CFI Freedom of Information effort. 
Both Landsman and Kean say that the Pennsylvania petition asks the right questions:- What landed near Kecksburg, PA on December 9, 1965?- Where did the orders come from for Army, Air Force, and NASA personnel to be dispatched to the scene?- Why did military personnel brandish weapons at local citizens to prevent the object from being observed? - What was the importance of the object that caused the military to rapidly respond to the Kecksburg area? "Getting answers to these questions should be at the core of any investigation. But to get such an investigation requires the public to demand it," said Stan Gordon, who will be distributing and collecting petitions through his office in Greensburg. ----- Petition to Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation for Investigation of 1965 "Kecksburg Incident"

Whereas, on December 9, 1965 something fell from the sky and crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania; Whereas, for the past 37 years, citizens of Westmoreland County and surrounding communities have attempted to find out what it was; Whereas, military personnel from the Army and Air Force as well as NASA, were identified at the scene by eyewitnesses, including news reporters and fire-fighters, as involved in the search, and military vehicles were observed at or near the impact site; Whereas, some witnesses reported seeing an object on the ground prior to the arrival of the military; Whereas, some witnesses state that a large covered object was transported out of the area that night on a military flat bed tractor-trailer truck; Whereas, some witnesses report being stopped by armed U.S. military officials who prevented them from approaching the landing site; 
Whereas, after all these years, our government continues to insist that nothing was found and so far has refused to disclose all the records on the incident; Whereas, the Cold War is long gone; And whereas, the public has a right to know what its government discovered and answers to the following questions: 
- What landed near Kecksburg, PA on December 9, 1965? - Where did the orders come from for Army, Air Force, and NASA personnel to be dispatched to the scene? - Why did military personnel brandish weapons at local citizens to prevent the object from being observed?  - What was the importance of the object that caused the military to rapidly respond to the Kecksburg area? Therefore, be it resolved that we, the undersigned, believe that the time has come to get answers from the Air Force, Army, and NASA and hereby petition members of the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation to request an investigation by the U.S. General Accounting Office that will obtain answers to these and other questions related to the December 9, 1965 event.

2nd August , 2003

The following article was published in: The Tribune Review - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Kecksburg Site Of Documentary

By Ann Saul Dudurich

Cameras will be rolling in Kecksburg today as the Sci Fi Channel continues production of its two-hour investigative documentary," The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed."
In an effort to shed light on the uncertain events of Dec. 9, 1965 -- when some people claim an unidentified flying object came to Earth in the Mt. Pleasant Township community -- the cable channel will sponsor what it bills as a "town meeting" at 10 a.m. in the Kecksburg fire hall. Bryant Gumbel, former host of "Today" and "The Early Show," will serve as moderator for the "open dialogue," said Larry Landsman, director of special projects for Sci Fi. "There will be a number of witnesses there, including a number of new witnesses who have just recently come forward," he said. "There will also be those present who claim nothing at all happened that night."

October 24th 2003.

NASA Releases Documents as a Result of Sci Fi Investigation Into  Kecksburg UFO Incident 

NEW YORK, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- A day after SCI FI Channel announced its unprecedented support for legal action against the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to release its records on the 1965 UFO incident in Kecksburg, PA, NASA informed Lee Helfrich, attorney for the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi), that it is releasing 36 pages of documents connected to the incident.

After ten months of pursuing the records in Washington, D.C. through the Freedom of Information Act, NASA has finally responded to public pressure. The Department of Defense and the U.S. Army have yet to release any records.

"For more than four months we have received no response from NASA," said Lee Helfrich of DC based Lobel, Novins and Lamont, "but one day after John Podesta, President Clinton's former chief of staff and member of the Moynihan Commission, and Bonnie Hammer, President of SCI FI Channel, called on government agencies to make public records that are over 25 years old, lo and behold, NASA responds."

"I think its fair to say that we have truly entered the realm of science fiction in Washington, D.C.," said Podesta at a national press conference this week, "when it's fair game to disclose the identity of a clandestine CIA agent but not the records of an unexplained crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania that occurred 38 years ago."

"We don't know what is in the documents," said Kean. "They may not be responsive to our specific requests or relevant to our investigation. However, we are cautiously optimistic."

"What we receive will determine our next steps," said Helfrich.

On December 9, 1965, witnesses described seeing a fireball in the evening sky, a controlled landing and the systematic military recovery of an object. As reported by local radio and newspapers, U.S. military personnel cordoned off the area, investigated the site, and left without ever providing a full report.

Update: 26th October, 2003.

Doug Yurchey claims - I Saw The Kecksberg UFO!

It was a warm December night in 1965.  I was 14 years old and my cousin John was 12 years old as we left my house to sneak a few cigarettes down the alley.  We lived in the suburban community of Bridgeville; 12 miles southwest of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We came to this lithographic building which had a loading dock in the back.  It was the perfect place to sit and smoke in secret.  We knew we had to leave soon.  The time was getting late into the evening.  But, before we made our way back to my house something pierced the night's sky over my left shoulder.  Our heads turned to the left and our eyes could not help but notice a bright ball of light!  Both John and I were stunned.  Our mouths dropped.  The object was about the size of a full moon and it trailed sparks or little bits of light.  The odd thing about it was the thing did not fall straight down.  The UFO went laterally; sideways; almost up!  Whatever this could not have been a meteor.  A shooting star (or space debris) falls down.  A natural object does not move horizontally.  Meteors do not go up.
There was no sound.  We could not tell its distance from us since the object appeared just like a big dot of light.  This was no saucer with lights or any kind of features.  The entire sighting lasted for approximately 5 seconds.  Then, the object passed over the southern hill; behind the trees of what was called Cook School hill.
John and I immediately reacted.  We ran to my house very excited.  My father, an old skeptic, thought we were crazy.  UFOs were not a part of his belief-system.  Nevertheless, I convinced him to drive us up to the top of the hill and check to see if anything came down there.  At the time, my cousin and I thought the thing could have hit somewhere around Cook School.  My father humored us and drove us around. We saw nothing strange.  This convinced my dad that there was nothing to this UFO business.  'Ah, UFOs' he would say and had a good laugh at my expense.
Thirty-eight years had passed.  I don't smoke cigarettes anymore.  I had seen a number of UFOs in my life. When looking back at the past, I almost did not put this experience in with those other unexplainables.  Probably, the reason was it did resemble a close meteor fall.  I assumed this was merely a natural event and was nothing extraterrestrial.
Very recently, on television's Sci-Fi Channel, they showed previews of 'Kecksberg Exposed.'  This was a 2-hour special hosted by Bryan Gumball. I looked forward to this because they were calling it the 'new Roswell' and it happened in the Pittsburgh area; my home town.  Minutes into the show, my mouth dropped (as it did 38 years ago) and I said 'Oh, my freaking God.'  I saw the Kecksberg UFO! I certainly should have heard of this event and I'm a little ashamed that I'm not that up on UFO history.  Actually, I'm glad that I didn't put 2 and 2 together before this point because that would have lessened the revelation that occurred during the documentary. 

The most compelling factors in the show that led me to conclude I saw it was: 

 1) This was the time I had my sighting; late one warm December night in 1965.  2)  Kecksberg is 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh; Bridgeville is 12 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.  The object moved south and it appeared to us to pass over the southern hill. 

3) The UFO, according to all reports, did look similar to a meteor.

In an old newsreel film, an interviewer asked a very young Kecksberg resident:  'What did it look like?'  The boy answered:  'A star on fire.'  A street in the small farming town of Kecksberg was named METEOR Street because of this encounter with the object.  People who were able to get a good look at it said that it was acorn-shaped.  An acorn monument was erected in the town and stands to this day.

The first reports came out of Canada and the thing in the night's sky continued southward.  The UFO buzzed the Pittsburgh area and turned...which, of course, indicates that it was not a natural phenomena.  Thousands of reports flooded into news agencies.  KDKA received hundreds of calls alone.  If I was only mature enough, I would have searched through newspapers the next day.  This would have told me that my cousin and I were not alone in our observation.

Kecksberg was another Roswell because the military was dispatched.  Oncemore...government agents, soldiers, Men in Black converged on a small American town.  Guns were pointed at citizens; people's lives were threatened; there were 'radiation' scares; and authorities told people to lie.  People witnessed that federal 'suits' seemed to give orders to the military. 

This convergence of government officials does not happen when a meteor falls to Earth.  Of course, there are those that will say the Kecksberg UFO was a piece of Soviet intelligence...and that was the reason for military intervention.  The same was said about Roswell.

A large, flatbed truck was seen entering the wooded area where the thing seemed to come to a soft landing.  The truck was empty when it went in and covered when it left.  To this day, the Kecksberg controversy rages on as townspeople are divided as to what really occurred.  Some deny the fallen object and that feds made any appearance at all.  Others claim to have had been in direct contact with government intimidation.

This writer is very pleased that something did happen at Kecksberg.  I wish my father was alive so I could tell him that I was not crazy.  Or...look dad; there are many others that are just as crazy as I am,

Update - October 21, 2003

Statement of Robert Gatty Reporter who covered Kecksburg Incident

(After 4 years with LIPI, Catty worked on Capitol Hill for two US. Congressmen. He returned to journalism in 1978, and is now Executive Editor and Publisher of Advantage, a food industry trade magazine published by the Food Marketing Institute, Washington, DC.) I was a reporter for the Greensburg Tribune-Review in 1965, and upon returning from an assignment the evening of December 9, 1965, was sent to Kecksburg, PA to cover the reported sighting of an unidentified flying object. It was the story of the century, my editor said.

When I arrived at the scene, I was told by armed Army personnel and Pennsylvania State troopers that there was nothing there and to leave. They were extremely defensive, and when I said, If there is nothing there, what s the problem? I was told, You can t go down there, indicating the wooded area where the object was thought to have landed. There were probably a dozen or so Amy personnel at the scene, most of them sealing off the area and preventing local people and reporters from walking into the area. I grew up in an Army family and I can distinguish the uniforms of the services.

There was a huge traffic jam on the little country road that bordered the area, and plenty of excitement. Time was short, and it was tough to find someone right then who had actually seen the object fall. But a local farmer and fireman, Dale Howard, told me he felt a vibration and a thump about the time the object reportedly fell. I reported those comments in the article that appeared the morning of December 10 in the Tribune-Review. I filed my report from Howard s home, where I borrowed his phone.

The afternoon edition carried an article that I wrote containing more details of the incident, including quotes from a nearby resident, Mrs. Arnold Kalp, of Acme, PA, who said her eight- year-old son, Kevin, saw the object come down. It looked like a flaming star, Mrs. Kalp said. It left a trail of flames behind it and fell in the woods. Mrs. KaIp also told reporters she was told by military personnel not to tell anyone what her son had seen until an investigation was launched.

While I was at Howard s home, another eyewitness, Jim Mayes, of Mammoth, PA, walked in and said he and six other men had seen three blue flashing lights near the area of the sighting. Tribune Review photographer Jim Downs and I managed to work our way into woods where Mayes said he saw the lights. However, we came up empty. Shortly thereafter, I left the Tribune-Review for a new job with United Press International in Harrisburg, so was not involved in further follow-up articles. However, since my father, at the time of the incident, was stationed at an Army Nike missile site at nearby Irwin, PA, I suspected that perhaps there was a mishap with one of those missiles and the Army wanted to hush it up. It was simply a theory, but I do believe from what people told me and what has since been reported that something did land in the woods near Kecksburg that evening.

Certainly, it is high time that the residents of the Pennsylvania communities affected by this event be told what happened. The Army appeared to be protecting something that night. If the government is not willing to release the files on this case, Congressional representatives from Pennsylvania should take an interest and demand some answers. At this point in time, nearly 40 years later, what possibly could be the reason for continuing this cover-up



Press Release Source: SCI FI Channel; CFi Wednesday November 19th, 2003


NASA Continues to Stonewall on Kecksburg: Newly Released
Documents Raise More Questions, Say SCI FI and CFi

In New Development, US Archives Release to CFi and SCI FI 2800 Pages of Declassified Air Force Records:
WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Lawyers for the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi) said today that they have concluded NASA is still refusing to comply with a 10-month old FOIA request to release its records on the 1965 UFO incident in Kecksburg. This announcement comes after CFi's careful review of 36 pages released by NASA hours after SCI FI Channel announced its unprecedented support for legal action against the government agency. 
                           "The documents released shed little light on the incident, but are indicative of how hard NASA is trying to prevent the public from finding out what really happened on December 9, 1965," said CFi attorney, Lee Helfrich with the Washington, DC firm of Lobel, Novins, and Lamont.
In another development, last week the National Archives notified researchers for CFi and SCI FI that the U.S. Air Force had declassified some of the records requested.

                          "Our researchers are now poring through these 2800 pages to determine if any are relevant to the Kecksburg incident," said Ed Rothschild, Director for the Coalition for Freedom of Information.
According to Helfrich,

                         "The day after CFi's press conference (October 21) and on the eve of the airing of SCI FI's Kecksburg documentary (October 24), a NASA official contacted me to say the agency was forwarding 36 pages of documents responsive to our FOIA request and apologized somewhat too profusely that it had 'overlooked' sending out the results of its research at an earlier date. CFi was determined to give NASA the benefit of the doubt and to assume that the agency conducted a reasonable, good faith search -- especially given that NASA itself had decided back in June that its initial response to CFi's FOIA request was woefully inadequate but our trust in NASA's reliability proved to be far too generous. It is difficult not to conclude that NASA's response was simply a ploy to undercut the force of CFi's press conference and the audience for its documentary on Kecksburg."

"NASA's stonewalling leaves us no choice," said Rothschild. "We intend to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in the coming weeks -- as soon as our attorneys tell us that we have officially exhausted all administrative procedures so as to comply with the requirements of the court."

SCI FI Channel's Hammer also announced that on Friday, November 21 at 9-11 PM (ET/PT), SCI FI will broadcast "Kecksburg UFO: New Evidence," a new special on the Kecksburg UFO incident with updates on the lawsuit, as well as new information and interviews that shed more light on the mysterious 1965 crash.

Update: 10th December,2003 

WPXI-TV Pittsburgh Pennsylvania announced:
Many Residents Believe UFO Landed In Kecksburg

Kecksburg, Pa. -- NASA is facing a lawsuit to get it to release what it knows about claims of a UFO landing in Westmoreland County. Many residents in Kecksburg believe an acorn-shaped UFO landed there 38 years ago, including expert Stan Gordon. He said:

           "I'm convinced that an object of unknown origin definitely fell from the sky and was recovered by the military. What the object was still is open for speculation."

Gordon thinks it was possibly part of a Russian space probe. A representative for NASA said he can't comment on the lawsuit.

The following article was published in “Pravda” on 28th February, 2004


NASA agreed to make public the documents on the tragedy in Kecksburg after persistent requests of Sci-Fi TV channel.


The town in Pennsylvania went down in history after its residents saw unusual phenomenon on December 9, 1965 - ball of flames in the evening sky. The ball was landing.

The landing area was quickly encircled by the military who later evacuated something out of it. Strict measures of secrecy were taken - the people of Kecksburg became blocked in their town. Local press increased the tension by writing that UFO had landed there. No official comments were made. First there was a version of the fall of Soviet space device "Kosmos-96" designed to research Venus. However, later this version was rejected.

There is no definite answer what it was. From that time, people started calling Kecksburg "second Roswell". Near that town in New Mexico spaceship of aliens crashed in 1947, some people say.

Such mysteries are important stories for Sci-Fi TV channel producing programs on existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and various anomalies. The channel took many efforts to make NASA reveal the information on Kecksburg case. NASA decided to follow the requests after facing the threat of legal proceedings for violating Freedom of Information Act.

It is early to say that people will hear some sensation news. 36 unclassified pages can contain any information, including some well-known things. The ally of Sci-Fi - Coalition for Freedom of Information - said that after studying these documents it will decide what to do next. Meanwhile, Pentagon does not intend to reveal its documents on the Keksburg case.

Remarkably, former Head of White House employees in Bill Clinton"s Administration John Podesta is one of the supporters of revealing the truth on UFOs. This former high-ranking official is amused with the habits of Washington bureaucracy. "I will not exaggerate by saying that Washington entered sci-fi era. Revealing the identity of CIA agent is acceptable, while the records of the catastrophe in Kecksburg happened 38 years ago are kept secret.", said John Podesta sarcastically making analogies with the recent scandals about Iraqi crisis.  



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